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Mr.StrictlyIntimate Meets…

…Playmate November 2012 – Clivia Treidl

Clivia Treidl Playboy November 2012

Thomas Fiedler for Playboy 11/2012

I always try to re-invent myself in a lot of ways. For my blog that means a variety in content and of course, sometimes even with the layout. For a couple of weeks now I am studying Journalism for a Master’s degree and I have come to the task of doing an interview. This time it wasn’t like the 5 minutes 2 questions interview with Nelly Furtado I did about 2 months ago in Berlin and loved like hell. This time it was more elaborate. It had to be. I thought about whom to interview and so many interesting people came to my mind. I did a variety of interviews and have decided to show them all here – for you to read and for you to reach.

I’ve spent hours preparing questions and hours trying to figure out who Clivia Treidl (25 – studying Media Studies) might be as a person; as a woman; as a model and as a playmate.

Date: October 28th, 20012
Time: 10.00 am
Location: Starbucks, 1st district Vienna, Austria
Drink: Clivia is having a soy cappuccino; I am having an espresso doppio and earl grey tea.

Mr.StrictlyIntimate: What does the name ‘Clivia Treidl’ represent? Please, describe yourself in three words – professionally as well as in private.

Clivia Treidl: Professionally… Clivia Treidl. Mhm… I would say ambitious, determined and patient. In private: a little bit chaotic, sensitive and a good friend.

Mr_SI: Apart from modeling, do you work besides studying? Can one survive from modeling in Austria?

C_T: By now I am just doing model and hostess jobs. Back then I also did some waitressing and other jobs. Like internships in PR and things like that. But at the moment I am only taking on model jobs and hostess jobs. That works out all right currently.

Mr_SI: Did you always know that you wanted to be a model? Or, did this idea come to mind during your time studying in Vienna?

C_T: To be honest, it was never my plan to become a model. If you are 5’5″ you do not think about such a career path. It just happened and the moment I saw the first pictures of me I thought, ‘Well, maybe this could work out.’ But I do not feel a pressure about it – either it works or it doesn’t.

Mr_SI: One of the most important questions that came to my mind is, how does a model who has worked in exclusively in fashion before actually become a Playboy girl?

C_T: Personally, I have always preferred the revealing shoots. I have never been completely naked in a shoot before but I have always felt like drowning in clothes in a lot of shoots. In the fashion industry it is not very welcome to be nude in shoots – except if it is for VOGUE.

Every now and then, when being at castings you get to meet someone who has been in Playboy once and well, you get to talk and you just pop the question. Girls really do send pictures to Playboy and so did I. The next day I got a call. One thing led to another and I found myself at a casting and two years later I am Miss November 2012.

Clivia Treidl Playboy November 2012

Thomas Fiedler for Playboy 11/2012

Mr_SI: I can hear the ambition in your words…

C_T: Exactly. I was just curious. During the casting process I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to do it – to actually take of my clothes for Playboy. I just wanted to test my chances and check on how far I’d come. Then, when they chose me the actual deliberations started.

Mr_SI: I assume it was an ‘Ego-Thing’ – How far do come? How do others see me? Do others see me the way I see myself?

C_T: Yes, the whole model industry is basically about the Ego. Maybe it dissolves with time but in the beginning it definitely has a lot to do with Ego. Not with those rare girls who are discovered on the streets, that’s definitely something else. But with those deciding on becoming a model it most certainly has something to do with Ego: Am I good enough? Do I look good enough?

Mr_SI: Would you describe yourself as someone utterly satisfied and happy with their reflection in the mirror, knowing that the one person looking back at you is someone you can smile at saying, ‘Yes, that’s me and that’s great.?’

C_T: By now, yes, absolutely. But that hasn’t always been the case. I have always been rather the shy, precarious person between two extremes: One day, perfectly self-confident and happy. The next day, completely unsatisfied and unhappy and so not at peace with myself.

There were times when I thought that changing parts of my body to fit my own imagination of what’s ideal would be the solution. Just to look the part. Obviously, I have had something done. One can see that my breast are not real and I have often been criticized for that.

