the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

Happy Birthday to ME!

the 3rd Birthday

Yeah, that’s right – two birthday posts in a row. How sweet is that my dear, dear readers? Yesterday R turned 25 and today Mr.StrictlyIntimate turns three years. You got it right… this blog is three years old and bigger, better and bolder than ever.

I have grown so much throughout this three years – I became a better me and this blog became a better version of itself every single month. So, here’s to three more years. Or maybe even thirty more years. One never knows. Let’s memorize what has been but celebrate what will come – sex stories published, hearts broken, reputations ruined, lives destroyed, secrets told, tears shed, phenomenal fashion worn and love stories developed. There is so much to come and so much to look forward to. But, here’s a promise – no matter what happens to this blog or me I will always be thankful for those three years where you and me laughed over Martinis, cried over boys (and girls), celebrated friendships and ate late dinners after partying hard. You, my dear reader, and me, fabulously glittery gay Mr.StrictlyIntimate, we are a united front against bad taste; men who act like assholes; women who act like bitches and all those lame damn liars out there who try to take us down.

I am there for you as well as you were there for me.
Always and unconditionally.
Thank you for three fabulous years – I could not be honored more to have YOU as a reader.




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