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Begin Again.

In the first moment I thought, ‘Well, this must be the reason why people do not want to get hit by a bus…’ At least, I guess it must feel like this. Unexpectedly agonizing; deeply irritating and overwhelmingly weird. And within seconds it’s all gone. All the feelings, all the thoughts, all the deep meanings to something that has been but isn’t there anymore.

It’s been two years now. Plus, minus one week. I can’t remember exactly but I know it was October. The weirdest and most agonizing October I have ever had. I was in a dark place I put myself because I was overly dramatic and overly emotional, which lead me directly to being ridiculously irrationally driven by these emotions of just being dumbed by someone you’ve loved. And today I saw him. In a car right in front of my university building. For the first time since we broke up. He broke up with me. Not we. He.

Here I am now with these two years on my hands and on my Facebook timeline and I became aware of one thing tonight: THIS was crucial for final closure. On my way home from University I have thought a lot about times with W and once I arrived home, entering my own four walls through those double doors I realized – I grew a lot in more ways than I have ever expected of myself. In the first few moments of being at home during the change of my outfit I was thinking about what I was feeling. I couldn’t quite make it out. Was I sad? No. Was I angry? No. Was I grieving? No.

Then there it was. The realization of what I must have been waiting for… for forever. I felt nothing but the satisfaction of the moment of knowing that I really am fine with it. I have moved on and I feel like a better version of myself. Mr.StrictlyIntimate exists for three and a half years now. I have been through so much, emotionally and work relatedly. I have grown to become a skyscraper for the relationship with my ex showed me so many facets of being a human being without the necessity of always having to be perfect but being who you are with everything you are. Every flaw you think you hate but actually, deep within fucking love. Every piece of you that loves life. Every piece of you that burns for something – a passion; as wild as the hottest, sexiest kiss you have ever tasted on your lips. Every piece of a dream you work your ass of for. Every minute of a day you live and breathe and work and love and struggle just because you want to feel alive.

This is it! This is life. And it’s beautiful, immaculate, opulent, fantastic, passionate… it is everything you make it!
If you feel like breaking down because someone recently told you he/she doesn’t love you anymore – so be it! Break down! BUT get your ass back up again because life is A-MAZING! And it begins over and over again. Once you break down, you get back up and try again – harder and better than ever before! Over and over again. Because that is what makes you FEARLESS! That is what makes dreams beautiful: fighting for them with every piece of your heart.

After all, it’s his/her loss, isn’t it?!




Style: How to Find It – Part I

First of all: Carolin – Happy, happy Birthday again and for a final time, since your special day seems to be over so quickly but it was a sparkling party and I believe everyone showed you how much we appreciate and admire you. Cheers to you my beautiful C – I hope you have a wonderful Birthday night. Thank you so much for the invitation!

Since I have attended a perfectly spontaneous Birthday Dinner by one of my most beloved and nicest friends C I think it to be a great opportunity to write another piece about style. It is not just because C has such an easy going but graceful way of dressing but her friends seem to have so too… so today I got to meet not just some of the nicest people I have ever met but some of the most stylish ones Vienna actually accommodates. Not just her girlfriends showed a great amount of unique and personal style but also her boyfriends (including her loved one) have an instant way of applying style and of not just appearing easy going but especially stylish to my critical eye.

So I wondered on my way home – what do these young people have that a lot of others do not? What makes one be stylish in advance of not just being some lame old fashionista? And, since I am writing for the official blog of Wienerin, Miss, and Diva in order to pick Miss Style 2011 I find it rather helpful for those girls who want to participate in such a competition that actually marks everyday of my life I further ask myself – what helps you to develop your own style?

Developing your own style, and this is actually a very crucial part of such a process, means getting to know yourself better. Not just a little part of your soul and your inner motivations of life but a part where you are naked to yourself in every physical and psychological and mental kind of way. No person in this world can develop their own sense for fashion, dressing and style if they do not know a single bit about who they really are inside as well as on the obvious but fairly recognized outside.
Style has to be a piece of your soul in order to applied the right way and therefore you must know your soul before defining various and special pieces of it.

Make yourself aware of what is going out there… everywhere around you. In your inner circle of family and friends. In your closer environment and of course in extended environment too. Make yourself aware of the many beautiful things life has to provide for you and of course also the many heartaches and mistakes you can make in life because nothing makes you grow stronger and your heart profounder that experience. Only with the right dose of experience your personal style can grow and develop itself further and make yourself more confident in who you are and above all in who you want to present to the world around you.
Style is the medium of transporting instant messages of who you really are and above all of how you see the world and everything that is going on currently – whether you are interested in certain happenings or not. Be aware of the fact that fashion is the only language that works global in a kind of way no other language can because it is the only language every country, every nation, every community of people speaks without the necessity of translating it directly into different branches of language.

Trends are not there to be worn to death but to inspire you. Fashionistas do not have their own sense of style (they usually just pretend to have it) – they just take whatever a John Galliano, a Marc Jacobs, a Christopher Bailey or a Frida Giannini provides them with, but those who have style take a trend and split them into its basic fragments to pick those important and necessary items that add up to showing who u are and to underlining what you represent when you wear a certain outfit. Just as before – the translation of a certain trend adds up to the whole message and gives it either a different unexpected twist; a new way of looking at a certain style or underlines the already existing giving it a deeper and more profound structure.

Fashion Fades. Style is eternal. Gabrielle Bonheur ‘Coco’ Chanel’s words still lie deep in our memories, thoughts and inspirations for she was absolutely right there. Fashion is something that changes… not just every seasons when designers throw pieces on the runway as if there was no tomorrow, but with moods, feelings, thoughts, happenings and certain occasions fashion fades and develops further, gets reinterpreted or misinterpreted. But style on the other hand is something that never changes, but develops; that never fades but defines and underlines who we are; that never goes out of season but evolves with changes… something that remains the same but does not at the same time because though we know who we are, when we have style, we also know that we never revolve around just one point of life but develop our personalities, our views, ankles and perspectives throughout every phase in our life that changes, remains or delocalizes.

That is it. For now. Since style is something so crucial in life in order to make your point of you and your personality as clear as a glass window should be there are more lectures than one to understand its complex way of working but if you apply these for your own goods there will be much more coming up. From me to you – a gift, but also a hope that one day everyone will care about the way they look and appear to others. Even though this may just be a big fantastic dream of mine.

Have a wonderful night.



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