Mr_SI: Would you say your breasts have been a hindrance for Playboy?

C_T: They were more of a hinderance than they were of help.

Mr_SI: Why do you think that having fake breasts was a problem for Playboy? What kind of image does Playboy want to develop with the women they feature?

C_T: The concept I see, as a student of media studies is the image of the beautiful neighbor. The girl, or woman who is reachable to any kind of guy rather than the diva who is distanced and not approachable.

Mr_SI: Do you like the pictures that have been chosen for the magazine?

C_T: I have to say that I am very, very happy with the selections. For the magazine they most certainly have picked the best pictures available and I couldn’t be happier about the results. They illustrated me the way I wanted to show myself – sensual, natural, surrounded by bright colors, not too provocative. Just beautiful.

Clivia Treidl Playboy November 2012 I

Thomas Fiedler for Playboy 11/2012

Mr_SI: How was the shooting behind the scenes? Where did they shoot you? Did it take you a long time to prepare – not just physically but also mentally?

C_T: The shoot was at Mallorca. In a beautiful house. The team was amazing. We did the shoot by day – very relaxed and without pressure to get more and more pictures done. And in the evening we went out for dinner together. It really took of the edge.
The two months before the shooting I was very nervous. I told myself that I would be at my best possible physique and that I would be fit as never before. In fact I was so nervous that I ate more than usual and I haven’t been at the peek of a model’s physique but as you can see in the pictures it helped me to underline my own femininity. WITH those few extra pounds.

Mr_SI: How did you experience the moment of realizing, ‘Okay, I am taking of my clothes now and in a couple of months thousands of people can see me fully nude?’

C_T: I actually never had such a moment. In fact, during the whole shoot I was desperately waiting for that one moment when the whole situation would become ridiculously unpleasant and weird to me. But it never did. The team was awesome and I felt really great about myself. I think it would have been weird for me if the pictures wouldn’t have turned out to be that great. THAT would have been unpleasant, knowing that there would be thousands of issues of Playboy magazine with pictures of an uncomfortable and unhappy me in them.

Mr_SI: My final question – seeing you in the pictures one could describe you as a ‘Femme Fatale.’ Would you yourself say that you are a Femme Fatale in private? Or rather a shy, calm, not tantalizing woman?

C_T: Mhmm… I guess I have both of these sides in my personality. I like Femme Fatale – that’s a good description because it is exactly the opposite of who I was way back when I wasn’t a model. Rather a shy plain Jane.
But by now I have overcome this shyness and especially when going out like to be consciously sexy and a little bit provocative from time to time. Still, I have a lot of the shy girl in me. But from time to time I like to be a Femme Fatale.

Playboy Cover November 2012

Wolfgang Zajc for Playboy 11/2012

The latest issue of Playboy Magazine featuring Clivia Treidl will be available until the middle of November.
More pictures of Clivia Treidl, Playmate November 2012 can be found on

To me it was an amazing start into a wonderfully productive Sunday, sitting together with Clivia talking on and off topic about everything that has been going on in our lives since we last saw each other about two years ago. She is a very relaxed, wonderfully funny and beautiful woman. This interview couldn’t have been any easier and more fun than this.




LADY GAGA – The Born This Way Ball

I know, I am guilty. I am sorry. And I could (maybe even should) apologize a thousand times for not writing quite recently but you must know, my real life was getting the best of me and I found myself in a zone where I had mixed feelings towards the person I was becoming in the last couple of months. I was at a crossroads drifting right into moments of doubt when I finally found myself all shiny and new again believing in myself like I have never before. So I will save you the apology shit and just try to make it up to you.

You know, life gives you moments to decide whether you take the self-pitying road down to nowhere or the doubt-forgetting road up to where you belong – The STARS! I’ve decided for myself to be a star! And so should you.

