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The “ME” in the Stories I Tell

First of all, I don’t take myself that seriously. I take what I do seriously, and I try to do a good job. (Denzel Washington in GQ US Oct 2012)

At University I feel like being at a point of struggling lately. I don’t have a problem with my grades or my motivation or with the environment. I am actually quite comfortable there, though, there are a few things that really bug me, but hey, you can find things that bug you or make you mad or angry always somewhere, somehow. So, that’s no big deal for me.

As you already know from some earlier entries, I am getting my master’s degree in Journalism and New Media — if you haven’t known so far, you know now. These studies involve a lot of writing, heavy writing. Sometimes these written exposés try to take me out of my comfort zone and I’m going there, out of it. But early on, when signing the contract with the university, I kind of made a pact with myself. I swore to everything that’s worth the world to me, you know, Burberry; VOGUE; Jane Austen; that, no matter what I was about to say or write or do, it would always be consisting of three things: HONESTY, STYLE and AUTHENTICITY.

With everything I write and have people read I want them to not just get to know me and my point of view, I want to present them the perspective of someone finally having an opinion and putting it out there. Even if they do not agree with what I have to say or like the way I say things but at least, it makes them think about my words and actions and opinions and maybe even gets them to form their own opinions — either on me or the topics I write about. I don’t want people to always agree with me, I think most people don’t get that I live for making them speechless; wondering if I’m really being serious. I love to make people laugh or cry reading my words. I love people to be confused by my words; to later on think about what I said once. I want them to form an opinion about my words — either good or bad.

But, what I want the utmost is for them to always find ME in the words I write, the stories I tell!

That’s not because I think I am the most brilliant person in the world, or the most talented, or the most articulate, or the one everyone has to listen to. I know, compared to a lot of other more influential people I might am not influential at all but still — who I am reflects who I want to be. And one day I want to make a change. I want to show people that they can achieve anything they want if they truly stay themselves and go ahead with it. Pull it off relentlessly.

I just want people to know that they can rely on me having an opinion; having a character that I can put out there, a character that doesn’t give a fuck about the things other people say just because they do not like the fact that I’m straight forward and relentlessly sincere. That is the authenticity in my words. I know, I may put a lot of fashion words in writing because I love the visual language and emotional depth of clothing. I want to be a character, people trust because they know one hundred percent that I am honest with them, and straight forward, and that everything I say and write and do is authentically constituting myself. Giving them a part of something they might be able to relate to.

This is who I am and I can’t understand why people always try to force you to be more like the others or more formal or writing based on guidelines. I write what I think and feel and would say in every second I live and breathe, for everything I always wanted to do.

Don’t get me wrong — I do abide by a certain set of rules when it comes to writing, like grammar or spelling. But what I want people to understand and accept and respect and tolerate is the fact that out there one must be himself and unique in order to survive this crazy mixed up world. That is what I am — that is what I believe in — that is what makes me truly special and different. I know who I am and I always make sure people understand that no matter what I say and write and do — it’s done by myself. With outspoken HONESTY, sharp STYLE and one hundred percent AUTHENTICITY. All three in capital letters.

Take it, or leave it.
Amen Fashion.




Ladies (and Gents) who Lunch – a Toast to that invincible, fashionable Bunch!

Photography by Monika for

Last weekend was, besides being absolutely full of appointments and schedules, a beautiful one – the weather was perfectly fine in its variety from hot to rainy… it was the perfect mixture of heat and water without the necessity of jumping into a bright pool full of bacteria and children’s pee.
While I was either playing Basketball with my dear K or shopping and figuratively burning my sister’s horrible dress (I swear I have never seen something as hideous as this dress on her and promise me, I made sure no one has to in the future – ever!) or sitting enjoying the sun and reading at the Danube with wonderful B on Friday and Saturday (after I have been at the office to work a little bit, of course… what would I be without work?!) I attended a wonderful picnic with beautiful, talented and fashion interested ladies who run their own beauty, fashion or lifestyle blogs (just like I do) and another guy with the same adjuncts (you may know him by now because I have mentioned him sometimes in my articles) – the two of us had to defend the male sex in a pool full of female eroticism and beauty… well two and a quarter of us adding beautiful baby boy Jake to my calculation.

As we sat and dined and looked as fashionable as no one else in the beautiful Burggarten in Vienna’s first district I came across a lot of thoughts and ideas and perceptions and mind-games… all the ladies haven’t just been an inspiration but a wonderful way to spend a perfect summer Sunday with.

Photography by Madeleine for Die Melange

Photography by Madeleine for Die Melange

Thoughts/Perceptions on a Summer Sunday:

1) I want a baby boy – yeah, shocking to those who know me up close and personal but playing with little Jacob opened my eyes. Despite all my previous doubts I believe that I would be a great father figure. Not only would my child win the first price on a baby fashion competition at every playground – it would be loved with all my heart and soul! (and no I do not support baby pageant competitions – these competitions are irresponsible from the parents, noxious for the children and only a catalyst for those parents’ that did not make it in the world of beauty and fame themselves… sorry but why blaming or torturing your child for your lack of talent?!)

2) a man ain’t nothing compared to a true friendsomething every single should sign. Friendship is something that survives the hardest of times; that strengthens the heart, the mind and the soul. It is the one thing that builds you up when you are down – that gives you love at a constant rate without feeling the need to compromise, to playing pretend or to alter your personality in order to fit into some kind of commitment.

3) Vienna has its fashion moments – my dear, beloved, bold and beautiful blogger colleagues are the best proof that Vienna changes (slowly but yet discernible) into the right direction of dealing with media in a witty way; dressing in fashion that underlines the personality and sets a statement of ‘YES! I do care about the way I look, because I love fashion!’ and develops even further when it comes to young people taking over the business world and ruling it in their own pair of shoes – with their own bright personalities. As I look into the round of the picnic I have to realize – this is the elite and this is your, our, my future and it shines bright and beautifully!

Photography by Madeleine for Die Melange

Photography by Madeleine for Die Melange

After the picnic found its end for me I dedicated the rest of yesterday’s Sundays to my dear, dear, dear K and decided to hit the BBall for some time before heading to dinner to an Italian restaurant ordering the biggest Pizza I have ever seen… believe me – the plate was half the size of my Pizza Pollo!

In the end, all that is left to say is thanks to all for the wonderful weekend – the Sunny Summer Sunday that I completely enjoyed and that made me realize that relaxing has something good sometimes.



Here is a list of all the wonderful colleagues of mine. Visit their blogs and enjoy more pictures and insightful material on the picnic and a lot of other great substances.





















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