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Obsession: Desire, Lust and Fashion by Sandro Suppnig

By general definition the term ‘obsession’ defines ‘the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, feeling, person, etc.’ and is often connected with a sexual, erotic content. We all, as we are human beings with certain feelings and desires, obsess over something sometimes somewhere – may it be a special bag we desire (a Birking Bag from Hermès for instance, and yes that definitely is a desirable object if not to say the most desirable bags of all!), the image of a song we can’t get out of our head (like Hair from Lady GaGa – this song is highly addictive and highly driving me insane because I can’t stop listening to it and instantly puts an image of myself of being totally ‘Rock Chic’ at a party and dancing the soul out of my body, into my head) or may it be a particular person you love (maybe even more that just simply ‘love’ even though we all know love is neither simple nor easy, but still there is this desire of owning this person, of being able to spend every single second of your life with him or her – of being all over this one special person 24/7).

A couple of months ago I was writing about a short film called ‘Fall in Love – Story of the Poor Little Rich Girl’, which was directed by Sandro Suppnig for Flair Magazine – a film that turned out to be purely and wholly made of romanticism creating a fragile environment of instant sadness and love but above all creating a pure emotional landscape of lonesomeness and the secret desire to be fashionable. This time I am back with writing about genius director Sandro Suppnig who recently published a new highly fashionable short movie called ‘Obsession’.

Obsession is a sensual cocktail ob beauty, fashion, love, sensuality, desire, seduction, lust and eroticism that captivates you in its sexual core of fashion images brought to life by German Supermodel Katrin Thormann and French actor David Kammenos, who played roles in the Transporter 3 and Empire of the Wolves. What would a movie like that be without high end fashion labels like Dior Homme, Maison des Talons, Lanvin, Veronique Leroy, Zac Posen and Iceberg, all blended to create a unique but classic French style – ‘the BoBo chic’?
The minute I pressed the play button the obvious sensuality and naturalness of both actors intertwining and interacting made me think about sexual desirability and the image of eroticism and certain people we have in our minds.

When do people appear sexy to us and how do they do it? When do you start to realize that someone makes you desire him more than anybody else? What makes you want to instantly sleep with someone? Is it a special body feature we set sight on? Muscles? Body Hair? A certain fetish that attracts us out of a natural habit? What is it that really makes us desire a person so much, we want to be around him or her at every given point of time, having sex, touching, feeling, surrounding ourselves with this one special person?

What is desire in connection to obsession? Pure lust? The need of letting go of animal instincts and urges? The kissing and touching and getting closer to someone physically? The contact of two bodies synchronizing, intertwining… mixing? Is desire a gentle kiss that develops to be animalistic and rough ending up in having sex… moments of lust until one comes to explode in a full orgasm?
What is desire really? What is it to you?

Well, I hope you all enjoy this fantastic movie and let your spirits free when it comes to live your desires freely. Obsession.



P.S. Credits:

Directed by Sandro Suppnig

Photography by Nicolas Wagner [including Picture above]
Talents: Katrin Thormann and David Kammenos

Production by Check-In Films Paris, Philip Drouin and Thibault Dufour
Editor: Alexander Christenson

Styling by Charlotte Renard
Makeup by Emy Whitehead
Hair by Jerome Caron
Set Design by Madsac Art Concept

Director of Photography: Nils Ruinet
Camera Operator: Philip Drouin

Production Assistants: Geoffroy Sciard and Josephine Morin
Post Producer: Jeff Gilfillan

Original Music by Martin Capella
Words by Michael Sheldon
Coloris: David Sullivan

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