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Croatia in Pictures and Sounds [Bonus Features Season 2 of ‘The Diary of the Traveling Burberry’] (Part I)

Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot of words to transport certain emotions. Sometimes Pictures and Sounds are absolutely enough. Sometimes pictures can express every single emotion and mood of a certain beautiful, unique and special moment.

This is going to be one of these ‘Sometimes’ – times/moments where all that is needed are pictures and some tunes:

A Force As Strong As Nature
Paul Kalkbrenner – Azure
[Album: Berlin Calling]

Houses on the Way to Croatia

The Look onto the Island From the House

Close to the Island in Front of the House - The Rocks

Hill of the Island in Front of the House

The Capitol Never Sleeps
Rodriquez Jr. – Almeira (Original Mix)
[Album: Almeira – Single]

Burberry Zagreb

Market in Zagreb

Church of Zagreb

Church Lights of Zagreb Church

City Liner Zagreb

Metro of Zagreb

Relaxing in a Bright Pool of Sun
Black – Wonderful Life
[Album: Wonderful Life]

Beach of Croatia

Croatian Sea Stones

Croatian Sea

This is the end of part one but there is a lot more to come. Stay tuned because this Bonus Feature Edition of Season 2 of ‘The Diary of the Traveling Burberry’ is going to be continued…

Until then here is a last and final song from our Croatia Summer Playlist:
Florence + the Machine – Shake it Out
[Album: Ceremonials (Deluxe Version)]

‘And it’s hard to dance with the devil on your back so shake him off…’



P.S.: All pictures taken by Speedfreak.


Here Comes the Sun [S02E03]

Outfit of the Day: blue Burberry swim pants; trench colored Burberry polo shirt with classic house check collar; trench colored Burberry pants; foldable black Burberry Sunglasses and brown-trench colored Tommy Hilfiger boat shoes accompanied by a beige colored bag that I bought on a market in Zagreb for 100 Kuna which equal approximately 13 Euros.

The temperature is finally the way we wanted it to be – okay, to be honest, the sea could be a little bit warmer but still the weather is perfectly fine to lie around on the beach getting an amazing tan and taking some little dips in the clear green blue sea.

2.30 pm
Right at the moment of writing these lines I am lying on the beach soaking up the sun and feeling as inspired as never before. Though I had some troubles with my body through the night (I felt a bit feverish and really sick) I have to say that I feel better now lying here reading books and piles of Vogue and every now and then taking a little dip in the most natural and most beautiful of pools – the Croatian Sea.

Freshly showered I enjoy the rest of a little bit of sun while everyone else takes his turn showering in order to get ready for a grocery shopping trip. Tonight there’s going to be a little barbecue to celebrate A’s birthday which was exactly one week ago but since I had my own little big bash I wasn’t able to congratulate him the way I should have. With a bit of my attention and a feast.

Grocery shopping this time went unpredictably co-ordinated, which was quite a relaxing fact for my tormented soul. I find it rather hard to relax when being on vacation considering the fact that I always have work in my mind in backup on my MacBook. So you see – work is always on my mind. Not love, necessarily but I will come back to holiday thoughts on love a little bit later.

Everyone is in preparation. Salads, sauces, meat and vegetables. 4 Women, 5 Men and 100 tasks to do. But as you might know – everything I do I do with style and so do the others. Shortly after starting cutting the vegetables, preparing sauces and meat and the grill we were able to start the barbecue party. A lot of talking, a lot of drinking, a lot of laughing and definitely a lot of eating later we found ourselves in a new round of Trivial Pursuit, which seems to automatically always end in discussing and arguing about the funniest of questions. So, there we are on one side trying to answer ridiculously hard questions and then on the other hand wondering how the hell the weirdly easiest of other questions happened to find their way into a game that makes us all feel plain stupid all at once. Anyhow, we are great. And, the team I was in won – not because of me, necessarily but at least I was a part of the winning team. That is what counts, isn’t it?



P.S.: Quoting Sarah I have to point out that the Trivial Pursuit game was really a head to head thing and we just won with an inch ahead. Okay, a question ahead is more like it. Still, we won but we have to say – you played well and you could have won too. If we hadn’t had that one more piece of stone for our Trivial Pursuit circle.

P.S.: All pictures taken by Speedfreak.

Zagreb Needs Ties! [S02E02]

Burberry Check Silk Tie

The Burberry Check Tie I Already Have


Outfit of the Day: Black, waxed Guess Jeans; black and white cashmere Burberry sleeve; olive green and black H&M Military Jacket; black Burberry Scarf; silver Fossil watch; black vintage Longchamp bag and my shiny black Burberry shoes.

