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A German Start.

It is Tuesday. I am back in Germany. K’s place in Mitterfecking. Tomorrow we’re driving off to Europapark. I am trying to make breakfast for everyone while I am blogging and putting away the dishes from last night.I think it is the least I can do for K and her mother’s hospitality. And of course, listening to the wonderful French Céline Dion. Oh boy do I love her. I think my friends are already annoyed but I don’t give a fuck. (BTW: Her new single ‘Parler á mon pére’ simply is divine and beautiful.) So here are the mental outpourings of my Monday. Yesterday, for those who can’t remember.

Céline Dion parler à mon pére

9:30 am

It is Monday morning (of course, I told you the time) and I sit here at a bakery waiting for D and I (the girl who takes us with her). It sounds like the beginning of an adventurous movie where three people drive off to meet new people, have exciting sexual intercourses and dance through the nights in every city they visit after they have worked their asses off by day to afford the trip they are taking. But, it actually is the start to another trip to Germany where I, for one part, will meet my best friend K again and for another part take a trip with her, D and two other friends, J and L to the Europapark.

For K and me this is going to be the second time around and we will cherish this moment since she moved back to her home country a couple of weeks ago. This is a reunion and the real goodbye since the last time saying our farewell’s sounded rather silly considering the fact that we would see each other for this trip one and a half weeks later. But this time it is going to be different. There is no turning back.

That is a good thing, though. We both are going into new directions, discovering new ways of living and meeting new people. There is just one thing that will always hold us together – the friendship and the importance of this friendship that resolutes in a simple thing called love. The only love I still dare to believe in: the Love of a Friend.

Let us start this week with some good news – I get accepted at a Viennese University to do my Master’s Degree in Journalism and New Media. I know, I did not even tell you guys that I’ve had applied but I actually did not want to face another big and official disappointment after the Vogue experience and so I decided to keep this little thing all to myself until I get an answer. Little did I know that it was a positive one but well, here I sit and state that come September I am going to be a student again. Well, besides working full time of course. There is no other way I could afford my demanding lifestyle for I now have to pay rent on a regular basis and all the other paychecks that come along with an apartment. And some Burberry sometimes, of course. And books, and traveling to meet with someone very special regularly, and VOGUE, and ELLE Decoration, and well, sometimes this boy has to eat something too.

So, this is the moment – we will start our ride / journey to Regensburg where we’re going to meet K.

2.15 pm

Finally, Regensburg. Somehow I am a little tense. I do not know where it comes from but four hours in a car with other people (even though they are adorably lovely) and bad music really gives you something. Above all if the brain can’t breathe properly and the people all around us drive like lunatics.
When K picks us up grocery shopping is on the list and let me tell you – there is NOTHING, really nothing I can do worse than grocery shopping. It is too much for me mostly. All those people. All those foods and drinks. And weird stuff in between. Really freaks me out and gives me the chills. But I’m sure I am looking damn fine at doing it. So that’s enough for me because everything I do, I am doing it with class, elegance and dignity. And of course, a dazzling hot outfit.

4.30 pm

Receiving a big and welcoming hug from K’s mother C and her wonderfully nice aunt. We sit together for a coffee, a piece of cake K baked and a glass of sparkling wine. It’s D’s Birthday so we have to do a little something. Happy Birthday D – celebrate with style.

6.30 pm

I need a break. A little one. Just me, myself and Céline Dion. So we all sit on the terrace together but each minding his own business listening to music on their iPods and iPhones. Heavenly calm time.

7.15 pm

We’re cooking. Yiha. Having a little Italian meal for D and K’s mom. Afterwards there’s drinks and a lot of games with a friend of K’s. A. And yet another A crosses my life. We’re playing Twister because D never played it before. Of course he loses and of course, surprise surprise. I win.

12.00 am

We are sitting in a tent in the garage. No, we do not prepare for camping. We are hiding away to keep the noise down so K’s mum can rest properly for she has to go to work the next day.