Hollywood Star - Walk of Fame

It is time to stop thinking about doing something but really doing it. Like writing this blog here. Or, more recently I thought about getting an MA degree. I thought about that for over a year and finally I said to myself, ‘fucking do it NOW!’ and so I applied for a Master’s degree in Journalism and New Media and I was invited to the first round of entry exams. I had to wait about two months to get the next invite to the second and third round of entrance examination and you know what? About a month ago I got the news. I am in. I got one of the rare 35 spots. And I had to fight against over 250 others. So, if I can do it – so do you!

My new flat finally feels like a place I can call home. I have all my VOGUE and ELLE and all my books and clothes here. The furniture looks exquisite and I just feel great every time I enter my apartment through the double door entrance. Thank GaGa the dream of my own apartment came true.

And, when we talk GaGa we should talk ‘LADY GAGA – The Born This Way Ball’ which I attended last night. One word: EPIC!

Lady GaGa - The Born This Way Ball

It was the perfect mixture of all the words I love – Fashion, Music, Magic, Extravaganza, Spectacularity, Divinity and Love. (Okay, the last one is a word I only use in combination with things I love to do and never connected to people. You know my issues about this topic and because of a recent, quite painful event I have decided to keep this box of topics hidden from my life now.)

Let me tell you – Lady GaGa was amazing! I was so close to her that I almost cried because of a sudden rush of happiness to be this close to someone I would consider a) a real natural talent b) a style icon and c) someone the younger generation can look up to for inspiration, strength and love for something one does to get ahead in life! She truly is an inspiration to me. And her music a source of strength. When she played my two most favorite songs ‘Bad Kids’ and ‘Marry the Night’ I just lost it. My Monster claws have constantly been up in the air to support her and I knew she felt the support of all of us. It was simply divine. The best concert of my life and while I might still be talking in a rush of emotions here, I have to say that there have also been quite a few negative things about the organization of yesterday’s event. I just think you need to know both sides, the good and the bad. It is just the honest thing to write down. And you know me – I am all about honesty and straight forwardness. The 250 bucks for my VIP Ticket definitely weren’t worth it. And let me tell you – a lot of people were angry and have been crying. (The GaGa gift was a poster of the tour… could have guessed that. No one communicated that there would be just monster pit and no area for those in possession of a VIP ticket – what the hell where the 250 bucks for? Dinner and drinks? Sorry, but I could have had dinner before the event and bought my drinks at the main bar saving myself about 150 bucks. What a fail by the Organizers! I only got so close to her because I fought my way through all the gays and straights.).

But what was worth it was waiting for Lady GaGa – she just delivered an ecstatic, authentic, perfect show full of music, fashion and love! Thank you for that. It was divine. And she even performed a new song of her Album Project ‘ARTPOP’ – Princess Die.

LADY GAGA – The Born This Way Ball Setlist:

Act I
Space (intro)
“Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)”
Operation: Kill the Bitch (interlude)
“Government Hooker”
Birth (interlude)
“Born This Way”
“Black Jesus † Amen Fashion”
Emerging (interlude)
“Bloody Mary”
Mother G.O.A.T. Manifesto I (interlude)
“Bad Romance”
G.O.A.T Briefing (interlude)

Act II
“Fashion of His Love”
“Just Dance”

Mother G.O.A.T. Manifesto II (interlude)
“Heavy Metal Lover”
“Bad Kids”
“Princess Die”
“Yoü and I” (acoustic)
“Electric Chapel”

Act IV
“Americano” / “Poker Face” (medley)

Act V

“The Edge of Glory” (acoustic + album)
“Marry the Night”

Conclusion: If you have the chance to see her because she is in your city or close to your city, or if you do not mind traveling to see her, just fucking do it! And do it now! SHE IS A GODDESS!



P.S.: For those of you who think by G.O.A.T. Lady GaGa refers to the animal I have to put the true meaning out there:

G.O.A.T. = Government Owned Alien Territory in Space which is also the whole theme of the ‘LADY GAGA – The Born This Way Ball’ Tour!

Born This Way.

