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Personality Alphabet.


I have read somewhere that self-reflection is the best way to get to know oneself better. Well, I might add ‘honest’. Honest self-reflection is the best way to get to know oneself better. So much better. At least that’s what they say. Though, I can’t remember who ‘they’ exactly was. Maybe it was a magazine, maybe it was a blog, maybe it was just something my mind made me do because I haven’t had something else to do or say or write about. So here I sit, listening to music and trying to think clearly about who I am and what kind of features form my personality and my character. So here it goes. Here’s what I think.

A like ambivalent.
B like boisterous.
C like cynical.

(Here I take a break right after the third letter wondering if it could get any worse. I think I am not quite making friends writing this down. And, I also believe I might not be very good with self-reflection. Exercising introspection and being willing to learn more about my fundamental nature seems harder than I thought it would be. Who am I actually?)

D like driven.
E like eclectic.
F like fashion-conscious.

(Ha! How arrogant would have it been if I’d called myself fashionable? But no, I made tracks so fashionably I can’t believe my own sharpness.)

G like generous.
H like honest.
I like ill-humored.

(Like very often. Not every single day but still a lot of days in between those single days. Ah, drew it. Who am I kidding – I am single so all my days are single too. So, yes, okay. You won. I am a cranky bitch. Sometimes.)

J like judicious.
K like knotty.
L like lettered.
M like modest.
N like neurotic.
O like organized.
P like purposeful.
Q like quirky.
R like rational.
S like sharp.

(And stubborn or, sexy or, self-conscious or, smart or, stunning. Yeah, there is my arrogance back on track again.)

T like traditional.
U like understanding.
V like vicious.
W like witty.

(More like funny rather than ingenious but I bet my friends would agree on me handling both pretty well. They will tell you themselves as soon as I uncage them.)

X like x-rated.
Y like youthful.
Z like zestful.

So, now that I have done such an inspiring act of trying to analyze myself you might want to try it out for yourself. So go on. Do it, give it a try and see for yourself how hard it is to get to know oneself pinpointing to just one strong adjective that could describe you.



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