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Mr.StrictlyIntimate Meets…

…Playmate November 2012 – Clivia Treidl

Clivia Treidl Playboy November 2012

Thomas Fiedler for Playboy 11/2012

I always try to re-invent myself in a lot of ways. For my blog that means a variety in content and of course, sometimes even with the layout. For a couple of weeks now I am studying Journalism for a Master’s degree and I have come to the task of doing an interview. This time it wasn’t like the 5 minutes 2 questions interview with Nelly Furtado I did about 2 months ago in Berlin and loved like hell. This time it was more elaborate. It had to be. I thought about whom to interview and so many interesting people came to my mind. I did a variety of interviews and have decided to show them all here – for you to read and for you to reach.

I’ve spent hours preparing questions and hours trying to figure out who Clivia Treidl (25 – studying Media Studies) might be as a person; as a woman; as a model and as a playmate.

Date: October 28th, 20012
Time: 10.00 am
Location: Starbucks, 1st district Vienna, Austria
Drink: Clivia is having a soy cappuccino; I am having an espresso doppio and earl grey tea.

Mr.StrictlyIntimate: What does the name ‘Clivia Treidl’ represent? Please, describe yourself in three words – professionally as well as in private.

Clivia Treidl: Professionally… Clivia Treidl. Mhm… I would say ambitious, determined and patient. In private: a little bit chaotic, sensitive and a good friend.

Mr_SI: Apart from modeling, do you work besides studying? Can one survive from modeling in Austria?

C_T: By now I am just doing model and hostess jobs. Back then I also did some waitressing and other jobs. Like internships in PR and things like that. But at the moment I am only taking on model jobs and hostess jobs. That works out all right currently.

Mr_SI: Did you always know that you wanted to be a model? Or, did this idea come to mind during your time studying in Vienna?

C_T: To be honest, it was never my plan to become a model. If you are 5’5″ you do not think about such a career path. It just happened and the moment I saw the first pictures of me I thought, ‘Well, maybe this could work out.’ But I do not feel a pressure about it – either it works or it doesn’t.

Mr_SI: One of the most important questions that came to my mind is, how does a model who has worked in exclusively in fashion before actually become a Playboy girl?

C_T: Personally, I have always preferred the revealing shoots. I have never been completely naked in a shoot before but I have always felt like drowning in clothes in a lot of shoots. In the fashion industry it is not very welcome to be nude in shoots – except if it is for VOGUE.

Every now and then, when being at castings you get to meet someone who has been in Playboy once and well, you get to talk and you just pop the question. Girls really do send pictures to Playboy and so did I. The next day I got a call. One thing led to another and I found myself at a casting and two years later I am Miss November 2012.

Clivia Treidl Playboy November 2012

Thomas Fiedler for Playboy 11/2012

Mr_SI: I can hear the ambition in your words…

C_T: Exactly. I was just curious. During the casting process I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to do it – to actually take of my clothes for Playboy. I just wanted to test my chances and check on how far I’d come. Then, when they chose me the actual deliberations started.

Mr_SI: I assume it was an ‘Ego-Thing’ – How far do come? How do others see me? Do others see me the way I see myself?

C_T: Yes, the whole model industry is basically about the Ego. Maybe it dissolves with time but in the beginning it definitely has a lot to do with Ego. Not with those rare girls who are discovered on the streets, that’s definitely something else. But with those deciding on becoming a model it most certainly has something to do with Ego: Am I good enough? Do I look good enough?

Mr_SI: Would you describe yourself as someone utterly satisfied and happy with their reflection in the mirror, knowing that the one person looking back at you is someone you can smile at saying, ‘Yes, that’s me and that’s great.?’

C_T: By now, yes, absolutely. But that hasn’t always been the case. I have always been rather the shy, precarious person between two extremes: One day, perfectly self-confident and happy. The next day, completely unsatisfied and unhappy and so not at peace with myself.

There were times when I thought that changing parts of my body to fit my own imagination of what’s ideal would be the solution. Just to look the part. Obviously, I have had something done. One can see that my breast are not real and I have often been criticized for that.

Mr_SI: Would you say your breasts have been a hindrance for Playboy?

