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The Airport

All packed with my favourite Burberry pieces and four killer outfits I am currently sitting in a café at the Vienna International Airport waiting for my boarding to begin. One more hour to go…

As I am sitting here I am observing the people in their partly hideous, partly glamorous, and partly weird outfits. I see green and red coloured hair. I see some Dior and I see some H&M. I see some people who care about what they are wearing and I see some who don’t – at all. I see MacBooks and iPads and HPs and Sonys. People with mobile phones in busy calls and people just typing or texting or playing with their iPhones and Samsungs and Nokias… I see people already drinking beer (am I the only one with a correctly working watch reading 10.57 am?) and I see some having coffee or tea or water. Wait… I need another coffee.

I sit here, observing all these people while listening to the new album of one of my favourite bands The Gaslight Anthem. ‘Handwritten’ was released in July by Mercury Records and is a masterpiece that stands for itself. Those who came across this band before will maybe know their major hit songs ‘The ’59 Sound’ or ‘Great Expectations,’ which is one of the few songs that nowadays really, really gets to me.

You know what? I love it here – I love the people uneasily looking at their watches every ten seconds just to make sure the plane doesn’t depart without them. I love the people busily occupied with themselves and the people wandering around to grab a bite, or a drink. I just love the busyness in the air – damn, I am addicted to that.

I will relax now to read my VOGUE – stay tuned because there is way more to come. Today is a very busy day.



P.S.: Here’s a little hint on where I am really going:

Nelly Furtado – Spirit Indestructible
[Album: The Spirit Indestructible]


A German Start.

It is Tuesday. I am back in Germany. K’s place in Mitterfecking. Tomorrow we’re driving off to Europapark. I am trying to make breakfast for everyone while I am blogging and putting away the dishes from last night.I think it is the least I can do for K and her mother’s hospitality. And of course, listening to the wonderful French Céline Dion. Oh boy do I love her. I think my friends are already annoyed but I don’t give a fuck. (BTW: Her new single ‘Parler á mon pére’ simply is divine and beautiful.) So here are the mental outpourings of my Monday. Yesterday, for those who can’t remember.

Céline Dion parler à mon pére

9:30 am

It is Monday morning (of course, I told you the time) and I sit here at a bakery waiting for D and I (the girl who takes us with her). It sounds like the beginning of an adventurous movie where three people drive off to meet new people, have exciting sexual intercourses and dance through the nights in every city they visit after they have worked their asses off by day to afford the trip they are taking. But, it actually is the start to another trip to Germany where I, for one part, will meet my best friend K again and for another part take a trip with her, D and two other friends, J and L to the Europapark.

For K and me this is going to be the second time around and we will cherish this moment since she moved back to her home country a couple of weeks ago. This is a reunion and the real goodbye since the last time saying our farewell’s sounded rather silly considering the fact that we would see each other for this trip one and a half weeks later. But this time it is going to be different. There is no turning back.

That is a good thing, though. We both are going into new directions, discovering new ways of living and meeting new people. There is just one thing that will always hold us together – the friendship and the importance of this friendship that resolutes in a simple thing called love. The only love I still dare to believe in: the Love of a Friend.

Let us start this week with some good news – I get accepted at a Viennese University to do my Master’s Degree in Journalism and New Media. I know, I did not even tell you guys that I’ve had applied but I actually did not want to face another big and official disappointment after the Vogue experience and so I decided to keep this little thing all to myself until I get an answer. Little did I know that it was a positive one but well, here I sit and state that come September I am going to be a student again. Well, besides working full time of course. There is no other way I could afford my demanding lifestyle for I now have to pay rent on a regular basis and all the other paychecks that come along with an apartment. And some Burberry sometimes, of course. And books, and traveling to meet with someone very special regularly, and VOGUE, and ELLE Decoration, and well, sometimes this boy has to eat something too.

So, this is the moment – we will start our ride / journey to Regensburg where we’re going to meet K.

2.15 pm

Finally, Regensburg. Somehow I am a little tense. I do not know where it comes from but four hours in a car with other people (even though they are adorably lovely) and bad music really gives you something. Above all if the brain can’t breathe properly and the people all around us drive like lunatics.
When K picks us up grocery shopping is on the list and let me tell you – there is NOTHING, really nothing I can do worse than grocery shopping. It is too much for me mostly. All those people. All those foods and drinks. And weird stuff in between. Really freaks me out and gives me the chills. But I’m sure I am looking damn fine at doing it. So that’s enough for me because everything I do, I am doing it with class, elegance and dignity. And of course, a dazzling hot outfit.

