the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

A German Start.

It is Tuesday. I am back in Germany. K’s place in Mitterfecking. Tomorrow we’re driving off to Europapark. I am trying to make breakfast for everyone while I am blogging and putting away the dishes from last night.I think it is the least I can do for K and her mother’s hospitality. And of course, listening to the wonderful French Céline Dion. Oh boy do I love her. I think my friends are already annoyed but I don’t give a fuck. (BTW: Her new single ‘Parler á mon pére’ simply is divine and beautiful.) So here are the mental outpourings of my Monday. Yesterday, for those who can’t remember.

Céline Dion parler à mon pére

9:30 am

It is Monday morning (of course, I told you the time) and I sit here at a bakery waiting for D and I (the girl who takes us with her). It sounds like the beginning of an adventurous movie where three people drive off to meet new people, have exciting sexual intercourses and dance through the nights in every city they visit after they have worked their asses off by day to afford the trip they are taking. But, it actually is the start to another trip to Germany where I, for one part, will meet my best friend K again and for another part take a trip with her, D and two other friends, J and L to the Europapark.

For K and me this is going to be the second time around and we will cherish this moment since she moved back to her home country a couple of weeks ago. This is a reunion and the real goodbye since the last time saying our farewell’s sounded rather silly considering the fact that we would see each other for this trip one and a half weeks later. But this time it is going to be different. There is no turning back.

That is a good thing, though. We both are going into new directions, discovering new ways of living and meeting new people. There is just one thing that will always hold us together – the friendship and the importance of this friendship that resolutes in a simple thing called love. The only love I still dare to believe in: the Love of a Friend.

Let us start this week with some good news – I get accepted at a Viennese University to do my Master’s Degree in Journalism and New Media. I know, I did not even tell you guys that I’ve had applied but I actually did not want to face another big and official disappointment after the Vogue experience and so I decided to keep this little thing all to myself until I get an answer. Little did I know that it was a positive one but well, here I sit and state that come September I am going to be a student again. Well, besides working full time of course. There is no other way I could afford my demanding lifestyle for I now have to pay rent on a regular basis and all the other paychecks that come along with an apartment. And some Burberry sometimes, of course. And books, and traveling to meet with someone very special regularly, and VOGUE, and ELLE Decoration, and well, sometimes this boy has to eat something too.

So, this is the moment – we will start our ride / journey to Regensburg where we’re going to meet K.

2.15 pm

Finally, Regensburg. Somehow I am a little tense. I do not know where it comes from but four hours in a car with other people (even though they are adorably lovely) and bad music really gives you something. Above all if the brain can’t breathe properly and the people all around us drive like lunatics.
When K picks us up grocery shopping is on the list and let me tell you – there is NOTHING, really nothing I can do worse than grocery shopping. It is too much for me mostly. All those people. All those foods and drinks. And weird stuff in between. Really freaks me out and gives me the chills. But I’m sure I am looking damn fine at doing it. So that’s enough for me because everything I do, I am doing it with class, elegance and dignity. And of course, a dazzling hot outfit.

4.30 pm

Receiving a big and welcoming hug from K’s mother C and her wonderfully nice aunt. We sit together for a coffee, a piece of cake K baked and a glass of sparkling wine. It’s D’s Birthday so we have to do a little something. Happy Birthday D – celebrate with style.

6.30 pm

I need a break. A little one. Just me, myself and Céline Dion. So we all sit on the terrace together but each minding his own business listening to music on their iPods and iPhones. Heavenly calm time.

7.15 pm

We’re cooking. Yiha. Having a little Italian meal for D and K’s mom. Afterwards there’s drinks and a lot of games with a friend of K’s. A. And yet another A crosses my life. We’re playing Twister because D never played it before. Of course he loses and of course, surprise surprise. I win.

12.00 am

We are sitting in a tent in the garage. No, we do not prepare for camping. We are hiding away to keep the noise down so K’s mum can rest properly for she has to go to work the next day.

1.05 am

Bedtime everybody. Putting on the radio – Céline Dion with ‘On s’est aimé à cause’ The only way I can sleep is while listening to music. Otherwise I would be up all night. Weird, isn’t it?

Now it is breakfast time. Tuesday. 10.40 am. Have a great day everyone.




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