1.05 am

Bedtime everybody. Putting on the radio – Céline Dion with ‘On s’est aimé à cause’ The only way I can sleep is while listening to music. Otherwise I would be up all night. Weird, isn’t it?

Now it is breakfast time. Tuesday. 10.40 am. Have a great day everyone.




It’s Monday – the first day of a new week and the new chance of starting all over again. And since Sunday also marked the start of a new month I’d say we have a lot of chances to start something new and to finish with old stuff. Stuff we dragged behind us; stuff we know we should have finished ages ago and stuff we tried to keep off or minds but that kept appearing over and over again.

Right now my best friend K is sitting right beside me. She lives with me until Wednesday because that will be the day when she leaves Vienna to go back to her home country. For her, it is time to start a new chapter and so there will be three new chapters in both our lives – a new chapter for her, a new chapter for myself and a new chapter we share full of adventures we live through together even though we will live miles and miles apart from now on.


But I won’t be too sad about it or dramatic or heartbroken or will say good-bye for one time because we will see each other again as often as possible and our friendship will remain as intense and important as it has been before. Boarders should never stop people to be friends.

So – for us there will never be a final sentence, or a final page, or a final chapter. For us, there will always be a new day to meet life with an open mind and an adventurous attitude.



Croatia in Pictures and Sounds [Bonus Features Season 2 of 'The Diary of the Traveling Burberry'] (Part I)

Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of words to transport certain emotions. Sometimes Pictures and Sounds are absolutely enough. Sometimes pictures can express every single emotion and mood of a certain beautiful, unique and special moment.

This is going to be one of these ‘Sometimes’ – times/moments where all that is needed are pictures and some tunes:

A Force As Strong As Nature
Paul Kalkbrenner – Azure
[Album: Berlin Calling]

Houses on the Way to Croatia

The Look onto the Island From the House

Close to the Island in Front of the House - The Rocks

Hill of the Island in Front of the House

The Capitol Never Sleeps
Rodriquez Jr. – Almeira (Original Mix)
[Album: Almeira - Single]

Burberry Zagreb

Market in Zagreb

Church of Zagreb

Church Lights of Zagreb Church

City Liner Zagreb

Metro of Zagreb

Relaxing in a Bright Pool of Sun
Black – Wonderful Life
[Album: Wonderful Life]

Beach of Croatia

Croatian Sea Stones

Croatian Sea

This is the end of part one but there is a lot more to come. Stay tuned because this Bonus Feature Edition of Season 2 of ‘The Diary of the Traveling Burberry’ is going to be continued…

Until then here is a last and final song from our Croatia Summer Playlist:
Florence + the Machine – Shake it Out
[Album: Ceremonials (Deluxe Version)]

‘And it’s hard to dance with the devil on your back so shake him off…’



P.S.: All pictures taken by Speedfreak.

The Parting of the Ways [S02E05 - Season Finale]

We are in the car on our way back to where we came from. The navigational system calculates about 45 minutes until we reach our first stop – Carinthia. Some of us decided to take a dip in the Woerthersee to end this trip which should have been all about swimming, bathing and getting shockingly tanned, with a couple of hours of Austrian water and sun.

I for one part have decided to not jump into the Woerthersee but occupying myself with my MacBook and the season finale of ‘The Diary of the Traveling Burberry.’ It’s the last episode everybody. The fifth and final one. The Parting of the Ways. Quite dramatic, isn’t it? Well – it is a bit. I sit here in the car leaving behind the fun and laughter I had in the last couple of days taking with me the memories of adventures and days in the sun as well as days with people I now would even more call friends than I have been able before. You know, in life certain things bring people closer together as well as certain things are often reason for drifting apart. We did not drift, we became closer for sharing thoughts, a lot of time and, of course, adventurous trips to haunted houses with histories deeper than our own and stories to tell that make us think about certain things we take for granted in our lives as well as our lives themselves. We live. And we take this life and think it is ours to waste though in fact it is ours to take care of, nurture, treat well.

