the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

Tableaux Vivant.

Checking my mails. Going through my work mails, my private ones and my Mr.StrictlyIntimate mails – 6 mails accounts. The good news – I always appear to be busy because mails just float it. The bad news – it is hard to concentrate on private mails when work occupies me to 98 percent of my time.

21st of March. Mr.StrictlyIntimate’s mail account. An invitation to an event that sounds very intriguing since I am quite an art fan. Tableaux Vivant – a fabulous set by Lukas Gansterer & Pigeon Disco; an extraordinary night by Bombay Sapphire at WUK/Kunsthalle Exnergasse (Währingerstraße 59, 1090 Vienna, Austria).

What exactly is Tableaux Vivant one might ask oneself? Well, relatively easily explained Tableaux Vivant denotes the portrayal of an opus of paintings and sculptures through living figures. The official founder of this particular niche is Madame de Genlis who was the governess of the children of Duke of Orleans.

At the event I attended on March 28th Viennese artists, designers and musicians (protagonists were: Anna Aichinger, Peter Garmusch, Natascha Hochenegg, Markus Jagersberger, Mato Johannik, Laura Karasinski, Mario Neugebauer, Rade Petrasevic, Nicholas Platzer, G. Rizo, Jimmy Zurek, Hanna Putz) were arranged in a vivid picture supported by a fabulous bar hosted by Bombay Sapphire (in my opinion the best Gin existing – and the most beautiful bottle actually. Note to myself: Buy two bottles for decoration!) The whole scene was being put into the perfect light by photographer Lukas Gansterer and the legendary Styling-Duo Pigeon Disco.

When I entered the whole scene I was one of the first to arrive so I had the chance of observing minutes of preparation and people entering and filling the loft like space one shiny pair of shoes at a time. I was sitting with wonderfully looking Lena on a very comfortable black leathered couch looking at the photographer, the stylists and the whole setting of people vividly moving and having a lot of fun. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay through the whole scenery but what I saw was amazing and very enjoyable – not just the inspiring artistic process but also all the people eagerly ready to participate in what was a very fresh and new thing for Vienna and its artistic scene.

I sincerely and dearly hope that Vienna keeps moving forward like this because there are a lot of things still missing in this country. This was one good step from Paris to here, so keep it up and keep the art events coming.




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