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One Step Closer to Reflecting Myself [Part IV]

Autumn is slowly coming and gently asking us to enter our hearts and closets and homes. Though being gentle in announcing oneself it rather intrudes us in a way we actually don’t want it to for we crave summer, sun and heat. But still, autumn is coming and so I think, ‘Embrace change. Embrace the chance to get yourself all dressed up in a new wardrobe, a new mood, a new interpretation of who you are. AND, embrace the wake up call to finally get your apartment done and ready for a colder season to follow, winter.’

Elle Decoration UK October 2012

Elle Decoration UK – October 2012 Cover

So after three phases and a short break I finally arrived in number IV: One Step Closer to Reflecting Myself

Phase I: On the Hunt (for the Perfect Apartment) [Part I]

Phase II: Designing a Happy Home [Part II]

Phase III: Bit by Bit [Part III]

To me, a home is where the heart is! Ergo: where my heart is there am I. Further ergo: Where I am there should be the real me; my own reflection; my own interpretation of who I am and who I want to be. Not just to myself but to anybody who comes into my private walls as a guest. Therefore, my personal space should be an addition to what I represent. When I enter the room I should feel as if it underlines my personality rather than projecting something that isn’t there, or presenting myself in a light that doesn’t fit the part. It would feel like someone trying to fit into an Alexander McQueen Couture gown though one knows one is completely Atelier Versace; meaning less feathers more sparkle. (Don’t get me wrong here: Alexander McQueen IS a part of my religious belief. Trust me, I worship him and now Sarah Burton for what they’ve created!)

Alexander McQueen Spring_Summer2013

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2013

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2013 Detail

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2013 Detail

Decorating and furnishing come together to be a process – a long lasting one. Not just a rush of emotions and motions that overwhelm your senses to tell you to simply get it done as soon as you can to get it over with. NO, if you want your apartment to reflect your innermost, your character, your ambitions, your motivations, your style, your fashion, your love and your passion for life; it takes some time to evolve.

That is what I did – I gave myself time to evolve within my new environment. For three months I have my own place now and it feels more like a home to me than anything has ever done. Every single day it comes closer to where I can say my heart is… but it isn’t perfect yet. To be honest, I don’t think it can ever be but at least it can be close to what I want it to be – a place where I can relax once I have entered the double doors; a place I can call home; a place where I can be myself without compromising, without having to apologize, without the necessity of defending flaws. Here I am perfect, if I want to be. If I feel like it.

Autumn calls for action – it calls for inspiration! And so I took my best friend ELLE Decoration out for some last walks in the sun trying to get inspired by what is around me; colors, shapes, shades, street signs, maps, people. I felt like a child in a candy store being surrounded by all those fabulous colors, spirits and voices. With a little help of VOGUE and GQ I always feel perfectly safe when it comes to my fashion choices but with my apartment I still feel like I do not have the grip on what is my style yet. At least not completely. BUT, every time I open ELLE Decoration I feel like I have IT, the one thing that makes me visualize fabrics and shapes, color schemes and patterns in a way I have never imagined before. Fashion isn’t just who or what you wear; it is how you live, how you furnish and how you decorate too!

So, for my bedroom I always felt white, completely – a white bed, a white big open closet, a white standing mirror and a white dresser. I always added color with just my clothes, the bedding and my big purple Prada box. But now I feel like those white walls finally need something new – I feel shapes, well, more like pattern. A mathematical pattern of triangles on two walls in an L-shaped constellation to surround my bed and my door while on the opposite wall only the closet with my beautiful clothes sets the tone. This, to me, sounds like a perfect equilibrium of fast moving, ever changing fashion versus unwinding, calming body and mind.

For the bedroom my eyes is on this triangle patterned wallpaper in Charcoal Grey/Off White called ‘Goldsmith’ by Custhom, £170 per 4m roll, Green and Fay:

ELLE Decoration UK Pattern Book S/S 2012

ELLE Decoration UK Pattern Book S/S 2012
(picture: ELLE Decoration iPad APP)

For the bedroom as well as my living room I still have to find the perfect fabrics to decorate the windows but I am sure that these ideas will come up in no matter of time since I find myself to be in a very creative mood and a very inspired place right now. So, stay tuned for more and get yourself a little bit inspired by the last summer days until autumn conquers our hearts, wardrobes and homes.



P.S.: Inspirational Song of the Day

JEM – Amazing
(as featured on the Motion Picture ‘Sex and the City: the Movie)


First Stops [S01E01]

Saturday, 3:22 pm
So…this is how the whole journey starts. I am sitting in my train on the way to my first stop – Innsbruck… I have never been there but still I am kind of feeling that some surprises wait for me to show up – what will it be?

While I do not have anything else to do I entertain myself with Sex and the City: the Movie Part 1 and a lot of fashion and the latest issue of Harper’s Bazar before I start to get back to work a little bit because I do have a lot to write about.

Outfit: Cool but chic with a little touch of something that I do not usually look like – relaxed. So I am sporting a very simple white Levi’s T-Shirt with the label’s print, an anthracite cardigan by Zara, a 519 Levi’s Jeans, an Armani belt, a Petar Petrov silk Jacket, my black Boxfresh high ankle sneakers and my vintage Gucci shades. The little piece of Burberry for day one part one – Burberry wallpapers on my MacBook, my iPhone and my BlackBerry.

Update: 3:27 pm – so many cute guys on this train. Where the hell am I…McDreamy island?! As I shortly interrupt the movie I come to think about the ultimate things in my life – well, just like I always do while watching the life, the love and the shopping sprees of Carrie Bradshaw – and I as always have to point out that it seems to me that my only true love – if there is anything like this existing, actually – was, is and will ever be Fashion. There is nothing that can take so many characters and shapes at one time such as Fashion can – it can be moody, messy, flirty, chic, cool, arrogant, calm, down to earth, thoughtful, classic, basic, simple and/or a little bit too much. It can be big, small (almost non existent in its smallness sometimes), draped, shaped, body conscious, body forming, body hugging, soft and/or crunchy. It is everything at any given point of time because it is what you make of it. And that is the actual beautiful part about it. Fashion is all about you and the way you develop an instant instinct for what to wear in order to look super hot, super cool, super chic, super chilled or super elegant. Oh and if I have ever forgot to mention it – I want a closet that ridiculously huge just like Big built it for Carrie – so if a guy proposes one day he should better come up with something good like this and a ring, of course. With a closet like this a small Harry Winston is definitely something I would agree on.

Update: 4:33 pm – going through my outfit schedule in my head and flipping through the InDesign pages of clothing I have put together in order to know exactly what I have with me and what to wear to a certain occasion – you know… ALWAYS be prepared.

Update: 5:15 pm applying Gucci by Gucci Sport (if not wearing a sporty perfume to a chilled out look then why the hell did I buy it?), because after two hours of traveling I already feel a little bit de-freshened. There ain’t nothing better than a fees’ scent to cheer you up!

Update: 6:09 pm… seriously?! How weird can life be placing someone you have once slept with in the same train getting out where you once met him and spent several nights at his place? Thank Prada I neither got off the same station nor took off my shades. That would have been a shocker. Though, I remember he had one of the biggest dicks I have ever had…

Update: 7:24 pm– almost there… thought I felt a little bit exhausted because I am on my feet since 6.30 am but actually Lady GaGa makes me rock this fucking train. Amen Fashion my madre monster GaGa!



P.S. Knowledge of the Day: Never travel without any Lady GaGa music to take with you on the journey. XO

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