C_T: They were more of a hinderance than they were of help.

Mr_SI: Why do you think that having fake breasts was a problem for Playboy? What kind of image does Playboy want to develop with the women they feature?

C_T: The concept I see, as a student of media studies is the image of the beautiful neighbor. The girl, or woman who is reachable to any kind of guy rather than the diva who is distanced and not approachable.

Mr_SI: Do you like the pictures that have been chosen for the magazine?

C_T: I have to say that I am very, very happy with the selections. For the magazine they most certainly have picked the best pictures available and I couldn’t be happier about the results. They illustrated me the way I wanted to show myself – sensual, natural, surrounded by bright colors, not too provocative. Just beautiful.

Clivia Treidl Playboy November 2012 I

Thomas Fiedler for Playboy 11/2012

Mr_SI: How was the shooting behind the scenes? Where did they shoot you? Did it take you a long time to prepare – not just physically but also mentally?

C_T: The shoot was at Mallorca. In a beautiful house. The team was amazing. We did the shoot by day – very relaxed and without pressure to get more and more pictures done. And in the evening we went out for dinner together. It really took of the edge.
The two months before the shooting I was very nervous. I told myself that I would be at my best possible physique and that I would be fit as never before. In fact I was so nervous that I ate more than usual and I haven’t been at the peek of a model’s physique but as you can see in the pictures it helped me to underline my own femininity. WITH those few extra pounds.

Mr_SI: How did you experience the moment of realizing, ‘Okay, I am taking of my clothes now and in a couple of months thousands of people can see me fully nude?’

C_T: I actually never had such a moment. In fact, during the whole shoot I was desperately waiting for that one moment when the whole situation would become ridiculously unpleasant and weird to me. But it never did. The team was awesome and I felt really great about myself. I think it would have been weird for me if the pictures wouldn’t have turned out to be that great. THAT would have been unpleasant, knowing that there would be thousands of issues of Playboy magazine with pictures of an uncomfortable and unhappy me in them.

Mr_SI: My final question – seeing you in the pictures one could describe you as a ‘Femme Fatale.’ Would you yourself say that you are a Femme Fatale in private? Or rather a shy, calm, not tantalizing woman?

C_T: Mhmm… I guess I have both of these sides in my personality. I like Femme Fatale – that’s a good description because it is exactly the opposite of who I was way back when I wasn’t a model. Rather a shy plain Jane.
But by now I have overcome this shyness and especially when going out like to be consciously sexy and a little bit provocative from time to time. Still, I have a lot of the shy girl in me. But from time to time I like to be a Femme Fatale.

Playboy Cover November 2012

Wolfgang Zajc for Playboy 11/2012

The latest issue of Playboy Magazine featuring Clivia Treidl will be available until the middle of November.
More pictures of Clivia Treidl, Playmate November 2012 can be found on

To me it was an amazing start into a wonderfully productive Sunday, sitting together with Clivia talking on and off topic about everything that has been going on in our lives since we last saw each other about two years ago. She is a very relaxed, wonderfully funny and beautiful woman. This interview couldn’t have been any easier and more fun than this.




Day 5 + I Apologize…

…to all the ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Fans around the world. I always said that the movies were tremendously boring and bad because I always fell asleep when I attempted to watch the first part. I tried three times and three times I slept away. Well, until I decided to give it another shot after I read a lot about the background stories and the history of the Lord of the Rings (and yes, I did read the books by J.R.R. Tolkien). On the weekend I had some time for the movies and I couldn’t stop until I finished all three in a row – The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring; The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. They were amazing, stunning, utterly beautiful in the way they were being created and deserved every single Academy Award they’ve earned!

Day 5 of my 28 Days of Sugar Cleansing. I am not quite sure now what to actually do – some sources say 14 days, some say 21, some say 28. I am not quite sure about the exact amount of days so I will stick to what I have promised to you and myself – 28 days. Today I got back to work after a long Easter Weekend full of free time (that I definitely deserved!) and it was quite hard not to eat a cookie here or a bonbon there because that is just what we do. We – my two colleagues in Marketing and I. So it is me eating nuts and fruit and drinking about 6 Liters of water every single days. But it is good for me, I really can feel it already. Even though I just slept four hours I have never felt fitter and better and healthier ever before!