In order of this thought – of the house with the seemingly sad history i have decided to take it a bit slow on writing about what I was wearing today and giving you the chance of imagining a calmer Mr.StrictlyIntimate. Someone who takes himself damn seriously but on the other hand is very open for a lot of adventures, laughter and honest discussions. The Traveling Burberry season two slowly comes to an end as we come closer to the rain station of Carinthia mile for mile. This is going to be the place where the parting of the ways will start. Soon the first good-bye’s will be told…

After a relatively long ride to Carinthia we’ve decided to have a little lunch. Well, a big one is actually more like it since the four of us found ourselves occupied with four big and heavy pizzas but we decided, since it was our last day of our trip and of the Diary of the Traveling Burberry, we do not care about the calories we are about to enjoy. And damn, we did enjoy. While the others where occupied with their food I found myself writing on this blog and thinking about the changes I went when being on vacation and when finding myself being back where I once was a couple of years ago on an emotional basis. There is something or someone in my life I can’t seem to get out of my head and on this trip I found myself even more engaged with this very person. It was then I realized I was storing the number of an apartment renting advertisement in Klagenfurt where this very person lives. And here I sit and wonder – will it ever take me there and will life have me there for good?

Anja arrives with the second car – the other four already took off by train and she decided to stay a few more days in the country where she once lived for a couple of years. I sit there and wait. Wait for someone to arrive. Two and a half hours. He doesn’t and the pressure of leaving is heavy on my heart for we have a train to catch from Leoben. So I try to squeeze a few more minutes out of the other’s patiences and then ten minutes after six and exactly two hours and forty minutes after desperate waiting we say good-bye to Anja and take off.

We are having drinks. Our last drinks on this trip. We have already bought our tickets so there is nothing to stress about. We sit there and enjoy the skyline of Leoben, which seems to be impressively soothing to the other’s nerves. The pain of leaving Klagenfurt still beats heavy in my brain and even heavier in my heart. I am constantly checking my iPhone and I feel like being back where I once was. A long time ago. Is this really me? Is this really where I belong? Do I have to go back to that place? Vienna. I can’t even bare to say it out loud not mentioning forming the word with my thoughts. Back to the old place where I come from and where I will always belong somehow. But I can’t. I do not want to stay there. I want to remove myself from that country like people remove stains from their most beloved pieces of clothing. I want to find myself somewhere else. I feel like I can’t move on with finding myself if I do not finally leave the environment I know so well but connect to so little. I do not have a home. I never had one. I never had something that felt like a home to me. The only person I was closest to calling home is the only person who is not in my life anymore. Is it always that hard to find a home? To find a place to call home? Where do we belong? Where do I belong? Time passes by and we go. Leave the bar.

I find myself in the train writing these lines watching my sister arguing with the guy who controls our tickets. What is there to fucking argue about? Damn OEBB.

Are we there yet? Vienna?

The trip ends here. Or there. It was a good one. One full of laughter – one full of people who connected over jokes and drinks and stories of life. It was a time I will never forget and it definitely was a trip we should do another time. Thank you for that time and stay true to yourself – everyone, you are great, just the way you are.



Trails of War [S02E04]

Outfit of the Day: blue Burberry swim pants; trench colored Burberry polo shirt with classic house check collar; black Guess Jeans; black vintage Gucci sunglasses and classic house checked hight-top Burberry sneakers again accompanied by the beige colored bag I bought at the market in Zagreb.

Change of an Outfit for the Evening: black big checked Burberry shirt; trench colored Burberry Trousers; classic bow tie from my childhood (yes, this bow tie really is about 17 years old!) and black shiny Burberry shoes accompanied by my Petar Petrov silk evening jacket and vintage Longchamp bag.

Breakfast not at Tiffany’s but on our very own terrace. Since my sister decided to stay awake with three others until 6.30am we were the only one having breakfast together. Thank Burberry she doesn’t need that much of sleep because of sleeping through the days before. After half an hour of eating and enjoying the sun we diced that again the motto of the day has to be: ‘Summer, sun, beach read and Burberry.’ And me in the middle lying there with a perfect tan which seems to be a mixture of shiny red and most beautiful brown.