Lady Gaga The Born This Way Ball Tour Poster

I’m beautiful in my way
‘Cause God makes no mistakes
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way

Don’t hide yourself in regret
Just love yourself and you’re set

I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way, born this way
[Lady GaGa – Born This Way; Album: Born This Way (Deluxe Edition)]

It was finally announced and I just can’t wait! Today I purchased my VIP Ticket to Lady Gaga’s Vienna Concert of ‘The Born This Way Ball Tour’ 2012 on August 18th. I am ready, I am set, I am on the right track – I was born to be there and there goes another big wish on my bucket list – seeing Lady Gaga perform her fantastic, motivating and inspiring songs live.

The VIP Package includes:
Early entrance to the VIP area
After show Party in the VIP area
Separate VIP coat rack for free
Lady Gaga Give Away
Entrance to the VIP area
Welcome Drink
Beer, Wine, non alcoholic drinks
A local DJ performing after the show

If there is one thing that makes me happy it is seeing Lady Gaga giving her all for the sake of music and the sake of fashion – both domains I am wholeheartedly dedicated to! I am going to marry the night on this wonderfully special day of August and I am already counting the days on my calendar wondering if I can make the time go by faster. Though, I wouldn’t do it – losing days means losing time for picking an outfit and for making myself become my even more fabulous self.

Lady Gaga Armani The Born This Way Ball Tour

Armani Sketch for Lady Gaga's 'The Born This Way Ball' Tour 2012

Lady Gaga Armani The Born This Way Ball Tour

Armani Sketch for Lady Gaga's 'The Born This Way Ball' Tour 2012

Lady Gaga Armani The Born This Way Ball Tour

Armani Sketch for Lady Gaga's 'The Born This Way Ball' Tour 2012

Lady Gaga Armani The Born This Way Ball Tour

Armani Sketch for Lady Gaga's 'The Born This Way Ball' Tour 2012

Do you guys already have your tickets? If not – hurry up, hurry up and imagine yourself dancing, shaking and singing to the fabulously glorious beats of Lady Gaga.



P.S. I am already on my 15th day of my 28 Day Sugar Cleansing and I feel great. About an hour ago I was running to the tracks of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Album (yeah, I dedicated the whole day to her since purchasing the tickets had something very religiously glorious for me) in the heaviest of rains we had this year in Vienna and I just felt one thing – great!

Great, because I am alive and aware of it.
Great, because I can cherish beautiful and sad moments and be inspired by them.
Great, because I feel like I am on a good way – in every possible sense.
Great, because I am born this way. This way I am and I celebrate it!

Lady Gaga Americano Born This Way

PowerSong of the Day:
Americano by Lady Gaga [Album: Born This Way (Deluxe Edition)]

Tableaux Vivant.

Checking my mails. Going through my work mails, my private ones and my Mr.StrictlyIntimate mails – 6 mails accounts. The good news – I always appear to be busy because mails just float it. The bad news – it is hard to concentrate on private mails when work occupies me to 98 percent of my time.

21st of March. Mr.StrictlyIntimate’s mail account. An invitation to an event that sounds very intriguing since I am quite an art fan. Tableaux Vivant – a fabulous set by Lukas Gansterer & Pigeon Disco; an extraordinary night by Bombay Sapphire at WUK/Kunsthalle Exnergasse (Währingerstraße 59, 1090 Vienna, Austria).

What exactly is Tableaux Vivant one might ask oneself? Well, relatively easily explained Tableaux Vivant denotes the portrayal of an opus of paintings and sculptures through living figures. The official founder of this particular niche is Madame de Genlis who was the governess of the children of Duke of Orleans.

At the event I attended on March 28th Viennese artists, designers and musicians (protagonists were: Anna Aichinger, Peter Garmusch, Natascha Hochenegg, Markus Jagersberger, Mato Johannik, Laura Karasinski, Mario Neugebauer, Rade Petrasevic, Nicholas Platzer, G. Rizo, Jimmy Zurek, Hanna Putz) were arranged in a vivid picture supported by a fabulous bar hosted by Bombay Sapphire (in my opinion the best Gin existing – and the most beautiful bottle actually. Note to myself: Buy two bottles for decoration!) The whole scene was being put into the perfect light by photographer Lukas Gansterer and the legendary Styling-Duo Pigeon Disco.