I even had a change of Starbucks today. I didn’t drink my (usually daily) triple grande soy latte macchiato extra hot but an espresso doppio and a bottle of water. I met C and A there. Both looked incredibly fantastic – Alexandra (who’s going to be one of the top therapists in a couple of years) with her new Yves Saint Laurent bag and Carolin (a fabulous shoe designer and great friend) with her amazing new pair of Shoes by Kurt Geiger and me without new clothes (that’s a new one, right?!) but with a brand new attitude towards life. But I don’t try to force them into seeing everything in my reason. I simply hate when people do that because everyone ought to do what he or she thinks is right to do. Well, with themselves only, of course. Killing someone doesn’t fall into that category – that’s a different story. A whole different story.

After my run (Today just 2.2 Kilometers / 1.35 Miley because there was a lot of work waiting for me at home but I didn’t want to start before not at least running one mile. It seems that all of a sudden I need it to clear my head from weird thoughts I have been having lately and several problems I can’t seem to find a soothing resolution for. Well, not in the last couple of days at least.) it is now time to work and have a little bit of environmental acoustic irradiation while working by watching the Devil wears Prada.

Have a terrific evening.



PowerSong of the Day:

Ellie Goulding – Human
[Album: Bright Lights (Deluxe Edition)] – even thought her song ‘The Writer’ has been my PowerSong yesterday I can’t find myself being able to stop listening to her album. It is just divine and beautiful and inspiring.

3 Things I’m Looking Forward to…

Three Things

You know this feeling that instantly sets in when the sun is shining a bit heavier than usual right after winter time almost seems to be over? It is more than just a simple feeling – it is a yearning. A yearning for something that seems to be arriving so soon but for us can’t arrive soon enough. I have this right now. It is not just about the upcoming spring and its sensational wardrobe that becomes available to me as soon as the temperatures are up. No, it is more. Way more. It is the first ray of sun in the morning when getting up realizing it is finally bright outside and not everything turned into a very dark shade of what we use to call winter time. It is the first time of wearing a blazer without a trench coat (even though I have dedicated my life to wearing trench coats) – or without the necessary feeling of cold when leaving the trench coat at home for styling reasons even though the temperatures are way beyond minus outside.

So, this is not just a post to acknowledge that spring is finally coming but also a mockup of three things I am looking forward to right now while sitting at Starbucks drinking my usual triple grande extra hot soy latte macchiato. Ladies and Gentleman. It is official – Spring is coming!

#03 Spring, oh Spring, How Beautiful and Bright Art Thou in Fashion!
My personal spring starts exactly at the moment when all the Burberry Stores around the globe start to unpack the newly arrived collections. That wonderful moment when you walk by a shop window and you realize, “HA! that is the new coat I saw at the show. It is finally here.” And your heart beats high and your pulse raises and your credit card is in a very dangerous place from now on. Wherever it is when it is close to you.

Burberry Spring/Summer 2012 Ad Campaign

Burberry Spring/Summer 2012 Ad Campaign with Eddie Redmayne and Cara Delevingne

#02 Where Music Makes a Heart Burn Like Fire
A place so sweet and safe and secure and sound. A place where it is only you and a fabulous band. Just like Scars on 45. After their brilliant release of their first EP Give me Something which made the cut of becoming the title track of Grey’s Anatomy’s 4th Soundtrack, they previously released their second EP Heart on Fire. And let me tell you one thing – it is even more special, glorious and incredibly beautiful. So, what I am looking for is not just their first album which should arrive very, very soon (April 10th), but also I am looking forward to see this fantastic British band develop further becoming majorly successful in the music business!

When you’re standing on your own
And you feel you’ve got nobody round you
Yeah you know I’ll be the one who helps you from your knees
My hearts on fire
My hearts on fire

#01 Summer Loving Had Me a Blast
No, I am definitely not talking about falling in love or flirting a lot this summer. I am talking about enjoying the most glorious of all summers with my dearest friends. Those who stood by me every time I needed them and those who can always count on me whenever they need me. So this summer is all about making plans with those who I cherish and love the most. Guys – this summer, this year is going to be one of the best of our lives!#

So – the only question left for being spoken out loud: “Guys, what are your top three things you are looking forward to?”



