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The “ME” in the Stories I Tell

First of all, I don’t take myself that seriously. I take what I do seriously, and I try to do a good job. (Denzel Washington in GQ US Oct 2012)

At University I feel like being at a point of struggling lately. I don’t have a problem with my grades or my motivation or with the environment. I am actually quite comfortable there, though, there are a few things that really bug me, but hey, you can find things that bug you or make you mad or angry always somewhere, somehow. So, that’s no big deal for me.

As you already know from some earlier entries, I am getting my master’s degree in Journalism and New Media — if you haven’t known so far, you know now. These studies involve a lot of writing, heavy writing. Sometimes these written exposés try to take me out of my comfort zone and I’m going there, out of it. But early on, when signing the contract with the university, I kind of made a pact with myself. I swore to everything that’s worth the world to me, you know, Burberry; VOGUE; Jane Austen; that, no matter what I was about to say or write or do, it would always be consisting of three things: HONESTY, STYLE and AUTHENTICITY.

With everything I write and have people read I want them to not just get to know me and my point of view, I want to present them the perspective of someone finally having an opinion and putting it out there. Even if they do not agree with what I have to say or like the way I say things but at least, it makes them think about my words and actions and opinions and maybe even gets them to form their own opinions — either on me or the topics I write about. I don’t want people to always agree with me, I think most people don’t get that I live for making them speechless; wondering if I’m really being serious. I love to make people laugh or cry reading my words. I love people to be confused by my words; to later on think about what I said once. I want them to form an opinion about my words — either good or bad.

But, what I want the utmost is for them to always find ME in the words I write, the stories I tell!

That’s not because I think I am the most brilliant person in the world, or the most talented, or the most articulate, or the one everyone has to listen to. I know, compared to a lot of other more influential people I might am not influential at all but still — who I am reflects who I want to be. And one day I want to make a change. I want to show people that they can achieve anything they want if they truly stay themselves and go ahead with it. Pull it off relentlessly.

I just want people to know that they can rely on me having an opinion; having a character that I can put out there, a character that doesn’t give a fuck about the things other people say just because they do not like the fact that I’m straight forward and relentlessly sincere. That is the authenticity in my words. I know, I may put a lot of fashion words in writing because I love the visual language and emotional depth of clothing. I want to be a character, people trust because they know one hundred percent that I am honest with them, and straight forward, and that everything I say and write and do is authentically constituting myself. Giving them a part of something they might be able to relate to.

This is who I am and I can’t understand why people always try to force you to be more like the others or more formal or writing based on guidelines. I write what I think and feel and would say in every second I live and breathe, for everything I always wanted to do.

Don’t get me wrong — I do abide by a certain set of rules when it comes to writing, like grammar or spelling. But what I want people to understand and accept and respect and tolerate is the fact that out there one must be himself and unique in order to survive this crazy mixed up world. That is what I am — that is what I believe in — that is what makes me truly special and different. I know who I am and I always make sure people understand that no matter what I say and write and do — it’s done by myself. With outspoken HONESTY, sharp STYLE and one hundred percent AUTHENTICITY. All three in capital letters.

Take it, or leave it.
Amen Fashion.




Style: How to Find It – Part I

First of all: Carolin – Happy, happy Birthday again and for a final time, since your special day seems to be over so quickly but it was a sparkling party and I believe everyone showed you how much we appreciate and admire you. Cheers to you my beautiful C – I hope you have a wonderful Birthday night. Thank you so much for the invitation!

Since I have attended a perfectly spontaneous Birthday Dinner by one of my most beloved and nicest friends C I think it to be a great opportunity to write another piece about style. It is not just because C has such an easy going but graceful way of dressing but her friends seem to have so too… so today I got to meet not just some of the nicest people I have ever met but some of the most stylish ones Vienna actually accommodates. Not just her girlfriends showed a great amount of unique and personal style but also her boyfriends (including her loved one) have an instant way of applying style and of not just appearing easy going but especially stylish to my critical eye.

So I wondered on my way home – what do these young people have that a lot of others do not? What makes one be stylish in advance of not just being some lame old fashionista? And, since I am writing for the official blog of Wienerin, Miss, and Diva in order to pick Miss Style 2011 I find it rather helpful for those girls who want to participate in such a competition that actually marks everyday of my life I further ask myself – what helps you to develop your own style?