When I entered the whole scene I was one of the first to arrive so I had the chance of observing minutes of preparation and people entering and filling the loft like space one shiny pair of shoes at a time. I was sitting with wonderfully looking Lena on a very comfortable black leathered couch looking at the photographer, the stylists and the whole setting of people vividly moving and having a lot of fun. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay through the whole scenery but what I saw was amazing and very enjoyable – not just the inspiring artistic process but also all the people eagerly ready to participate in what was a very fresh and new thing for Vienna and its artistic scene.

I sincerely and dearly hope that Vienna keeps moving forward like this because there are a lot of things still missing in this country. This was one good step from Paris to here, so keep it up and keep the art events coming.



Letter to Amy: Let the Angels Sing

Dear Amy,

I actually do not how to start so I will try to find my beginning in telling you what is on my mind right now. I miss you already – and the weird thing about such a comment is, that I neither knew you nor had (or still have) the slightest impression of how your personality really is… but still I miss you. Your unique voice singing always gave me the chills and when I think back to you Back to Black album and every song it contains (I have to say here, that my most favorite of your songs hits my iTunes in a loop but I will come back to that later on in this letter – I promise) holds a special memory for this album helped me so much in troubled times I actually never talked about. But considering the fact of your sudden and shocking death I have to say that it might be a good reason to talk about it.

You know (actually not, how could you possibly know), today, when I turned on the radio and the news speaker said your name I could not believe my ears. I just sat there and my mouth literally fell open in shock and in trying to find any words to say. The people around me actually must have been thinking I was going crazy because of my facial expression but what they do not understand is that it hurt me deeply to hear that you won’t be breathing or singing anymore. Do you know what you have done to yourself and to the people your songs helped over hard times? Do you realize that you were a role model to all those who had lived the dream of becoming famous for everything they were – not just their vocal talent or their spirit in writing beautiful lyrics but for being someone with a certain personality that simply can’t be ignored or that might sometimes be simplified to just being weird, though, in fact those who were called the weird ones, were all the dreamers, all the fighters and all the talents who admired you deeply and sincerely?

I can’t really blame you for losing yourself and the matter of caring about yourself in an industry that obviously always only cares about the next catchy headliner (and we both know you had some there) and not about the artist, but still you should have been stronger and more capable of withstanding hallucinogenics for you were so unbelievably talented that a lot of celebrities and wanna be stars simply had to take a bow when hearing your voice singing those hauntingly painful and sad lyrics.

It is sad and I am sad. I really am. I just remember one situation I needed help the most and your song was just there – Love Is a Losing Game. It definitely is, I have to admit on that. But still the essential of my saying is that when I was lost because of the biggest hurt and disappointment I have ever had to meet your song was there, encouraging me to hate love, encouraging me to being angry and sad, allowing me to being angry and sad and above all being behind my back telling me that it is okay – everything. And you were right somehow. Life is always about memories and painful happenings, but still life (and so is love too!) is about moving on and getting up when being knocked to the ground because you get stronger every time you can make yourself stand back up. Thank you so much for that – you can’t imagine how much this really meant to me… I think no one could possibly imagine what I feel towards listening to this song (still running in a loop on my MacBook) if they haven’t been in such a situation themselves and yet again I do believe that out there must be a countless number of broken hearts and knocked down people that just stand up because they have your support playing on their iPhones, iPods, MP3-Players, BlackBerries, Laptops, MacBooks and so on.


Oh Amy… it is a shame that you have left. It is a fucking sad shame that you gave yourself away so easily. But still we can’t be mad. I hope you find your peace wherever you are. Because in the end that is what you deserve – peace of soul. I love your music. And I love how it feels to me when I listen to one of your songs. I will miss you. I already do.

Rest in Piece wonderful, beautiful, talented miss Amy Winehouse.