Triple Ligament Rupture and That One Starbucks That Simply Made Me Smile

It is times like these when certain people somehow surprise you… After I injured myself on Friday (Cast because of a triple ligament rupture) and have to face lying down in bed 24 / 7 it sounds reasonable that I have grown to ignore my social life concentrating on working and writing (and watching movies) because these are the only things I can do while lying trying not to strain my leg.
I have a lot of friends (even a fortune cookie once told me ‘Your greatest luck is the great number of friends you have’) and I am so happy that I have these for I can always call them when I am lonely (though I never do because I hate admitting it to myself when I am lonely); they come around when I need them (for instance now that I am alone at home facing my cast and a little bit of pain – but I am too proud to actually ask for help but it is somehow quite comforting to know one is there when you need someone)… they simply call because they want to know how I feel. I guess that is reassuring and that is a great luck in life I am very thankful for.

Today M came to visit me and I was hugely surprised that he came with a Starbucks… actually the one I always love to drink. He simply knew it and it is weird but it really made me blush because I was so surprised and here comes the other unbelievably nice thing: He bought a Thermos bottle to keep the coffee warm. I know a lot of people might think ‘come on, it is just coffee’ but hell to the NO it isn’t just coffee – it is a gesture of a friend who really cares and who really seems to know me. Remember: if one knows how you drink your coffee he knows everything about you.

After a long talk about the last weeks we haven’t seen each other we rapidly crossed every chapter to come across the one that was really interesting because there have been a few changes in M’s life for he now seems to have a boyfriend. And I did not think it was right somehow. But it is a long story and he knows my opinion on it and I think this isn’t something I should discuss here – it is none of my business and he will sort it out all by him pretty little self. He is a strong, confident guy. So he can take it all.

But one thing I have to say: If you feel alone sometimes… if you feel lost… all by yourself… with no one to turn to. Before you think of stepping into a relationship because of loneliness and not because of love – it is not right. Not the slightest. Never forget: if one has friends he is never alone. Never. Because they will always be there when you are down to build you up – when you face a low they will make you high – when it feels like you have dropped from a ten story building they will carry you up those thousands of steps to get you back where you fell from just so you can start again – over and over and over. That is why friends are there for you. That is, my dear M, why I will always be there for you!

Thanks M for that sweet surprise!



Impressions of a Rainy Day or Why I Love the Rain

Since yesterday and today have been two completely rainy and misty days I have come to terms with myself to think about what it actually is that makes me so cool, calm and relaxed every time the rain is pouring down on me. There are obviously many signs telling people around me that I truly love rain. Above all I believe everyone should see the fashionable sides of a rainy day or a rainy day wardrobe – you can put it either way:

Reason One: Of course, number one is Fashion (with a capital F!) – it will always be FASHION!

There is nothing as fashionable (though actually a completely basic thing in everyone’s wardrobe) as a classic trench coat (whether it is beige or black colored doesn’t actually matter though I believe that a beige is something like an absolute necessity) on a rainy day. Men wearing their daily black suits to work (well the men I would wish to know, at least) and adding to this quite one dimensional but absolutely understandable working outfit, a classic beige trench coat. Most men obviously don’t do this for fashion reasons though there are definitely some hidden motives of looking good and preppy and impressive in every men wearing a suit (actually that is a reason why suits are so sexy – the dominance, the success, the power – everything they radiate makes us want to take it off their bodies so they can dedicate their everything to us…) and a coat like this.
For me: I wore a classic light blue button down Diesel Shirt; a red tie; a green, blue and red checked Sweater with a v-neck; classic blue 519 Levi’s slim fit Jeans; a black Armani belt; black Dominici shoes and a classic but absolutely radiant and beautiful beige trench coat (designed and made by myself – I have to some clapping on my own shoulder here for this piece of fashion is truly something I am absolutely proud of!). The whole outfit was finished with a big croc leather bag (not a real croc but a real H&M) and my MacBook case. Ta-da. Preppy, elegant and petty (literally a petty sweater!).

Reason Two: the Atmosphere just makes me want to embrace this world!