4.30 pm

Receiving a big and welcoming hug from K’s mother C and her wonderfully nice aunt. We sit together for a coffee, a piece of cake K baked and a glass of sparkling wine. It’s D’s Birthday so we have to do a little something. Happy Birthday D – celebrate with style.

6.30 pm

I need a break. A little one. Just me, myself and Céline Dion. So we all sit on the terrace together but each minding his own business listening to music on their iPods and iPhones. Heavenly calm time.

7.15 pm

We’re cooking. Yiha. Having a little Italian meal for D and K’s mom. Afterwards there’s drinks and a lot of games with a friend of K’s. A. And yet another A crosses my life. We’re playing Twister because D never played it before. Of course he loses and of course, surprise surprise. I win.

12.00 am

We are sitting in a tent in the garage. No, we do not prepare for camping. We are hiding away to keep the noise down so K’s mum can rest properly for she has to go to work the next day.

1.05 am

Bedtime everybody. Putting on the radio – Céline Dion with ‘On s’est aimé à cause’ The only way I can sleep is while listening to music. Otherwise I would be up all night. Weird, isn’t it?

Now it is breakfast time. Tuesday. 10.40 am. Have a great day everyone.



Never Dared to Think I’d Be Sleeping in a Car [S01E03]

Monday – 7.00 am

I am awake – wide awake and tired of sleeping. While I step into the shower I try to remember which outfit my plan tells me to wear for the day and after I step out of the steaming hot bathroom I take a look at my MacBook and feel happy about me being so in love with colors right now because the plan tells me to wear my blue Diesel Shirt, my green – red – blue checked Review sweater – adding a red tie so the red would come out a little bit more because, apart from another darker Levi’s 519 and some Boxfresh sneakers I add a Burberry Jacket and the red stripes perfectly fit to the tie and the sweater. Finally I put on my vintage Gucci shades, take my purse and go down to have a little breakfast.

8:15 am – As I sit there on my table (which is actually a table for four) in between all those families and couples and happy little children I feel even more like a natural enemy to those people – the cynical, sarcastic, neurotic single that wants to shut them all up so he could sip his millions cups of coffees in divine peace. But well, I don’t do that. I am nice and calm and plug in my iPod so I can listen to the Soundtrack of Black Swan to get calmer and calmer. While everyone enjoys breakfast I make two rolls for K and W and put them into my purse, which actually makes me feel like a thief somehow and instantly I look around if anyone is watching me with curious suspicion. They aren’t … in fact no one does. Luckily. But enough of the ‘I am single – stop trying to save me’ talk…

8: 45 am – While writing some emails on my BlackBerry I suddenly visualize K and W standing in front of me picking me and my stuff up for our final day at Europepark. I go up to my room – pack the last of my stuff and check out by the weirdly overweight and over-assed lady at the reception. I feel good. Really good. And somehow even a little bit relaxed. But really just a little bit because I can still feel the ache in my back… day 45 of this bad ache. But right now I do not give a shit because I want to have some fun on the highest and the fastest and most crowded roller coasters in the world – front row of course! I would never again in my life would let someone satisfy me with just any place – in a roller coaster I always only am front row audience material!
Non the less, we spend almost twelve hours at the park – laughing, getting wet, getting wasted, getting wet again, exploring new highest and depths and widths, getting some more wet again over and over and over… and I came to realize that I love that and that I have missed times like these while trying to ignore the fact that this is my first real vacation within the last five years. It is weird to vacate but at the same time it is actually something I really, really, really needed and I feel it right now – the cool vibe of summer, the calm easiness of having fun with friends and the chilled spirit of having the time to do whatever you want to do.

10:15 am – I think someone from a hideous skirt convention went a wrong way and landed in the rows of blue fire… the Attraction! I think I got an absolute kick of pure adrenaline while I was sitting in the front row being shot through the air like a blizzard. Unbebloodylievable.

1:14 pm – the Grudge of Kassandra… was quite an adventure yesterday but with all the people in here today it was even more exciting for the three of us were just waiting for the people to scream because something was sneaking up their asses… I will definitely never forget the screaming!

3:34 pm – Silver Star… the best of the best.. the highest of all European roller coasters. K, W and myself in the front row – it was a blast and above all I will never forget the ultimate feeling of ease and happiness afterwards. Plus, I even got an American Hot Dog.

