the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

And So They Say…

…you can’t have everything that you want.

What should have been just an update to my profile page on Facebook turned out to be something that haunted me the whole day – You can’t have everything that you want…

I met with my sister because she wasn’t feeling well and we picked up something from McDonalds – I just had some ice cream and she ate some chicken nuggets. We sat there at the Danube talking about the last couple of days and after several changes of topics we came to talk about dreams. Lost dreams. Dreams we have. Dreams we can’t give up. Dreams one has to give up. And then she said, ‘One can’t have everything that one wants…’ I look at her and wonder, ‘Is that really what you think?’

Abraham Lincoln Quotation

I met with K afterwards for a little swim and enjoying the sun and now as it goes down I sit here watching the sun gently kissing the water to wave the day goodbye and I get calm. It’s the perfect sunset. It was a good day. But I couldn’t relax completely because this thought kept working inside me. It’s the perfect moment, here with friends and a little bit of peace. It is time to think about it – the sentence that haunts me the whole day long and won’t let me go. Really shaking me to my core.

You can’t have everything that you want.

You can’t have everything that you want.

You can’t have everything that you want.

And as I look up from my MacBook facing the beautiful Danube landscape I realize that this is all just bullshit. I smile watching the wind drawing circles in the water while my thoughts are drawing circles in my mind. If people already know they can’t have something particular because, well, as they say you can’t have everything that you want, why do some of them still try to get it? Everything. Why don’t they just give up? Why don’t they just leave all their dreams behind settling for something ordinary that one day will make them tired because they regret never having tried to reach for that one special feeling that makes you feel like you are the biggest star shining on the black horizon suddenly helping it to glow with joy and glory and love?

You can have everything that you want.

You can have everything that you want.

You CAN have everything that you want!

You just have to work for it and sometimes you’ll have to work for it really hard. And sometimes you will be exhausted. And sometimes you will think about giving up. But if you don’t; if you never dare to give in you can get it all. Every dream – may it be the biggest dream one could even draw in his imaginative mind. It will come alive one day. Because with hard work, patience, dedication, determination and love one can have it all.

To Do My Best - Be Enough

So, if someone tells you that you can’t have everything that you want – just stand up straight, put your chin up, look them straight in the eye and say, ‘I can and I will.’ And work for it. And live for it. And dream about it. Every single day of your life and one day you’ll wake up realizing that you’ll have achieved every goal you’ve reached for. And then you will get up in the morning and if you really are a dreamer there will be a new dream to reach for, live for, work for. And you will. Because deep in your heart you know that YOU CAN HAVE EVERYTHING THAT YOU WANT! And you will.




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