There is nothing more beautiful than the atmosphere and the environment, when it is raining, either heavily or just in a drizzling way. Just like I told a really nice someone today… it has something magical when it is raining. I was sitting at the office on the 17th floor looking over the beautify 22nd district of Vienna (though I am more the city type of guy it is quite cool here sometimes – all the water, the green and the green and the green… oh gosh I am so happy there are no cows here. Cows really freak me out.) listening to ‘The Scientist’ by Coldplay observing the rainy environment and the rainy air. If you would have taken one look out of the window you would have seen what I love so much – people running around with their umbrellas in different sizes, colors and shapes; cars making their ‘woooosh’ sound as they drive through the many puddles on the street; the mist that surround all the skyscrapers making them appear far far away even they are usually as close as two people before they are leaning in to give each other a kiss of love and adoration, the water in its restless character melting with the raindrops incorporating them into its system; the calm silent wind that forces some raindrops to break out of their massive army dropping on windows and building fronts and cars and metros. There is so much romanticism in what is happening as one single rain drop falls down from a cloud until it finds its bitter sweet end in the infinity of the streets, of life, as we all know it.

Reason Three: Just look out of your window and see the beauty of this world!

It doesn’t matter if the sun is shining or the rain falling down on us or if the winter sugars the world a little bit with a beauty and fashionable white… it is what it is. Life. And damn isn’t it beautiful how the weather changes, how people change, how a new day is coming every day after the night fades and how every night can be the best of our lives if we let it?! Do you know what I mean? Rain is life, like rays of sun, like the falling of snow, like the silence of the night or the noise of the day! And that is what I simply love!

It is great to be alive and to try doing everything to make your dreams come true and I know one day I will be a writer working for Vogue. I just know. I just have to. What do you dream of?



P.S. I still hate couples always touching and kissing and holding everywhere they are – I can’t even drink my fucking Starbucks without 16 (I counted!) couples walking in without any self control almost fucking on the floor. Come on! Life is not a porn show until you have reached your flat where you can do whatever you want to! Just don’t do it in front of my poor sensitive eyes.

A Not-Lover’s Complaint.

The headliner may be a little bit intriguing considering me neither being a lover nor having one but since I seem to be experiencing how others faithfully and dedicatedly love each other every single day and proving that by kissing and touching and hugging and making their little funny insider jokes everywhere they are not thinking about who they are with and if it might be a little inappropriate every here and now I thought it might be quite a good idea to write, inspired by William Shakespeare’s a Lover’s Complaint, a little Not-Lover’s Complaint. I even considered rhyming but I guess nowadays it is not so chic if guys rhyme but then again, I am openly gay so my masculinity is questioned nonetheless.

While Shakespeare writes…

‘So on the tip of his subduing tongue
All kind of argument and questions deep,
All replication prompt and reason strong,
For his advantage still did wake and sleep.
To make the weeper laugh, the laugher weep,
He had the dialect and different skill,
Catching all passions in his craft and will.’

…I would love to say to couples something like that

‘So on the tip of my irritated tongue
No need for arguments or questions deep,
Your actions sure may be of feelings strong,
But can’t you do that where the hell you sleep?
To make the single angry, the single weep,
Because he’s annoyed by all your loving skill,
What’s with the privacy, what’s with free will?’

But well – since I do not feel like rhyming I think I may keep it that way. My Not-Lover’s Complaint might revolve around the fact that I am particularly annoyed by those couples that can’t get their act together and save all their kissing and hugging and touching and whatsoever they like to do in metros and cafes and shops and on streets while going very slowly right before my feet until I have to tell them to fucking stop their love exchange and get out of the way. Is it just because I am single and irritated by all the love that is going on around me, because I do not get any of that? Or is it because it purely and truly is annoying for everyone and no one actually starts to make a complaint because they think it is okay ‘if they are so in love’? Fuck ‘so in love’ – I say! If they have so much love then they should save it all up to give to each other while no one is watching – behind their own damn four walls, in their own damned sexually irritated bed where they live their fetishes to their extreme maximum, in their kitchen, on their floor, on their couch table, or wherever they want to but not right in front of my eyes, not in front of my feet, which always walk very fast to get from A to B without anyone stopping them anyhow.

