the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

Here Comes the Sun [S02E03]

Outfit of the Day: blue Burberry swim pants; trench colored Burberry polo shirt with classic house check collar; trench colored Burberry pants; foldable black Burberry Sunglasses and brown-trench colored Tommy Hilfiger boat shoes accompanied by a beige colored bag that I bought on a market in Zagreb for 100 Kuna which equal approximately 13 Euros.

The temperature is finally the way we wanted it to be – okay, to be honest, the sea could be a little bit warmer but still the weather is perfectly fine to lie around on the beach getting an amazing tan and taking some little dips in the clear green blue sea.

2.30 pm
Right at the moment of writing these lines I am lying on the beach soaking up the sun and feeling as inspired as never before. Though I had some troubles with my body through the night (I felt a bit feverish and really sick) I have to say that I feel better now lying here reading books and piles of Vogue and every now and then taking a little dip in the most natural and most beautiful of pools – the Croatian Sea.

Freshly showered I enjoy the rest of a little bit of sun while everyone else takes his turn showering in order to get ready for a grocery shopping trip. Tonight there’s going to be a little barbecue to celebrate A’s birthday which was exactly one week ago but since I had my own little big bash I wasn’t able to congratulate him the way I should have. With a bit of my attention and a feast.

Grocery shopping this time went unpredictably co-ordinated, which was quite a relaxing fact for my tormented soul. I find it rather hard to relax when being on vacation considering the fact that I always have work in my mind in backup on my MacBook. So you see – work is always on my mind. Not love, necessarily but I will come back to holiday thoughts on love a little bit later.

Everyone is in preparation. Salads, sauces, meat and vegetables. 4 Women, 5 Men and 100 tasks to do. But as you might know – everything I do I do with style and so do the others. Shortly after starting cutting the vegetables, preparing sauces and meat and the grill we were able to start the barbecue party. A lot of talking, a lot of drinking, a lot of laughing and definitely a lot of eating later we found ourselves in a new round of Trivial Pursuit, which seems to automatically always end in discussing and arguing about the funniest of questions. So, there we are on one side trying to answer ridiculously hard questions and then on the other hand wondering how the hell the weirdly easiest of other questions happened to find their way into a game that makes us all feel plain stupid all at once. Anyhow, we are great. And, the team I was in won – not because of me, necessarily but at least I was a part of the winning team. That is what counts, isn’t it?



P.S.: Quoting Sarah I have to point out that the Trivial Pursuit game was really a head to head thing and we just won with an inch ahead. Okay, a question ahead is more like it. Still, we won but we have to say – you played well and you could have won too. If we hadn’t had that one more piece of stone for our Trivial Pursuit circle.

P.S.: All pictures taken by Speedfreak.


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