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a Very BURBERRY Birthday

Burberry Cupcake / Cake Side

My dear guests,

there are no great parties were there aren’t great guests. So, this wasn’t just all for it but also because of you. That is exactly why I want to say thank you. Thank you very much for attending; thank you very much for styling up being your most fabulous self; thank you very much for bringing these tons of foods and bottles of liquor to make sure we would never run out of anything and above all, thank you for giving me the most valuable and precious thing possible in your life – your time.

I couldn’t be more happy to call each and every one of you a friend with whom I share important memories; emotional moments and above all, a lot of fun throughout all those hours we’ve spent together. Celebrating my Birthday with you in such a big manner meant a lot to me and therefore, I think you should know how thankful I am of having you in my life.

You all know what the label Burberry means to me for it doesn’t just represent quality and British chic but also represents everything I stand for – elegance, class and timeless style. Fashion has always been my call and the biggest passion I had in my life and since I am quite addicted to Burberry, Christopher Bailey and the Ad Campaigns as well as the lifestyle, the charm and the spirit this label represents I thought there was no other theme to be chosen as perfectly as ‘a Very BURBERRY Birthday.’ Therefore, I have ordered this fabulous cake with the infamous Equestrian Knight Logo and those incredible cupcakes with the classic Burberry Check from Cupcake Manufaktur (Liechtensteinstraße 16, 1090 A-Vienna).

Burberry Pattern Cake & Cupcakes

Burberry Shoebox Cake & Pattern Cupcakes

Knowing you value the fact that I have found my love in fashion makes me respect each and every one of you even more for respecting me and taking me as seriously as I truly am. You know, I am always there for you – not just with questions related to fashion but with anything else that is going on in your life. For you, my phone will never be turned off and I’ll be available 24/7 whenever you need me.

Let’s raise a final toast to more years of fun and laughter; tears and drama; games and plays; and, of course celebrations. Let’s celebrate this life as it has always intended itself to be celebrated. In every spectacular way.



P.S.: If you were wondering, yes, I was wearing Burberry. A classic black big checked gray, black and anthracite shirt; a classic black bow tie; my trench colored stead man trousers and my black polished Burberry shoes. So, Burberry from head to toe.

All pictures captured by wonderful, immaculate and awesome Katharina Perzl; May 12, 2012.

Cutting Burberry Cake

the Cut Burberry Cake


what about a Social Update? trading in Spiderman for Prada.

Prada Logo

Spotted: Everyone looking for something new – something new and oh, something new.

So what is new and interesting this week?
A famous man trading his superhero Status for being called a fashion kind of guy. Who? Well, former Spiderman star Tobey Maguire is changing his status of being just an actor to being an actor wearing expensive things because he now is the new face of the Prada Men Ad Campaign for Fall 2011.

Tobey Maguiere Prada Fall 2011

Tobey Maguire Prada Fall 2011 no2

Though I have made a change today, I did not trade anything for any other thing. I simply happened to update the relationship status of my MacBook and my BlackBerry Storm to agree on a threesome with a brand new black iPhone 4. So now it is the three of them and I still happen to be a single. Well, at least a stylish one.

MacBook Pro by Apple

BlackBerry Storm 9500

iPhone 4 black 16GB

What have you done these days to upgrade your status, your social appeal or your personal feeling of comfort? Did you change anything these days or did you get yourself anything new? If not, well then go get some because if you work hard for it you definitely deserve it!

No matter what it is – just reward yourself with something beautiful… something that just makes you feel happy. Even if it seems to be a chewing up or a certain magazine that makes you feel good. Rewarding yourself does not depend on the price of the gift you surprise yourself with but on the feeling this special gift can be connected with.

Think about that and think of me when you make yourself happy!



P.S. Knowledge of the Day: I actually do look good just sporting Jeans, a T-Shirt and some fashionable Sneakers. Wanna know why? Because I understood that I simply like myself the way I am and that is why I feel comfortable in my skin no matter what I wear.

the Burberry Prorsum Fairy Tale: the Autumn/ Winter 2011 Ad Campaign

By now, every one who is reading my blog on a regular basis ever since I started to write my life down on the internet – in all its beloved privacy and secrecy, knows that I am not just simply adoring or loving Burberry in a healthy kind of way but obsessing over every single piece of fashion created by ingenious mastermind Christopher Bailey.
When I dedicated my final collection at University exactly one year ago to the marvelous history of the trench coat developed for the British military by Thomas Burberry my love grew fonder because I became more acquainted with the actual material of creating such a uniquely classic and fabulously British piece of timeless fashion.

Every time I scroll through the pages of Vogue or Elle and I open a page with a Burberry ad – a shooting that includes a Burberry piece – or simply a stunning picture of Christopher Bailey my heart skips a heavy beat as if it wants to dance to Lady GaGa’s track The Queen (which actually fits incredibly well to the British Kingdom!) and that is always the irrevocable moment of knowing that this label of special, well-designed, beautifully crafted goods is not just basing on traditions but developing further every second because of Christopher Bailey’s sheer Zeitgeist.

As I saw this new ad campaign for the Autumn / Winter 2011 Collection is simply lost myself in its beauty for details and the mixture of a variety of fabrics such as leather in different styles and colors, wool, cotton and silk. The color scheme though still using the classic colors for several suits and pants as well as gabardine and wool coats, is richly enhanced with bright colors such as various red tones, green, yellow and brown (above all in the great variety of leather types used – croc, gator) and shows us that the new autumn season adapts the colors of a tree’s leaves right before they drop onto the floor to make way for a new cold and icy winter fashion wonderland.

Usually, I am completely a summer type of guy – except for the short pants and flip flops: Firstly, my legs are too thin to sport pants as short as a belt (and some guys shouldn’t do as well!) and secondly, flips flops are not just gross but the worst thing shoe manufacturer’s ever bred apart from ballerina flats. Therefore, being a summer guy always made me hate the winter time more than a fake Birkin bag but with these styles to come I can’t wait to run to the next Burberry store to prepare for a fashionable, colorful autumn and winter season.

For now, I am done but there is far more to come so watch your back because I might be spying on you analyzing your outfit from head to toe. Better not sport those flip flops next time you cross my way.



P.S. Dear Mister Bailey – my proposal is still up-to-date. Marry me and I will make you the luckiest man on earth – and vice versa of course!

For all those who can’t get enough of this collection and the ad campaign I have a nice collection of videos to watch and get inspired by. So, get up, dress up and simply look stunning in every way you can!

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