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Congratulations. You Are Cordially Invited to…

Invitation to 'a Very BURBERRY Birthday'

If you are one of the few 25 people who got an invitation to this very elitist event you can firstly, congratulate yourself because you are officially declared as being fashionable, cool and absolute IN. (Okay – some of those special 25 aren’t as fashionable, cool and absolute IN as they and I wish they were but hey, I write LOYALTY to my friends in capital letters. Always!)

This Party is going to be more exclusive than the fake waiting list at Hermès for a Birkin Bag. It is like walking into the fucking Hermès store directly up to the stuck up sale’s woman and telling her to get the fucking Birkin from the back. The Alligator one and not the cheap calf leather version. This is how getting an invitation to that Party feels like. AND this Party is strictly A-List! This is ‘a Very BURBERRY Birthday’ and it will be Burberry from front to back and head to toe!

Are you excited? Uh – 6.00 PM. Let the fashionable games begin!

Time to put on your party dress. Time to put on some make up. Time to put on your Manolo Blahnik heels or shiny Burberry shoes and hit the catwalk I call life to get to my party. See you there Bitches!





  katia wrote @

so I got no invitation, bitch – is it because of that h&m-sweater last time we met? 🙂 anyway, have fun darling! i miss u. cant wait to see u again.

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

Dear, dear Katia,

you know – you are always one of my prior commitments and first choices when it comes to inviting people to a dashing party. You just did not receive an invitation because you didn’t tell me your Taiwanese Address. So you see, all just a big misunderstanding. But – when you are back you will get a big piece of the cake. I took a piece of keep it in my freezer until the day I am meeting up with you!

XOXO wonderfully beautiful Lady K.

  katia wrote @

oooh i love u 🙂 cake is even better than an invitation 🙂

  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

I know you do! And I definitely know that girls love cake honey. Miss you! XO – Mr.StrictlyIntimate

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