the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

Happy Birthday R.

Happy 25th Birthday

To the gay 25th – with a lot of glitter, a lot of glamour and a lot of drama. Just like all the gays love it!

Well, well, well, it is May 7th and that means a very special person in the life of Mr.StrictlyIntimate celebrates his birthday today – the 25th. Now you have reached a quarter of a century my dear R – feeling old already? What would I be without you and what would you be without me? We have grown through one another. Only in a good way, of course. We spent the last three years together (Don’t you dare forgetting my own Birthday tomorrow!) and went through many ups and downs – not just when it comes to readers but also when it comes to reactions of certain readers who sometimes didn’t agree with both of our openly spoken opinions.

I know you are quite the cynic (and a bit of a bitch sometimes. Very often.) and I also know that when it comes to speaking your mind you are wearing your heart on your sleeve – but that is what I really like about you (and I know you like that about yourself never regretting you said something sincere just because it hurt someone else though – between the two of us – you might think about weighing your options to sometimes sticking with just shutting the fuck up and not saying anything at all.) and that is what helped me grow as a writer – being honest with my crowd of readers who kind of expect me to be plain and fucking honest with them no matter how bad the truth might sound or be. And yeah, we both know there are a lot of haters out there – some who do not like you because you are quite an opinionated person, some because you are quite the gay guy (oh my, oh my I hope you are wearing glitter today for I most certainly will be wearing glitter tomorrow when celebrating my big three year bash!) and some because you often seem quite distanced and stuck up (though we both know that is just an attitude in order to protect yourself from the so called and before mentioned haters. And that is absolutely alright with me.). I love you and I would never dare to mess with you.

Thanks for three awesome years full of inspiring ideas, great and not so great articles, opinionated pieces, heartbreaking tales, little white lies and openly honest outbursts of emotions (above all when I remind myself of how whiny you were when W broke up with you or when M broke your heart over again. Damn those boys can break a heart and make one’s life miserable. But still you are getting up everyday and fight for your damn right to celebrate fashion without being called shallow, celebrate your sexuality without being judged as a pussy and celebrate life without making it better than it is but playing it damn honest.) You grew so much – with and without me – partly through me – partly not and still you sit here with me at Starbucks thinking about how to feel at the age of 25 and all you have lost and achieved on the way to where you are now and on the way to where you want to go.

Fact is – the people you know marked you and gave you strength to be who you are today. Fact is – regardless of all the fucked up things you had to go through you feel great about yourself because you know that you somehow, if only for just a little part deserve it. Fact is – you know who you are and you do not try to hide it in any way. That is a fact I love.

This one goes out to you – all of you. Don’t mess with R. Never! Or, you will have to mess with me too and believe me once I started a Mr.StrictlyIntimate take down there is no way back to beg for damage control.

Happy Birthday R – To the gay 25th – with a lot of glitter, a lot of glamour and a lot of drama. Just like all the gays love it!





  peekaaboo wrote @

Ich gratuliere Ihnen zu Ihrem 25 gerburtstag R! 🙂

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

In the name of R: Thank you so much – that is awfully nice of you. 🙂

XO – R




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