5.00 am
Good Morning my little Monster would be Lady Gaga say when she gets up in the morning; I on the other hand just scream and shout at my sister, ‘Where the hell is my coffee, is there a reason my coffee isn’t here? Have you died or something?’ In fact it took ten minutes to realize that I neither am Miranda Priestley nor the editor in chief of Runway; the fashion magazine from the book and the movie ‘The Devil wears Prada’.’

7.00 am
The rain started the minute we walked out of the house trying to get our huge suitcases and bags packed with clothes (mine of course with a load full of Burberry) into S’s car. Let me tell you one thing – the rain didn’t stop until this very hour with us sitting here playing a round of Trivial Pursuit and UNO. It is heavily pissing outside and we are sitting here with stacks of beer and bottles of wine as well as big bottles of water playing along with the weather as well as with the games my sister brought with her.

Croatia Klenovica Rainy Wednesday Arrival

Croatia Klenovica: the Rainy Wednesday Arrival

Who could have thought that she would come along with just a half empty suitcase and I would have to carry myself with a huge trunk, a bag and a second bag. You know, some boys just need all their stuff with them and where the hell was I supposed to store all that Burberry, all those new Vogues and my Clinique products? (I think I do not have to make it clear that I confiscated the whole wardrobe in our room to put my stuff in and let’s be honest, she can keep her stuff in the suitcase. It’s not that Burberry. I wish it were.) People with a certain style and image just have to have everything with them in order to keep this image so here I go with a heavy trunk trying to look as elegant as possible when heaving it into the car…

3.00pm Are we there yet? Well, yes we are.
…and later that day into the house we rented. We have three of them. They are called Shell boxes. And they have the size of one of my Burberry Shoeboxes. R and I are there with Speedfreak and Markus. Two rooms. Yes, I have a roomy. My sister. And it is quite OK since she doesn’t snore (THANK BURBERRY) and sharing a room equally makes me control the way she looks. So, I can pick a fight whenever her outfit isn’t picture perfect in my eyes. And I do complain a lot about that. I always did. But, when you see her you might realize that it helped since her style is relatively cool, chic and effortlessly pretty. 10 years of complaining and styling and giving tips (although she never wanted them) had to pay their tribute someday. And that day finally came.


Outfit of the Day: After several changes I have decided on wearing my white Massi Milano shirt; a classic house checked Burberry tie; a grey beige Tommy Hilfiger sweater without sleeves; a trench colored Burberry stead man jeans; a black Tommy Hilfiger belt; a dark blue Tommy Hilfiger suit Jacket; classic house checked hight-top Burberry sneakers and my vintage black Longchamp.

8.13 am
It is Thursday by now, I was already out for a run (btw: the sun is shining, shining, shining high above the clear sky); in the shower and had a little self-made breakfast buffet by Speedfreak. You know me: No cooking, no cleaning; no cleaning no dishpan hands; no dishpan hands no hundreds of thousands of Euros for La Mer Hand Balm. You see – my thinking always makes sense and as Christine (my work colleague) puts it; a little less money for La Mer a little more money saved for my very own Birkin Bag. So in the end I am winning.

Croatia Klenovica Sunny Second Day

Croatia Klenovica: the Sunny Second Day

1.30 pm Zagreb – Mission Burberry
After about two and a half hours of driving and laughing and fighting with a 20 feet woman (that’s an insider my dears) we arrived in Zagreb and started the hunt for the newly opened Burberry shop. The hunt unfortunately turned out to be a bit of a disappointment since I was looking for a great tie from the new collection but unfortunately, the only tie they had was the exact one I was already wearing. So there goes my message out to Burberry and Zagreb both at the same time: Zagreb Needs Ties. Desperately. Just like I do for fulfilling my plans of buying a Burberry tie in every country I travel to. So, as it seems I will have to come back to Zagreb/Croatia in order to fulfill this plan one day.

Croatia Zagreb Burberry Store Picture 1

Croatia Zagreb Burberry Store Picture 2

5:45 pm – Tea Time
Running around all the time not buying something because there isn’t anything I haven’t already seen or what I desperately need I finally decided to calm down a bit. So we went to ‘The Regent’ hotel close to the botanic garden and drank a cup of tea and coffee and had a little strawberry cheese cake. My sister, Speedfreak and his boyfriend Markus went to see the botanic garden but since the wind is quite heavy and I am not a big fan of plants I have decided to stay at ‘The Regent’ updating my blog and getting a bit of work done. That is the one thing I hate about a holiday – sometimes work and certain important tasks fall behind so one’s gotta do what one’s gotta do in order to keep himself financially fluent in order to being able to invest in all the Burberry one needs.

