the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

Designs for a Happy Home.

You know, lately I have been revolving myself a lot with the thought of finding an apartment and moving out of my parents home and I have decided that I will be out of here come September. So I engage myself with a lot of magazines related to furniture and decor like ELLE Decor (Editor in Chief: Michael Boodro) or, VOGUE Living (Editor in Chief: Hamish Bowles) and books like ‘Designs for a Happy Home’ by Matthew Reynolds.


VOGUE Living - Australia

Designs for a Happy Home written by Matthew Reynolds

I have a lot of ideas for my own place and how to turn it into something worth being featured in one of the important House and Home Magazines like the names above – I see linear shapes in simple black and white with accessories and key pieces, centerpieces and eye-catchers in colorful tones like lilac, lime, spindrift or maroon and plum to posh the whole look. I see fashion or photography books and magazines like ‘GUCCI – THE MAKING OF’ or,‘VERA WANG ON WEDDINGS’ or, the LADY GAGA & TERRY RICHARDSON book and my collection of VOGUE, ELLE and HARPER’S BAZAAR in a variety of languages.

GUCCI - the Making of

Vera Wang on Weddings Book

Lady Gaga & Terry Richardson Book

What is your design secret? Want to share with me? Once I am finished I will definitely share with you!




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