8:15 pm As we leave the park I feel like having satisfied my needs for adventures and heights completely and in its fullest possible way, but as we actually planned to sleep at a friend’s place in Stuttgart we had to get disappointed there. And so, in my darkest hour I truly had to sleep at a camping place… though I made myself speak and unbreakable vow to never sleep on a floor – ever… and well, I did not. I have slept in the car and I still feel the pain in my back haunting me because of agreeing to such a bad idea. But well, it was the only thing that was left since I had to leave the hotel la t eleven am and no other hotel around here had any free capacities… so there I was on a camping place. With K and W. But I will swear – never again, I think.



P.S. Knowledge of the Day – never underestimate the effect of a Hot Dog… it might make you happier than you have ever thought. Somehow eating really can be stimulating… never thought it could be that way to me.

More Stops than Expected and the First Day at Europe Park Rust [S01E02]

Sunday 5:14 am – Part I

Since 4:14 back to train traveling – three stops to go. Approximated arrival at 8.12 am – if I get every single train right. Thank God to credit cards I could book all the tickets on the phone. Still Oebb is a complete disaster. I am sitting on the floor… in my Burberry Steadman Jeans – don’t they have any respect for high fashion?! S picked me up at the train station at 8.00 pm sharp and we went to his flat so I can take a shower and dress up in a whole new outfit (which is exactly the one I talked about above) and then he showed me the core of his city of studying and we got a few drinks (for me some double martinis with ice and a half slice of lemon) and then got back to his flat to get my stuff and get back to the train station. The fucking train should have actually arrived at 3:40 but hat a 34 minutes delay and therefore we waited over one hour to get he traveling Burberry back to traveling.

Outside it is raining as the train rushes through the station to the next stop – my first train change of three in the next upcoming three hours. At least I look good.
Burberry pieces of the moment – Trench colored Polo Shirt with the classic check on the collar and my Steadman Jeans – avec an Armani Belt and a Prada sleeve… and my black hot Dominici shoes. Good outfit for traveling. I feel confident. I am the guy in the traveling Burberry.

Hit of the moment: Bulletproof – La Roux – this track is so keeping me awake… everyone is sleeping and I am silently shaking myself into another dimension – who ever said sleeping is necessary is a liar, with the right tune and the right attitude your body handles any condition!

Update: 6:27 am
First stop successfully done. Train arrived too late but follow up train arrived late too – well, who ever said the oebb isn’t on time was right but at least no train is. Sun is shining slightly so I added a pair of Gucci shades to my outfit. Looks good, of course. I wonder if Burberry and Gucci are actual competitors or if they place themselves on different target markets and groups. Does anybody know anything about it?

Update: 7:06 am
Second stop successfully done. After my martinis, one beer, three coffees and two red bull I am actually not tired for I met people to talk to while being on this journey. But this stop was their end so I am on my own again. Still wearing the Burberry and my heavy trunk and a big brown bag – my MacBook feels heavier minute after minute. I should think about purchasing a MacBook Air for traveling issues.

Update: 7:26 am
Thank God the last train stop is done successfully too. I am in the last train to the scheduled meeting point and though two heavy delays I am perfectly on time. Just a little bit to go… ‘don’t get tired… don’t fall asleep… listen to the music and keep on moving a bit’ … I keep telling myself off the hook and it works.

8:12 am Ueberlingen, Germany. K and her boyfriend W pick me up from the train station – perfectly on time. We buy a small breakfast and then we fill the last few spaces left in the car with my luggage and my somewhat tired body. In the car I fell asleep for one hour and then I suddenly feel good and fine and not tired at all and I think – that is maybe just a trick my body plays because of my little power nap. Nevertheless, I welcome the fact of not being tired and we drive the last kilometers to my hotel to check in to room number 5 (a really pretty room I have to say and I feel a little bit like Carrie sitting here all wrapped up in my Burberry scarf and typing some of these lines – all the others are real time notes taken down on my iPhone or my MacBook while traveling in order to give you a little insight on my mental and physical condition) and then we are off to Europe Park.

Sunday: 9.37 pm – Part II

Europe Park was one of the most funny places I have ever been. Tomorrow we will be back there but now I think I will get myself to watch a dvd and to finally embrace a very comfortable bed and an even more comfortable sleep. K and W are staying at a near camping place because they love to camp. Well, I don’t. I never sleep on the floor… that is hardly an option. Never. K is done… finished… and tired – not done in a good way like being done by her beloved W the whole night through but like done because of a long day with a ridiculously switching weather and a tight schedule of riding every attraction with W and me. Burberry piece of the moment – just a Burberry scarf I am wrapped up in.



P.S. Knowledge of the Day – even I seem to be getting excited about some things like kids do. Nice to know. XO

First Stops [S01E01]

Saturday, 3:22 pm
So…this is how the whole journey starts. I am sitting in my train on the way to my first stop – Innsbruck… I have never been there but still I am kind of feeling that some surprises wait for me to show up – what will it be?

