the Life, the Love and the Sex of Vienna.

Designing Myself a Perfect Home

In life there are a lot of changes people go through. Right now I am on the cutting edge of moving out of my parents’ apartment and into my own. My very first own home. It really is a challenge but it also really is a trip I kind of enjoy. Looking at apartments on the hunt for the right one, flipping through decoration magazines; checking out furniture at various stores; occupying myself with finding the right color scheme to represent my personality and style; finding myself in the middle of retracing design history and architectural influences, developments and changes.

So here I am. In the middle of moving out and saying goodbye to memories of pain and tears (I will come to that later on in this feature) but also of inspirational processes and a lot of writing. In this room at my parents’ house a lot of shit has come down. A lot of things were being done; a lot of art was being created (mostly throughout days of university and school); a lot of things were being said; a lot of things being moved and shifted and shaped and recreated. Here, I have recreated and found myself a lot of times and this time when I move out it will be for new adventures. This time it will be just me and it will be great.

On the Hunt (for the Perfect Apartment) [Part I]

Designing a Happy Home [Part II]

Bit by Bit [Part III]

I invite you to experience this adventure with me; to be a part of this change and of my personal development.




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