(And here I break my XOXO-tradition in honor of your work!)

faithfully, sincerely and above all admiringly


Song of the Day: Love You Like a Love Song- Selena Gomez [When the Sun Goes Down]

Selena Gomez When the Sun Goes Down

When Disney stars grow up they can become all sorts of human beings – lost, talent free cheerleader type of guys like Vanessa Hudgens, sweet but still inconspicuous singers/actors that play a cheerleader in a TV-show like Ashley Tisdale (the Show I am talking about is of course ‘Wildcats’) or prepotent actors who honestly can’t act (and/or sing though they became famous for that you know… stuff – remembering High School Musical? Better don’t!) like Zac Efron. And while other stars shine in either absence (Demi Lovato – I am so by your side… go get better and get back on track girl because you are damn talented) or with a scandalous change of life (poor poor Miley Cyrus) others grab the chance and steal the spotlight faster than any of named above can say ‘Burberry’ (yeah I know, I have a talent of bringing up this term/label in the most unexpected situations but hey I am addicted so please just let me get away with it!) just like beautiful and young mademoiselle Selena Gomez did.

A couple of days ago (June 21st) her third Album ‘When the Sun Goes Down’ hit the market like a bullet hits the brain – and so it did with my brain. It hit me and I can’t get it out of my head. This album is somewhat addictive and contagious that my iPod plays it off the hook – perpetually. While the first two albums (Kiss&Tell and A Year Without Rain) of Selena Gomez and the Scene where kind of nice but not hugely conspicuous to really arouse my attention I definitely have to say that this one is a different gauge. I’d dare say one Disney star plans on taking over the world with disco tunes that make you want to rock and dance the whole night through leaving the old and odd image of a young aspiring Disney teen star behind setting herself free to become an adult and grown up woman slowly but steadily.

Selena Gomez When the Sun Goes Down Album Cover

I have to admit that there were one or two singles on each of the first two albums that I really liked or still can’t get out of my head because they went into a direction that perfectly fits to where Selena Gomez and the Scene are right now – catchy, lighthearted and funky pop music with a very danceable, rockable and above all enjoyable beat. For instance ‘Naturally’ who was actually the most recognizable single from the Kiss&Tell album, which I still enjoy every once in a while when the sun shines beautifully and I just want to listen to easy going and lighthearted tunes. Or ‘Spotlight’ from their sophomore album A Year Without Rain, which actually is a funny single to just close your eyes to imagining you become a rock star one single day. But while these songs have been very young and well a bit childish actually it seems that someone grew up and glamorous. Selena became a beautiful woman (more beautiful than she has always been anyway) with a strong appeal and a great attitude towards fashion – which is absolutely obvious flipping through the booklet of the new album where she totally appears glamorous, divalicious and above all incredibly stylish and colorful!

When the Sun Goes Down – Selena Gomez and the Scene

1. Love You Like a Love Song
2. Bang Bang Bang
3. Who Says
4. We Own the Night (featuring Pixie Lott)
5. Hit the Lights
6. Whiplash
7. When the Sun Goes Down
8. My Dilemma
9. That’s More Like It
10. Outlaw
11. Middle of Nowhere
12. Dices (‘Who Says’ Spanish Version)

While I like to listen to the platinum hit single ‘Who Says’, which is a simple ode to self-love, self-belief and self-trust I totally have to say that nothing beats the new single ‘Love You Like a Love Song’ (video to be seen above! Simply a song you can’t get out of your head and to be honest – it may be a love song but finally it is not one of those cheesy kiss me now before I lose you forever kind of songs – it is lighter, fresher and perfect to let all the worries go dancing around your room) and the songs My Dilemma (totally addictive and reminding us all of a simple situation of knowing someone is not good to be in love with but still you can’t get away from that special person), Hit the Lights (an incredible and even better homage to oneself and above all to our fears of failing without even trying – go fulfill your dreams goddammit!) and We Own the Night featuring Pixie Lott (totally addictive and totally cute – really good duet choice… thank God she did not sing with another Disney freak again!).