Thoughts by the sea: ‘I sit here with my book on a stone in the middle of the sea. It is so cold that it is quite hard to keep my feet in it longer that a few seconds. Usually I am quite tough but it is relatively hard today. Maybe because I was lying in the sun for about two hours heating up my body. That makes it ten times worse. So I just sit here with my summer read ‘Summer and the City: A Carrie Diaries Novel’ by Candace Bushnell and think about how life could be in New York City and if my dreams of being a famous writer will ever come to life. You never know. I never know. I can’t know. Right now I doubt a lot. I am doubting myself 24 hours a day. I can’t stop it. I can’t stop myself from doubting myself and now I sit here wondering why the hell I am not where I should be at the age of 25. Well, should I be here at the age of 25? Or, who decides where I should be? Are my goals set too high or am I becoming a failure? I am afraid of becoming a failure. Really, really afraid. How can I stop it?’

The day was quite calming and relaxing with a bit of lying in the sun, a bit of eating ice, a bit of cooking and a bit of walking through the city of Klenovica discovering a view secrets in a ruined hotel. To be honest, we had to climb over a fence which was quite hard wearing my trench colored Burberry Jeans and my black shiny shoes but I did it anyway because my thirst for adventure was too big to hold back. I was so impressed by the charm and image of the hotel that I have decided to dedicate a bigger entry to this wonderful picture after a bit of research.

While being in this ruined house I was wondering about its history and at the same time about my own history and how it could be compared to some rooms of this historic building. Walking through the rooms, along the narrow spaces that once where from what I imagine it sparkling hall ways I felt as if I somehow belonged there; as if something was touching me. Maybe that is the reason why I feel the necessity of researching more about the history of the building and about what happened to the people inside it. Did they come out alive? Did they die? It is weird but I could almost feel them screaming while running for their lives in the war. And that is what it looks like. Destroyed by war. Clearly. Undeniably. Irrevocably. But I guess I should wait with suspicions and impressions like these until I know way more about the history. It was obvious that the country still had to recover from all the terror going on between the years of 1991 and 1995 and one could feel that there still was a lot going on in dealing with what happened to the country and to the families living in it. Life marked them in a way they can never forget.

R, Speedfreak, Markus and I decided to hide a secret message that I wrote to the four of us. I hid it in a very special and secret place not to be found by anyone else except for ourselves in one year. This message will be a very inspirational thing for me because even if we do not return in one year I know one thing – we were there in Klenovica. Together. And we shared a few days of summer and of our youth where we were free, happy and full of energy. I will relish this special day and this special message that only I know for I wrote it and let no one read it. So it marks me, and accompanies me on my ways to wherever I go knowing that friendship can be found wherever the heart is and wherever people are honest with one another.

Right now I am just covered in a black Guess Jeans and a cashmere Tommy Hilfiger sleeve drinking a glass of white wine while chatting with the guys I came here. Eight other people. 4 Women. 5 Men. Everyone for himself / herself great in a very special way. And of course the three people I shared a house with. There is my sister who is my number one; maybe even my closest friend besides K. Maybe even the only friend whom I will keep for the rest of my life. Maybe even the only one I feel the necessity of, come what may, live and breathe and fight for. Then there is Speedfreak, someone I think of as being truly intelligent and made for something incredibly special but whom still has to find his place in this world. With Speedfreak comes Markus – his boyfriend. One of the kindest, most decent and most modest people I have ever met and for whom I have the greatest respect for being simply honest and down to earth. Three people I had a lot of fun with BUT still I want to say thank you to all eight of them for having the nerve to have me around all the time. I really enjoyed the time with each and every one of you and believe me – you all are great, special and intelligent and I appreciated the time we spent together.

For now, I have to say goodbye because I have to pay my attention to the crowd sitting in this room with me. We have some things to talk about, to discuss and to remember. So farewell, my dear reader and we’ll see each other for the season 2 finale of ‘The Diary of the Traveling Burberry.’



P.S.: All pictures taken by Speedfreak.


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