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FO Show. F-abulously O-utclassed.


So, here’s the truth: I arrived with low expectations (because I was very disappointed of the annual fashion show of the University for artistic and industrial design Linz in cooperation with the Fashion Institute of Vienna last year) and the will to take pot luck. And I did. Honestly, I wasn’t just surprised by the high set standard of the first and second year of students who started the show… but let me get to make my point by starting at the beginning.

My Outfit.

Okay, no. Not the right place, not the right time. This post will not be about me for a change but about the students of the University for artistic and industrial design Linz in cooperation with the Fashion Institute of Vienna.

Date: June 5th, 2012
Time: 8.30 pm
Location: Wiener Tramwaymuseum; A-1030 Vienna; Erdbergstraße 109 – Entrance Ludwig Koesslerplatz

Wiener Straßenbahnmuseum

A beautiful building. Old brick. An ancient character. As I enter the hall and take my front row seat I feel a little bit tense. Not knowing what will come but being aware of the fact that these days are crucial. The cooperation between the University of Linz and the fashion institute of Vienna has been, well let’s say broken. That’s why momentary and former students created ‘Hetzendorf brennt’ a campaign to unite all their powers to save the cooperation as well as the possibility of studying fashion design in the halls of Hetzendorf Castle. Crucial. In Austria there is not ONE opportunity to get a bachelor’s degree in fashion design that combines artistic as well as marketing skills. There is no course on any of our Universities available that unites the technical fashion education (sewing, shoe making, millinery and knitting) with knowledge of the historical backgrounds on the development of fashion, design and the arts as well as a fundamental education in Marketing, Public Relations and Languages. On top of that the training of the skills of art – drawing; drafting; using computer programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign; getting to know a variety of art techniques finding the one that suits you and your character the most. Can you tell me why one would shut down such an opportunity for young creatives who long for a fundamental education in fashion?

Fashion Institute Vienna

So – the show started with moderations and introductions. And then it came – BAMM! The first and the second year of the bachelor’s course made quite an entrance. They set a very high standard and left a very clear message: ‘This is us. Come take a look! This is what we can do.’

I see a lot of inspirations apart from Designers like Coco Chanel, Alexander McQueen, Fendi and Badgley Mischka but also other images like calm seas; gold ducats; woods and freedom. After The first and second bachelor year three foreign students of the Bunka Fashion College Japan were invited to present their fabulous collections. Collections that were rich of asian influences as well as open for ethnicities and shapes and texture mixes and rich in colors!

There was a pause and I could see the people shifting in their seats. I knew, they were related to those students who would celebrate their last show that night for they would then concentrate on their bachelor theses and put all their efforts into their final presentation to get their bachelor degrees. That night truly was all about them and their hard work:

Alice Jieun Kim – Back to Basics
Alice Frey – That, which is worn
Claudia Stanek – Tracing
Daria Vdovitchenko – Makro
Elvira Greblic – giving a matter its structure
Inga Nemirovskaia – Sojourner
Isabel Helf – construction site
Katharina Perzl – Tomoko
Katharina Triltsch – De/Formation
Kathi Zanon – Camera scura
Katrin Wallner – Nebula
Laura Haberkorn – Blue Star
Natalie Ofenböck – Skizzen
Leonie-Rachel Soyel – yolculuktan izler
Louise Witt-Dörring – workwearstyles.
Lubov Liebendoerfer – From Russia with love
Maximilian Rittler – Roger
Pia Bauernberger – Stack of clothes
Simone-Kathrin Sassmann – Steady F//M
Sophie Skach – Phileas Fogg, the old vagabond.
Teresa Toth – The Room Collection

Cudos! to the students of the last year – not just for wonderful collections but also for managing all that AND finishing the year. I know how hard that is but you know what guys? Take a look into the mirror because you almost made it. Yeah, you almost made it and the world is ready for you to conquer her!



P.S.: All photos courtesy of Teresa Hammerl of Colazione a Roma || Colazione a Venezia.
Another Post on the Show by a dear colleague: Dani Magdup from royalpinkgoth- alternative fashion in vienna.

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