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3 Things I’m Looking Forward to…

Three Things

You know this feeling that instantly sets in when the sun is shining a bit heavier than usual right after winter time almost seems to be over? It is more than just a simple feeling – it is a yearning. A yearning for something that seems to be arriving so soon but for us can’t arrive soon enough. I have this right now. It is not just about the upcoming spring and its sensational wardrobe that becomes available to me as soon as the temperatures are up. No, it is more. Way more. It is the first ray of sun in the morning when getting up realizing it is finally bright outside and not everything turned into a very dark shade of what we use to call winter time. It is the first time of wearing a blazer without a trench coat (even though I have dedicated my life to wearing trench coats) – or without the necessary feeling of cold when leaving the trench coat at home for styling reasons even though the temperatures are way beyond minus outside.

So, this is not just a post to acknowledge that spring is finally coming but also a mockup of three things I am looking forward to right now while sitting at Starbucks drinking my usual triple grande extra hot soy latte macchiato. Ladies and Gentleman. It is official – Spring is coming!

#03 Spring, oh Spring, How Beautiful and Bright Art Thou in Fashion!
My personal spring starts exactly at the moment when all the Burberry Stores around the globe start to unpack the newly arrived collections. That wonderful moment when you walk by a shop window and you realize, “HA! that is the new coat I saw at the show. It is finally here.” And your heart beats high and your pulse raises and your credit card is in a very dangerous place from now on. Wherever it is when it is close to you.

Burberry Spring/Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

Burberry Spring/Summer 2012 Ad Campaign with Eddie Redmayne and Cara Delevingne

#02 Where Music Makes a Heart Burn Like Fire
A place so sweet and safe and secure and sound. A place where it is only you and a fabulous band. Just like Scars on 45. After their brilliant release of their first EP Give me Something which made the cut of becoming the title track of Grey’s Anatomy’s 4th Soundtrack, they previously released their second EP Heart on Fire. And let me tell you one thing – it is even more special, glorious and incredibly beautiful. So, what I am looking for is not just their first album which should arrive very, very soon (April 10th), but also I am looking forward to see this fantastic British band develop further becoming majorly successful in the music business!

When you’re standing on your own
And you feel you’ve got nobody round you
Yeah you know I’ll be the one who helps you from your knees
My hearts on fire
My hearts on fire

#01 Summer Loving Had Me a Blast
No, I am definitely not talking about falling in love or flirting a lot this summer. I am talking about enjoying the most glorious of all summers with my dearest friends. Those who stood by me every time I needed them and those who can always count on me whenever they need me. So this summer is all about making plans with those who I cherish and love the most. Guys – this summer, this year is going to be one of the best of our lives!#

So – the only question left for being spoken out loud: “Guys, what are your top three things you are looking forward to?”




You Might As Well Be Happy.

Even though it is sometimes tough and sad it still remains a beautiful life!

All things bright and glittery and new? Or better stay the same and take the safe bet? What is your choice? Does it make any sense to change who you are in order to become the person you’ve always wanted to be? Or is it insane to reach for some things that might never come true because it would be irrationally stupid to believe in them?

Have you ever thought that maybe the most ridiculous, most insanely believed dreams are those that are worth risking your life or losing something in order to achieve them?

The thing is that I have been taught one thing throughout living this life, to worry. Ever since we grow up, jumping from Junior High School to High School to University we are being taught by our parents and by society that only those who worry and care about their grades and manners and behaviors are those who achieve the most. And I tried and tried to be good. But I simply wasn’t. I failed. And I failed again. And then one day I was fed up and stopped trying. And it worked out. All of a sudden. All out of thin air my grades became what I always wanted them to be. I listened to what my teachers had to say and I did not feel the necessity to study 24/7 because I understood that even if I try hard and study hard I need to have a balance. I needed to make sure that there was (and still is) an equilibrium between being a good student and having a life that I can enjoy to its fullest.

Enjoy This Life!

No one than yourself can decide what is good for you. If you understand the concept of visiting school every single day and making your A-Level and either going to University or working, you are the one who has to make the decision! You are the only one who can choose what is good for you. What is worth living for. Dreaming for. Working for. Hoping for. Even if you fail – it is up to you to get back up again, back on track and show all the bastards that made you doubt in yourself and your talents what you are made of!
That is the joy of being young! Living this life the way you want to. Taking it and turning it into your own TV-Show. Your own blockbuster Movie!

Where is the sense in being young if you do not enjoy what you have. A life worth living. Take the drama and get along with it. Be inspired by all the sadness and turn it into something amazing. If there was one thing I have learned from all the bad and all the sad and all those dramatic experiences that felt like a shadow heavy on my heart it was to draw from them, gaining strength from them, developing my own character further to become what I am now.
Stronger. Self-confident. Proud of what and who I am. Still doubting myself sometimes, of course but how can you grow and develop your character further without doubting in order to start working on something? If you don’t like yourself start working on that and NOT on finding someone to be in a relationship with just to burry all the discontent with yourself.

As I said before, and as I will say many more times – you are the one person you’ll have to get along with for the rest of your life. So why hating yourself, taking this life way too seriously instead of being proud of who you are, loving yourself, learning to appreciate everything you see when looking into a mirror and having fun every single day of your life!
Why being sad if you can be happy instead? Why being depressed about something longer than necessary if you might as well could take the anger and pain and turn it into something amazing?

Think about it. Live it. You are young. You are free. You are beautiful!



P.S.: If you doubt – play this video, get the fuck up and dance, dance, dance!

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