While I do not have anything else to do I entertain myself with Sex and the City: the Movie Part 1 and a lot of fashion and the latest issue of Harper’s Bazar before I start to get back to work a little bit because I do have a lot to write about.

Outfit: Cool but chic with a little touch of something that I do not usually look like – relaxed. So I am sporting a very simple white Levi’s T-Shirt with the label’s print, an anthracite cardigan by Zara, a 519 Levi’s Jeans, an Armani belt, a Petar Petrov silk Jacket, my black Boxfresh high ankle sneakers and my vintage Gucci shades. The little piece of Burberry for day one part one – Burberry wallpapers on my MacBook, my iPhone and my BlackBerry.

Update: 3:27 pm – so many cute guys on this train. Where the hell am I…McDreamy island?! As I shortly interrupt the movie I come to think about the ultimate things in my life – well, just like I always do while watching the life, the love and the shopping sprees of Carrie Bradshaw – and I as always have to point out that it seems to me that my only true love – if there is anything like this existing, actually – was, is and will ever be Fashion. There is nothing that can take so many characters and shapes at one time such as Fashion can – it can be moody, messy, flirty, chic, cool, arrogant, calm, down to earth, thoughtful, classic, basic, simple and/or a little bit too much. It can be big, small (almost non existent in its smallness sometimes), draped, shaped, body conscious, body forming, body hugging, soft and/or crunchy. It is everything at any given point of time because it is what you make of it. And that is the actual beautiful part about it. Fashion is all about you and the way you develop an instant instinct for what to wear in order to look super hot, super cool, super chic, super chilled or super elegant. Oh and if I have ever forgot to mention it – I want a closet that ridiculously huge just like Big built it for Carrie – so if a guy proposes one day he should better come up with something good like this and a ring, of course. With a closet like this a small Harry Winston is definitely something I would agree on.

Update: 4:33 pm – going through my outfit schedule in my head and flipping through the InDesign pages of clothing I have put together in order to know exactly what I have with me and what to wear to a certain occasion – you know… ALWAYS be prepared.

Update: 5:15 pm applying Gucci by Gucci Sport (if not wearing a sporty perfume to a chilled out look then why the hell did I buy it?), because after two hours of traveling I already feel a little bit de-freshened. There ain’t nothing better than a fees’ scent to cheer you up!

Update: 6:09 pm… seriously?! How weird can life be placing someone you have once slept with in the same train getting out where you once met him and spent several nights at his place? Thank Prada I neither got off the same station nor took off my shades. That would have been a shocker. Though, I remember he had one of the biggest dicks I have ever had…

Update: 7:24 pm– almost there… thought I felt a little bit exhausted because I am on my feet since 6.30 am but actually Lady GaGa makes me rock this fucking train. Amen Fashion my madre monster GaGa!



P.S. Knowledge of the Day: Never travel without any Lady GaGa music to take with you on the journey. XO

what about a Social Update? trading in Spiderman for Prada.

Prada Logo

Spotted: Everyone looking for something new – something new and oh, something new.

So what is new and interesting this week?
A famous man trading his superhero Status for being called a fashion kind of guy. Who? Well, former Spiderman star Tobey Maguire is changing his status of being just an actor to being an actor wearing expensive things because he now is the new face of the Prada Men Ad Campaign for Fall 2011.

Tobey Maguiere Prada Fall 2011

Tobey Maguire Prada Fall 2011 no2

Though I have made a change today, I did not trade anything for any other thing. I simply happened to update the relationship status of my MacBook and my BlackBerry Storm to agree on a threesome with a brand new black iPhone 4. So now it is the three of them and I still happen to be a single. Well, at least a stylish one.

MacBook Pro by Apple

BlackBerry Storm 9500

iPhone 4 black 16GB

What have you done these days to upgrade your status, your social appeal or your personal feeling of comfort? Did you change anything these days or did you get yourself anything new? If not, well then go get some because if you work hard for it you definitely deserve it!

No matter what it is – just reward yourself with something beautiful… something that just makes you feel happy. Even if it seems to be a chewing up or a certain magazine that makes you feel good. Rewarding yourself does not depend on the price of the gift you surprise yourself with but on the feeling this special gift can be connected with.

Think about that and think of me when you make yourself happy!



P.S. Knowledge of the Day: I actually do look good just sporting Jeans, a T-Shirt and some fashionable Sneakers. Wanna know why? Because I understood that I simply like myself the way I am and that is why I feel comfortable in my skin no matter what I wear.

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