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Fashion moments – when Dior kissed his muse Jessica Stam

Jessica Stam for Dior - F/W 2007

In life there are several fashion moments you will always remember…the first visit of a Gucci store, your first very own Louis Vuitton piece or the first Dior shades you receive as a gift. But there are also several moments when you open a magazine and you are just blown away by a beautiful editorial, a marvellously aesthetic ad campaign or a beautifully written letter of the editor in chief. These moments all have an influence on you, mark you invisibly and come across your mind every once in a while when you need a little push to understand why you do what you are doing.

Not just because it is love for fashion or an instant understanding for dressing, it is because you want to achieve something special…a moment like this. A fashion moment. One of this particular moments that come across ones mind when they are down, doubting if they chose the right path or just desperate because something did not work out the way you have planned and wanted it. But it are these memories that breathe new hope and life into you to push you through these clouds of anxiety and doubt and make you believe in the perfect, the immaculate and the beautiful.

Today I had one of these moments and my most beloved, most favourite ad campaign of all times came back to my mind and made it directly onto my screen as my new wallpaper – Jessica Stam for Dior in the labels Fall/Winter campaign of 2007/2008.
It is the most magical, beautiful and aesthetic ad campaign, advertisement I have ever seen in my life and every time I have it in my mind I get more comfortable and self confident because this editorial makes me happy and reminds me of why I do what I do – because one day I want anybody to remember my work, my achievement and I want to help this special person to push and pull through the dust of doubters and to rise to become whatever they want to become. Yes, that’s the sense in my doing. That’s the dream.

Jessica Stam for Dior - F/W 2007

Isn’t this absolutely breathtaking and inspiring?! Well, I am again blown away by it’s pure perfection – the harmonic and aesthetic symbiosis between Jessica Stam and the label Christian Dior. It just had to be perfect.




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