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I Admit: I Don’t Believe.

Quite recently I engage myself with the matters of religious beliefs and whether one god or many gods or no gods at all really exist. Or, if all this belief was just created as a constitution to tame and order people into a system where they can be controlled and where they give up all their own spaces, all their freedom of speaking and thinking to give someone a certain amount of power (not just the pope and his co-workers but also a invisible figures who are ‘watching’ us from above or anywhere they are) they never should have received in the first place?

I consider myself as an atheist – I neither do believe in god nor any kind of spirit guiding us or watching over us or creating divine rules for our lives or whatsoever nonsense the churches around the world are praying to a lot of people who silently take most their words for granted and for heavenly law. Supporting my engagement with the matter I bought ‘the Portable Atheist – ESSENTIAL READINGS FOR THE NONBELIEVER‘ selected and with introductions by Christopher Hitchens who is the other of the New York Times #1 bestseller ‘GOD IS NOT GREAT.’

the Portable Atheist - Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever

I often wonder why people are always referring to a god (often one in particular) as being thankful for being gifted with something when having achieved or reached a certain life- or mind-changing goal? Is it factitious humidity or is it because people expect them to have a certain belief awaiting sentences like, ‘…and I want to thank god for blessing me,’ or, ‘First, I want to thank god for bringing me here…’
Why can’t people just leave the humidity behind admitting that they are where they are because they worked hard for achieving something, for being where they are, for standing where they stand? Why do people have to give everything they own into the hands of someone who doesn’t even consider us worthy enough to walk amongst us denying us the gift of peace and freedom as unique personalities? If god is so great where is he (or, she or, it or, whatever one wants to believe in) when children are being murdered or when the poor are starving from hunger or when a child loses a mother; a wife her husband; a husband his wife? To put it into the perfectly and wisely chosen words of Christopher Hitchens, ‘What kind of designer or creator is so wasteful and capricious and approximate? What kind of designer or creator is so cruel and indifferent? And – most of all – what kind of designer or creator only chooses to ‘reveal’ himself to semi-stupified peasants in desert regions?’

in the beginning, man created god

I am just at the beginning of my research and I will have a lot to learn about the non-existence of gods and of superstitious beliefs that developed throughout centuries and millenniums but I consider myself lucky for having a free spirited mind and for taking my life into my own hands believing in nothing but science and myself AND above all, the people around me. Those who are real and those who follow their dreams. And, if you wonder about where I turn to when some days show their darkest sides then I have to say no one but to my own strength to have a happy, fulfilled life and my dear, dear friends who are always there – if not with words of consolation at least with their hearts and their minds.

What else could a single person else really wish for?




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