the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

the Bucket List.

Every human being should have plans. Goals to reach. Achievements to render. Things to succeed in. Plain simply put – something to work for in order to make something special with your future and with yourself. Therefore, some people assemble a Bucket List, a collection of essentials and goals one wants to achieve throughout his or her life. And since I have never had something like a bucket list but always a lot of plans and dreams and goals to work and reach for I thought I might as well put them down here (because why should I want to keep something to myself if I can share it with you because you know as I am in Team A keeping a secret is something I simply don’t do!).


– Do a Sugar Cleansing for 28 days. (On May 4th I can put a check there. It starts on Saturday, April 7th. I hope I’ll get through it.)

– Finish a book and have it being published. (And have it later turned into a big Hollywood movie because it was oh, so fabulous and oh, so successful. Ka-Ching!)

– Publish an article in Vogue. (Dear Editors of Vogue. Every Vogue. If you read this please do not hesitate to hire me. Thank you very much. Yours, Mr.StrictlyIntimate.)

– Visit New York City for the very first time. (Planning to go there in September.)

– Live in a foreign country for at least one full year. (12 Months. 52 Weeks. 365 Days. And no month or week or day less.)

– Get in better shape. Permanently. You know, with sports. That is why I bought new running shoes and a training suit AND started to run again two days ago. (I will stick to it. I swear I will. I swear I will. I swear I will.)

– Get married. I may have lost my belief in love but somehow I can’t let go of this one thing that has been on my mind since I was a teenager. (What girl / gay guy doesn’t dream of THE one special big day where one can pull of white from head to toe without breaking about a thousand fashion rules?! By the way – I do not plan on wearing a dress. Just in case you might have wondered.)

– Witness something truly majestic. (Of course, I took that directly from a movie… what was it called again? Oh, yeah, the Bucket List. But no, really, this is something I need on my bucket list. I would even discuss the term majestic and might be willing to switch it with magic. Witness something truly magic. Any suggestions? Any volunteers?)

– Skydiving: Take my closest friend and jump out of a plane. (This is something I wanted to do since I was about 16. I thought that was something very special, very thrilling and very wonderful.)

– Buy a Hermès Birkin Bag. (Some people might think that this is a stupid thing to put on a bucket list because seriously 8.000 Dollars for a bag is like insane. I think I need to be completely and incontrovertibly insane some day. Well, some day when I have an amount of money like this lying around waiting for me to be spent.)

– Give an inspiring speech to a really big audience. (I think I could do that. No, not could. Can. I think I am pretty good at talking and speaking and being inspiring to some people. Above all because I have a lot of life experience.)

– Watch my sister graduate from University. That is something I really wish for. (I want to be at my sister’s graduation as the proud big brother who has a big surprise up his sleeves. One he has planned out since she started to study. Curious?)

I definitely could go on and on and on and on with this list but I think I stop right now to let you stop reading and start writing your own in order to outline your goals and concentrate on what matters to you and your heart.



P.S.: Special Add – something I always thought about but never dared to try. Well, up until now.

– The Art of Archery. (Finally I have made an appointment for my first lesson and it will be Sunday in 10 days. Looking forward to it with excitement a fit and healthy mind and a great attitudes towards an art that is thousands and thousands of years old and shall be treated with a lot of respect from my side!)


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