I think it is not quite to much of a demand to ask for a little privacy in public because it is quite inappropriate to kiss in every fucking waiting line at any Starbucks, Supermarket or even in Electronics Stores (what is so romantic about that one?!). I absolutely understand if you sometimes feel the need to get hugged or kissed by your partner at certain points of time (yeah, even out in public) but hey, every single second at every stop you make (and even, when you are not stopping and walking and he sneaks his hand so sweetly into the back pocket of your Burberry jeans?! – Spare me that!) or do you have some inferiority issues you have to sort out?! Well then all the kissing and hugging and touching and whatsoever still doesn’t help you. Trust me. That one you have to sort out all by yourself.



Berlin, Berlin…you are so wonderful Berlin – can I come back to you again and will you embrace me then? [Season Finale]

Happening right now: I am sitting at Starbucks while it is raining in the streets of Vienna – drinking my usual triple shot latte macchiato with soy milk – extra hot and typing this lines in remembrance of a wonderful vacation and a hard’n’heavy road trip that made a lot of fun… so here is what everyone has been waiting for since I have started writing the journey… the End.

Sunday 17th – 4:35 pm

I sit here at the airport waiting for the boarding of my flight back to my home country Vienna… it was an adventurous trip in Berlin…three days… and above all I forgot my fucking ID…the one thing everyone actually needs when traveling out of the boarders of their home country. I really wonder how I could have been that silly because everyone who knows me perfectly well is aware of the fact that I never forget anything if it is important. But well as it seems even I have my little flaws. Or some big issues as well as it turned out when K and I were talking more intimate than ever before on Thursday – the night before ‘road trip’-ing to Berlin, but please, let me start at the beginning of these three days.

Thursday – night. 11.30 pm (actually right after coming home from cinema watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II). The house of K and her mother C. The night before traveling to Berlin.

We sat in the garden with a glass of wine and some salad her mother made for our journey. I knew that this talk would be more deep from the moment on K said ‘Hey, I think we have to have a little talk – I need to tell you some things’. As it turns out this was more like some kind of therapy lesson for me as well as for her for I told her everything about me. Things no one ever made me tell. Things that were hidden as deeply as they hurt for they nevertheless were past and therefore and something I actually mostly try to forget or just forgive from time to time. It was something , I have never told anyone before for I did never believe that theses secrets would matter anyhow at any given point of time. But as it turned out they mattered more than I even dared to believe myself.
Non the less I will not talk about this stuff here and now because it is pre-self-respective-me-time and pre-self-conscious-mrstrictlyintimate. This blog is a future forward, new age thinking diary for me, a platform where I talk about everything that happens here and now or maybe even in some time ahead but right now, it doesn’t really feel like being right to me to talk about private past stuff. Maybe in a book one day. I do believe this would be the perfect material for a book about the hidden depths of a human psyche.

As I sat there with K talking my heart and my soul out I wondered if I should stick to my usual motto – if two can keep a secret then one of them is dead – but I decide that I couldn’t trust K any more than I already do so I just talk and talk and talk. And it somehow feels really good.

Friday 6:00 am – the early bird catches the worm – the early Mr.StrictlyIntimate catches everything AFTER he got his seven cups of coffee and wears a glittering and glamorous outfit.

C brings us to the train to Regensburg where we will meet up with someone who is a complete stranger to the both of us found by K on a website called but as it turns out this is the kind of stuff everyone does in our society. Several people told me about this site and I have to admit that it felt weird to wait for someone you do not know at all driving you to a destination without making you a slave or a prostitute. It is actually quite refreshing that there still are somewhat trustworthy people out there.

We arrived in Berlin with a few stops and well we were alive and our driver actually has been a pretty nice guy – so no complaint just pure joy we actually made it to Berlin. Once we got out of the car and said goodbye to Fritz (yeah right – some joking automatically aroused because of the name and a certain Austrian guy everyone around the world knows by know starting with Fritz and ending with -l…but I do not give any hints here who it actually is.)