All I can say is – get the album. Purchase it, listen to it and simply love it for its beautifully simplicity. It is a rare peace of enjoyment. I have never heard a thing like that – above all not from a former Disney star and I have to say I truly respect Selena Gomez for giving us such a great musical experience. Though I have to admit that she definitely could use some improvement on her live singing skills I have nothing to say against this album – it is cool, it is fresh, it is new… but above all it is a great fun and absolutely danceable. And while you read this article and think about whether to purchase these twelve songs I am about to dance around my room lightheartedly and completely free of any bad thoughts.

Love it. Enjoy it. Dance the Whole Night through!



P.S. Knowledge of the Day: Never judge a book by its covers – some people may surprise you others may fail to do so. Nothing ever turns out as expected beforehand. Believe me – been there, recognized that. XO

the Burberry Tale

Living in a big city like Vienna and trying to provide for oneself what one really needs – a flat, decent clothes and well, some food sometimes means being able to get enough money every month to live your life the way you have actually always dreamed it to be… remember, like back in school.
As we grow up and as we grow older and our dreams and goals slightly or radically change we set ourselves in mind to have a certain lifestyle not thinking about how to achieve this or how to provide such. So I find myself in school imagining being able to afford all the Burberry a boy like me could need including adding a black croc leather Birkin with silver colored clasps to the outfit and then I find myself after university trying to find a job that gives me the possibility to afford all of these things – the sooner the better. And, well reality hits one as hard as a car that tries to drive through a brick wall – you realize – nah, not gonna happen. And it doesn’t. It doesn’t because you realize that you can afford some things one step at a time (like trying to switch my wardrobe from being mixed up to being totally Burberry only) and some others maybe with a few bigger steps than ever imagined (like that Hermès Birkin Bag for instance). You tell yourself it is okay. Very convincible. Because it is. It is okay to not being able buying all the things you want right away because where the hell would be the fun of trying to achieve a certain goal? Where would be the moment of being proud of yourself for working your pretty ass off in order to being able purchasing this instant leather Burberry boots or that croc leather Burberry bag with the beautifully crafted stitch that sparkles like a ray of sunlight or that Burberry gabardine trench coat with the classic, timeless checked lining?

As I am sitting here at Starbucks waiting for dear M to show up for our lunch reservations at Le Ciel I take a close look around at the people in my environment wondering how they make it that way because it seems effortlessly easy to them not to think about the way they are dressed or whether they are dressed up in labels or not and so my thoughts go on and on and on until M shows up and we take our table at the Grand Hotel.

Afterwards we went on a little shopping tour and I kept thinking about Burberry the whole time (not kidding) and once I entered the store realizing the last collection is 30 per cent off I couldn’t help myself to buy a new pair of beautiful trench colored 95 percent cotton 5 per cent elastane jeans. I love them. I instantly fell in love with them and decided that God created my body perfectly to sport Burberry from head to toe 24/7 with everything Christopher Bailey provides for this Burberry-dicted human being. I deserve it. I work for it. Hard – every day and every night. I’ll never stop working (for Burberry goods) – well at least not until I’ll stop breathing but I believe there is a while to shop and go until that happens.

As I carry my beautifully wrapped up Burberry London Jeans in my beautifully green ribboned Burberry Paper Bag I decide that this was a good day instantly thinking about missing my beloved K who I will see in more than a week the next time… for she went back to her mother country because holiday season tells students to go home visiting their parents or to try applying for an internship in which every student will work 24/7 without receiving anything in return but ‘the chance to learn something’ – yeah, try to buy a piece of bread to prevent yourself from starving in a supermarket telling the shop assistant you have no money but you can buy with a bottle of chances. Believe me – you will get no change for that.

That’s all for now because yes, I have Burberry things to do (haha Love that!). Take care my beautiful readers and enjoy your weekend!



P.S. Knowledge of the Day: The world simply looks more beautiful with a new purchase in hands and an outfit that rocks every crowd.

P.P.S. I think I have beaten myself by using the term Burberry in one single article more often than ever before. Is that a sign I need to think about a therapy? What will my shrink say? XO

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