the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

Hit the Lights, Hit the Road [S02E01]

I guess this is it. I am in the train with my sister and Anja, a friend of Mats. Six minutes ago the train took off and we are on our way now to find ourselves in new adventures, new experiences and on the hunt for moments to cherish deeply. Because that is what life is about – finding those special moments that make you remember certain places, special people and precious thoughts that inspired you and give you the chance of relishing from these, drawing strength from them, being inspired by the wonderful state of being. Of being in different way – of being different. Of being alive and simply of being able to create your own life with your own rules.

Yesterday I was packing my bags for about one and a half hours trying to grab all my Burberry stuff – my wonderful shoes; my warm and cozy cashmere sleeve; my stead man jeans; my wool trousers; my big checked anthracite, black and gray shirt; my swimwear and my new sunglasses and so on. So I am all packed with a suitcase, a Josephine Baker Keepall bag, a Burberry clothes bag with two jackets and my black vintage Longchamp handbag. So as you see – I am all packed and ready to go.

Burberry Classic Brown Suitcase

Want! Want! Want!

Work was a bit tough since we were planning an important relaunch of or webpage. So there was a lot of stuff to do and almost no time to do it while not even being able to fully enjoy lunch since my head always produces pressure for having to be perfect at my maximum. So you see, I can be quite competitive with myself. But that is perfectly fine with me to be honest.

After leaving the office at 6pm I met with K for a quick dinner and filling myself in on the latest gossip of T, J and Co.

Two and a half hours later I find myself in the train writing these lines thinking about what the next few days will bring up to me and where we will end up. Are there any changes to be expected? Are there any new things to experience? Are there adventures that will mark me forever? That will maybe change my point of view on certain things?

One never knows what to expect from this life but what I do know is that no matter what comes up – all the good and all the bad help me to be a better person. Maybe slowly growing to be the best person I could possibly be. That is what I aim for, that is what I am searching for – the best version of me.

So, let me take you with me on a trip with my friends and let me show you the world a little bit. From my point of view.



P.S.: Outfit of the Day – black, waxed Guess Jeans; trench colored Burberry Polo Shirt with classic checked collar; brown Zara sleeve; black Tommy Hilfiger belt; olive green and black H&M military jacket and; Burberry classic house check high-top trainers and foldable black Burberry sunglasses.

Burberry House Check High-Top Trainers Side

Burberry House Check High-Top Trainers Back

Burberry House Check High-Top Trainers Full


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