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the Pride Issue – coming back and out of the hole

Life is something that changes itself every five seconds – just the way you change your mind about everything at any time of the day. Life is fast and moves towards its own end even faster. But, it is life, that makes us wake up every morning to find ourselves happily welcoming new days to celebrate who and what we are – to love ourselves, no matter what we have done wrong.

It is life, that makes you smile at yourself, because you are satisfied sometimes and it is life that lets us fall in love – suddenly and deeply.

So i sit here in my office at Flair fashion magazine, in front of my big Mac screen and the even more beautiful huge window that I really do love and I write a piece of my heart for my blog, after i did not write in a long time because I did not know what to actually and truly tell. I was unhappy and to be honest – sometimes I still am, but at the same time i am happy. Happy to be alive. Happy to have a wonderful job. Happy to be in love. Happy to be able to grow pride of who I am…slowly, but I do. And I am proud to got myself out of a depressive big black hole that totally, inadequately captured me in its core without letting me go.

And now? I sit here and smile, because I slowly realize that I am good – no matter what I do, as long as I do it with my heart and with my soul and this is what I do on a daily basis. Not only for Flair, but now again for myself, my new collection, my blog and a new big project that is coming up for the next year.

Guess what? You are going to be surprised of this little boy that grew up to be a man standing in front of those who never did believe in him, smiling and facing his enemies to say ‘fuck you’ – I am going to be huge and for now, I am already. Believe it or not. This life is my own perfect little history.




Born – the Collection

One of my best friends B who has her own label called leaving lychee and myself had a collaboration going on for a fashion festival called ‘8cht!’, which featured 8 designers and 8 photographers for 8 weeks.
Right after I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in June Mario Soldo came up asking me, if I wanted to take part with showing my fashion designs in onw of those 8 weeks and I said – not without my girl B. And so 8785 minarikschermann [which is my label, as many of you might now by now] and leaving lychee made a collaboration creating 10 couture dresses primarily engaging with the design of the human body – its system, the thoughts of its genesis, its development and its structure. We created, sewed and finalized this collection within three weeks in order to be able to show it in a runway show on July 30th.

If you come closer to experience the theme of this collection you will realize that we did not concentrate on the obvious parts of the human body but dug deeper down into the material of the human creature and its genesis of the body and the animalcule and cellular structure to transport the inside to the outside in order of making it visible to everybody. It was very important to us that the human body was being signified as a symbol for birth, genesis and origin – or symplified representing life as an eternal cirlce of reproduction of animalcule, cellular and molecular systems.

The main inspirations have been biological elements like the Golgi apparatus, the DNA, the fetus, seminal fluid and other organic cellular structures. Not only the cuts and the details are dedicated to the human being but also our colour concept which is influenced by microscopical observations of these cellular structures and animalcules.

All the pictures have been taken by photographer Julian Laidig in a shooting that has been entertaining and funny! Above all, because I had my wonderful assistant by my side who brought some action into this shooting – can you remember Nico? Both models – Diana Bobrowski and Carina Timmel have been absolutely great, professional and above all beautiful.

Hope you like the designs – every single dress is one of a kind, so if you are interested in one be quick. More pictures are coming up from the show. I promise you.



So much to do and feeling gooooooood!

Men on a Mission by 8785 minarikschermann

Men on a Mission by 8785 minarikschermann

It has been a very long time since I wrote my last article and now I thought it is about time to show everyone that I am still alive and ready to take over the world. Right now there are so many new projects coming up at me – some a big big secret and some just as interesting but not a secret at all.

This month is all about gaining new expertise in fashion and a process of self-development through seeing and learning but beside that my new collection will be shown on July 30th, 2010 in Generali center Vienna. It is basically a collaboration with my dear and fantastic friend Brigitte Mair, who is my personal icon in creating fashion. Together we will show a collection basing on the human body structure – but not the visible parts. We dig down deep into the inner beauty of a human being and argue with microorganisms and cell-structures. So there is something big coming up – you should be excited my dear readers.

Beside the new collection and the secret projects there is something very important – I am a bachelor now – bachelor of arts to be more precise and if you want to take a look at my work I have a link for you:

The F

This my first magazin ‘The F’ – and in future it will become a magazine basing on men’s fashion. In the back you will see a shooting called ‘Men on a Mission’ by 8785 minarikschermann – this is actually my final collection at university. It is my best so far and I am very proud to present it to you this way.

Have fun reading, watching, looking and whatever else you are doing with it.



Picture: My final collection Men on a Mission

Label: 8785 minarikschermann
Photography: Michael Kremmer
Photography Assistance: Tom Binder
Makeup: Ina-Ella Maurer
Models: David and Nikolaus

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