Annemarie (thank God we met Annemarie – a wonderful, sparkling, bright and so fashionable young woman) picked us up to bring me save to her home (in Potsdam – so beautiful!) and to give me the opportunity to get rig of clothes and jumping into a new pair of Levi’s Jeans, a white Diesel T-Shirt, my gray Zara cardigan and my black satin Petar Petrov Jacket adding my Swarovski crystal necklace and my Boxfresh sneakers to complete the outfit. I looked good and I was ready to be taken to a fantastic, open minded and entertaining party – a student party! The best I have ever had but that could have been the shot of adrenaline being produced by the thought of me finally being in Berlin – whole, alive and all dressed up in hot couture.

Saturday: 4.15 am – on the way home. Well, hers not mine. Of course.

Though I have been up for almost 24 hours I have to say that I do not feel any kind of exhaustion yet but just the thrill of what is coming up to us on the next day of visiting Berlin.
Once we entered the Berlin scenario of living and eating and breathing and dressing I happened to meet a point where I inadequately realized that everything is more fashionable in Berlin – that everything rocks and everyone glams and everthing else just had a fucking awesome attitude. I felt great and I felt so at home (though realizing I forgot something actually very important for my way back home to Vienna – my fucking passport where I look like a fucking overdressed Nazi – though I actually do not quite know why, but with the bold head and the jacket that looks like a bomber jacket on the picture one could actually mistake me for someone that I am absolutely not – above all… why do they had to put the Austrian stamp right over my bright pink tie?! I believe this tie would have saved everything bringing me back to the all gay – all good – all harmless spotlight!).

As we sat in a restaurant for dinner K, AM and her friend tried to enlighten my mood which swung from overwhelmingly lucky being in Berlin to calling my self a fucking idiot for forgetting something as essential as my passport – it did not help, though I felt calmer and better after talking to the embassy and the police – who both ensured me that I will somehow make it to Vienna (even if they had to hid me in a Burberry Suitcase – well it is not what they said, but that is what I have heard and imagined from their words!).

Saturday: 9.00 pm – ready to party the gay way? Well, no. Not quite.

As we decided, when I arrived in Berlin, that we definitely had to pay a visit to the gay scene, we were all as keen as mustard to check out the hot guys. But then, in the end we did not because we decided that we should use the last night in Berlin to order Pizza, talk about stuff like fashion, makeup and weird friends that were just being made and born for our own amusement. And so we sat and laugh and ate the grossest Pizza I have ever heard of that turned out to be the best one I have ever had in my mouth… guys. Still talking about pizza here and it was a hot dog pizza – Pizza base with sausage, onions, cocktail gherkin and mustard. Damn that was delicious.

Sunday: 1.30 am – still wide awake. Just me. But anyhow being awake doesn’t change its status just because I was all by myself though one might have been able to call it a single night in bed – just like every night seems to be but who complains?

Sunday: 12.00 pm – Brunch with Phil Meinwelt, AM and Richard. So funny, so entertaining and so delicious. I believe the four of us had the nicest brunch one could have. I definitely have to point out that AM is the funniest girl I have ever met in my entire life. She is a born entertainer.
After eating and after a big fauxpas made by the waiter… when we paid he really looked at me and seriously asked ‘do you pay lonesome’ – I looked at him unsure of either to slap him or to say ‘honey, in the evenings my bed never is lonesome!’ … but I went for – I pay on my own because I am able to afford everything I want since I am a hard working single gay guy waiting for anyone to show up trying to show him that love isn’t just a fucking made up myth created by Walt Disney to keep us entertained while struggling with life so NO I do not pay lonesome I pay fucking happy SINGLEISH! Well, I did not say that either. But in my head I did. And my friends saw this in my eyes. I paid. We left. For good.

Sunday 3.10 pm – saying goodbye with a heavy hard. It is time for me to say goodbye to little K and her wonderful friend Lilly! AM and I go to the airport, me breathing hard not being sure if I make it through to the gate because of my missing passport but as it turns out the guy at the check in doesn’t give a fucking fuck about my missing passport and is perfectly satisfied with seeing my driving license letting me take my flight back to Vienna.

And there I am now. Vienna. Back again. But not for long I guess. I do believe.



P.S. Knowledge of the Day (no not that day but today): Never forget your umbrella at home…you might get wet surprise. XO

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