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Day 5 + I Apologize…

…to all the ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Fans around the world. I always said that the movies were tremendously boring and bad because I always fell asleep when I attempted to watch the first part. I tried three times and three times I slept away. Well, until I decided to give it another shot after I read a lot about the background stories and the history of the Lord of the Rings (and yes, I did read the books by J.R.R. Tolkien). On the weekend I had some time for the movies and I couldn’t stop until I finished all three in a row – The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring; The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. They were amazing, stunning, utterly beautiful in the way they were being created and deserved every single Academy Award they’ve earned!

Day 5 of my 28 Days of Sugar Cleansing. I am not quite sure now what to actually do – some sources say 14 days, some say 21, some say 28. I am not quite sure about the exact amount of days so I will stick to what I have promised to you and myself – 28 days. Today I got back to work after a long Easter Weekend full of free time (that I definitely deserved!) and it was quite hard not to eat a cookie here or a bonbon there because that is just what we do. We – my two colleagues in Marketing and I. So it is me eating nuts and fruit and drinking about 6 Liters of water every single days. But it is good for me, I really can feel it already. Even though I just slept four hours I have never felt fitter and better and healthier ever before!

I even had a change of Starbucks today. I didn’t drink my (usually daily) triple grande soy latte macchiato extra hot but an espresso doppio and a bottle of water. I met C and A there. Both looked incredibly fantastic – Alexandra (who’s going to be one of the top therapists in a couple of years) with her new Yves Saint Laurent bag and Carolin (a fabulous shoe designer and great friend) with her amazing new pair of Shoes by Kurt Geiger and me without new clothes (that’s a new one, right?!) but with a brand new attitude towards life. But I don’t try to force them into seeing everything in my reason. I simply hate when people do that because everyone ought to do what he or she thinks is right to do. Well, with themselves only, of course. Killing someone doesn’t fall into that category – that’s a different story. A whole different story.

After my run (Today just 2.2 Kilometers / 1.35 Miley because there was a lot of work waiting for me at home but I didn’t want to start before not at least running one mile. It seems that all of a sudden I need it to clear my head from weird thoughts I have been having lately and several problems I can’t seem to find a soothing resolution for. Well, not in the last couple of days at least.) it is now time to work and have a little bit of environmental acoustic irradiation while working by watching the Devil wears Prada.

Have a terrific evening.



PowerSong of the Day:

Ellie Goulding – Human
[Album: Bright Lights (Deluxe Edition)] – even thought her song ‘The Writer’ has been my PowerSong yesterday I can’t find myself being able to stop listening to her album. It is just divine and beautiful and inspiring.


Azubis 02: Upgrade to Another Level?

Azubis02 - Promotional Published Press Picture

Yesterday I have been cordially invited to attend the year’s final show of the Bachelor degree course of University for artificial and industrial Design Linz in cooperation with the Fashion Institute Hetzendorf, which took place at the Marx Palast Vienna and was organized within the context of 11 Festival for fashion and photography.

11 festival for fashion photography logo

When we (me and my beautiful entourage Carolin and Fabian) arrived I got the wonderful chance to talk to my most favorite professors back in my old days at Hetzendorf when I was a fashion student myself (remembering Azubi01?). I kind of got taken back in time remembering all the emotional boosts and all the hard work done before such a fashion show is even possible to be taking place and yes, I felt a little bit sentimental but I worked it out fine by pushing this emotional trip back in my head and focusing on the important things – my outfit and of course all the other outfits that I would be seeing at the show.

And well, I did see a lot. Some of which I wasn’t sure what it actually was and some of which I found to be quite pulchritudinous and beautifully crafted. The show itself, curated and planned by ___fabrics interseason who finish their professorship with this show leaving the way for Ute Ploir who is taking their place next year for two years, was a fashion battle inspired by the movie Paris is Burning and called ‘The Convention’. And a battle it was somehow and somehow not…

A show in five parts – each curated by another guest of the art scene – in which students worked out various concepts of fashion presentation with a very performative character that set itself apart from typical fashion shows everyone already got tired of. Though, I have to admit that I did not like a huge part of the show I have to speak honestly that this show was definitely a success when it comes to stepping forward showing that the young Austrian fashion design is full of authenticity. But still, even inside the exclusive circle of students some have talent and well some obviously just try to impress their curators by copying images of the last few collections – very poor. Nevertheless, there have been some that stood apart and that impressed me thought the whole show wasn’t very clearly structured and kept the designers in the background yet again by mixing up collections instead of giving each and every designer the chance to show their hard work properly.

After upgrading to another level of independence and self-confidence the students of Hetzendorf have a lot to work on when it comes to keeping up with the actual success of this show but for now all I can say and admit is that one saw how much work you put into this and therefore I am proud – though, not fully agreeing on every point. But for this wasn’t my own show I do not have any say in this and respect your work honestly and truthfully.

Well done, somehow.



P.S. Every battle has to have a winner therefore a judge of five somewhat ‘important’ personality of the Austrian fashion scene (including people from the Gender Study field and moderation) and a special guest from Japan gave away points in each round. The part receiving the most points obviously was the winner (very cliché but very reasonable, isn’t it?).

Pimp my silhouette and I will reanimate your pose. (personally the weakest group and I indeed wonder why they won.)

Seehase tanzt. Performing the gap. (Nice music by Crazy Bitch in the Cave. Just a note for one of the judges: If you can’t say it in English – just don’t mind saying anything at all!)

How to do things with performance. (Various influences, various styles – actually very interesting.)

Dress as though your life depends on it or don’t bother. (somehow my mantra – thank God someone finally made a show of it!)

It’s over. (Well – optically the best group with the most beautiful clothes. Really loved that.)

It definitely isn’t over yet. That is a promise. Goodbye for now. XO – Mr.StrictlyIntimate

(all pictures taken by Fabian Dembski)

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