Now I sit here by myself relishing the fact that I am along for a little bit not having to talk and later on maybe flipping through the pages of my Vogue España with Lily Donaldson on the cover.

That’s all for now. Do you miss having me around already?



P.S.: All pictures by Speedfreak.

Hit the Lights, Hit the Road [S02E01]

I guess this is it. I am in the train with my sister and Anja, a friend of Mats. Six minutes ago the train took off and we are on our way now to find ourselves in new adventures, new experiences and on the hunt for moments to cherish deeply. Because that is what life is about – finding those special moments that make you remember certain places, special people and precious thoughts that inspired you and give you the chance of relishing from these, drawing strength from them, being inspired by the wonderful state of being. Of being in different way – of being different. Of being alive and simply of being able to create your own life with your own rules.

Yesterday I was packing my bags for about one and a half hours trying to grab all my Burberry stuff – my wonderful shoes; my warm and cozy cashmere sleeve; my stead man jeans; my wool trousers; my big checked anthracite, black and gray shirt; my swimwear and my new sunglasses and so on. So I am all packed with a suitcase, a Josephine Baker Keepall bag, a Burberry clothes bag with two jackets and my black vintage Longchamp handbag. So as you see – I am all packed and ready to go.

Burberry Classic Brown Suitcase

Want! Want! Want!

Work was a bit tough since we were planning an important relaunch of or webpage. So there was a lot of stuff to do and almost no time to do it while not even being able to fully enjoy lunch since my head always produces pressure for having to be perfect at my maximum. So you see, I can be quite competitive with myself. But that is perfectly fine with me to be honest.

After leaving the office at 6pm I met with K for a quick dinner and filling myself in on the latest gossip of T, J and Co.

Two and a half hours later I find myself in the train writing these lines thinking about what the next few days will bring up to me and where we will end up. Are there any changes to be expected? Are there any new things to experience? Are there adventures that will mark me forever? That will maybe change my point of view on certain things?

One never knows what to expect from this life but what I do know is that no matter what comes up – all the good and all the bad help me to be a better person. Maybe slowly growing to be the best person I could possibly be. That is what I aim for, that is what I am searching for – the best version of me.

So, let me take you with me on a trip with my friends and let me show you the world a little bit. From my point of view.



P.S.: Outfit of the Day – black, waxed Guess Jeans; trench colored Burberry Polo Shirt with classic checked collar; brown Zara sleeve; black Tommy Hilfiger belt; olive green and black H&M military jacket and; Burberry classic house check high-top trainers and foldable black Burberry sunglasses.

Burberry House Check High-Top Trainers Side

Burberry House Check High-Top Trainers Back

Burberry House Check High-Top Trainers Full

28 Days: the Counting is OVER!

Well, there it goes: I did it – I made it. I am so fucking great. Bravo to myself. But not just a simple applause – I expect standing ovations! Buildings should be erected in my honor reminding everyone on how amazingly, perfectly, beautifully and utterly great I am!

Okay – okay! I am coming back to earth but still I can be at least a little bit proud of myself because since yesterday I am through with my 28 Days of Sugar Cleansing. Yep, you’ve heard right: I made it and I feel great about it.My skin looks better, I feel better, I definitely consider myself being fitter (which, of course, also has a lot to do with my running schedule) and I am glad that I have changed my eating habits for good. I am a better person now. Well, okay, maybe not a much better person since I am still my cruel, sarcastic, cynical self but still a little bit better. A teensy bit. The only thing I will have to change before hitting the car with my sister and my friends for Croatia in a bit more than a week is my weight. I have lost about 7 Kilos. That wasn’t in my plan at all and even though I was quite aware of the fact that I weight loss was included into this detoxification I tried to prevent myself from that. Now I look even thinner than I did before and THAT I definitely do not like since not even my amazing Burberry Jeans fit me as perfectly anymore.

So – I will try to gain those kilos back in the next days. Of course in a healthy manner without having to get back to eating tons of junk food just to make some calories stick to my body. And, if it all doesn’t help I will have to glue some pounds on my body just to make everything fit perfectly for my well deserved Croatia Vacation.

That’s all for now, I hope you’ll have a great start into the weekend! Live hard. Party harder.



Song of the Day:

Florence + Machine Shake It Out

Everyone knows that I just love Florence + the Machine‘s amazingly perfect song ‘Shake It Out’ but I would have never thought that it would sounds that amazing when being stripped down and sung by voices so different from Florence Welch’s impeccable voice but the girls from Glee definitely nailed the song and I just can’t stop listening to it the whole day:

Glee Cast – Shake It Out

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