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Designing a Happy Home [Part II]

Update of: On the Hunt (for the Perfect Apartment) [Part I]

Life doesn’t prepare us for most of the things we have to face throughout growing up and becoming an educated, distinguished, stylish, self-confident, reliable and independent adult. Not just to fit into this society where we have to find our special place but also to satisfy a feeling deep inside of us. The feeling of searching for who you really are and developing this special character and of course, relationship to oneself as well as proving to ourselves that we can stand alone, make it all by ourselves and be great at everything we do. Because if you live this life with grace, class and attitude you can rock it! And that is what I tend to do – keep on rocking this life and living it with all my heart and love and dedication.

the perfect couch

So I sit here with my dinner, a glass of red wine (haven’t had a glass of wine in three months!), Sex and the City: The Movie 2 being deeply occupied with thoughts of furniture and decorating. I am moving next week – well not moving but starting to by decorating the apartment I am renting starting Monday. I am getting the vibe of a lot of different emotions right now – there is a part of great excitement and curiosity as well as a bit of a weird feeling for knowing that starting on Monday it will be just me wherever I look. BUT the deepest and most frightening thought is related to my furniture if I can speak honestly. And let’s face it – this is my blog and here I fucking do what I want. That is why you love me, don’t you?

Sex and the City Bed

Today I went furniture pre-shopping hunting for the perfect couch to be the center space of my living room and the perfect bed which is going to be the heart piece of my bedroom. So there I was at Leiner GmbH looking all over the place for something architectural, classy, sophisticated, pure and highly geometrical. I read in a very good book (Designs for a Happy Home by Matthew Reynolds) that ‘a sofa can be a bit like a boat. […] You can curl up in it and drift away: reading, or talking to someone who is also curled up in it, or simply dozing off to sleep.’ Throughout my phases of growing up trying to find my place (which I still haven’t quite figured out to be purely sincere with you) I have always been moving around but this time it will be the very first time to have a place just for myself where I have the say in all the furniture, where I pay the rent and the gas bills, where I do the grocery shopping (okay – I will try to trade Burberry shopping for grocery shopping. That is all I can do. Try.) and where I can come home and somedays just do not have to talk to someone and be quietly listening to music, or sitting down keeping on working, or enjoying a glass of Bombay Sapphire Gin with ice and a slice of lemon.


At least that is what I am looking for but from signing the rental contract on Monday to pre-purchasing (the sequel) on Wednesday and purchasing furniture on Friday and/or Saturday and moving in are entire Gucci collections. So all I have to do is work myself through leather pants and Gucci blouses until I finally have the perfect couch and perfect bed to work around the decoration act.

Wish me luck. And you should know, there is definitely a part III to come upon you. Be prepared.




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  Mr.StrictlyIntimate wrote @

I always worry – that is what I’m made of. Thinking about things, worrying – but only in the right amount of worrying. Not over the top. Swear to Gucci!


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