Developing your own style, and this is actually a very crucial part of such a process, means getting to know yourself better. Not just a little part of your soul and your inner motivations of life but a part where you are naked to yourself in every physical and psychological and mental kind of way. No person in this world can develop their own sense for fashion, dressing and style if they do not know a single bit about who they really are inside as well as on the obvious but fairly recognized outside.
Style has to be a piece of your soul in order to applied the right way and therefore you must know your soul before defining various and special pieces of it.

Make yourself aware of what is going out there… everywhere around you. In your inner circle of family and friends. In your closer environment and of course in extended environment too. Make yourself aware of the many beautiful things life has to provide for you and of course also the many heartaches and mistakes you can make in life because nothing makes you grow stronger and your heart profounder that experience. Only with the right dose of experience your personal style can grow and develop itself further and make yourself more confident in who you are and above all in who you want to present to the world around you.
Style is the medium of transporting instant messages of who you really are and above all of how you see the world and everything that is going on currently – whether you are interested in certain happenings or not. Be aware of the fact that fashion is the only language that works global in a kind of way no other language can because it is the only language every country, every nation, every community of people speaks without the necessity of translating it directly into different branches of language.

Trends are not there to be worn to death but to inspire you. Fashionistas do not have their own sense of style (they usually just pretend to have it) – they just take whatever a John Galliano, a Marc Jacobs, a Christopher Bailey or a Frida Giannini provides them with, but those who have style take a trend and split them into its basic fragments to pick those important and necessary items that add up to showing who u are and to underlining what you represent when you wear a certain outfit. Just as before – the translation of a certain trend adds up to the whole message and gives it either a different unexpected twist; a new way of looking at a certain style or underlines the already existing giving it a deeper and more profound structure.

Fashion Fades. Style is eternal. Gabrielle Bonheur ‘Coco’ Chanel’s words still lie deep in our memories, thoughts and inspirations for she was absolutely right there. Fashion is something that changes… not just every seasons when designers throw pieces on the runway as if there was no tomorrow, but with moods, feelings, thoughts, happenings and certain occasions fashion fades and develops further, gets reinterpreted or misinterpreted. But style on the other hand is something that never changes, but develops; that never fades but defines and underlines who we are; that never goes out of season but evolves with changes… something that remains the same but does not at the same time because though we know who we are, when we have style, we also know that we never revolve around just one point of life but develop our personalities, our views, ankles and perspectives throughout every phase in our life that changes, remains or delocalizes.

That is it. For now. Since style is something so crucial in life in order to make your point of you and your personality as clear as a glass window should be there are more lectures than one to understand its complex way of working but if you apply these for your own goods there will be much more coming up. From me to you – a gift, but also a hope that one day everyone will care about the way they look and appear to others. Even though this may just be a big fantastic dream of mine.

Have a wonderful night.



Labels or Love: Reasons to Choose Fashion over Guys

my new Alexander McQueen T-Shirt

Every time I get the chance to do a little bit of shopping and every time I buy myself a little chic something I come to compare fashion to love and of course at the same time to men and since I find myself completely happy with my new Alexander McQueen T-Shirt (thanks to Mia for the perfect mix of inspiration and advice!) so I thought it might a great idea to write down some thoughts while doing this comparison…

1) …and Prada dresses (or in my case a purse or shoes or a suit) never broke my heart before:
It is so true what Fergie sings in the Song ‘Labels or Love‘, no pair of Burberry Jeans, no Prada Suit and no Kenzo T-Shirt has ever done any harm to my heart before, some men on the other hand have. So when it comes to deciding whether to risk some tears and aches and heartbreakes by letting a guy into your life or to buy some clothes and risk that you might eat a little bit less in order to purchase the new Dolce and Gabbana James Dean T-shirt I believe being able to stand up and say proudly and freely: ‘Pass that T-Shirt, here is my card and please could you lock that guy over there away, he is looking at me like he wants to go out with me, telling me he likes me to break me afterwards. Ah, and I think I might need that iPhone case over there too.’ Any questions?

2) Those three little words
Well, we all wish every guy would say these three little, special, beautiful words to us. Those words, that give away his self-control, his will and his power of everything he owned so far in order to show us how much we really mean to him, how much tea appreciates us and above all how much he trusts in everything we say and do: ‘DRESS ME, PLEASE!’
That are actually the only words I would love to hear a guy say knowing that all I have is the ability to approve everything he possibly could do or well, be – because effortlessly chic and stylish men are the hot ones (and the hard-to-find-hard-to-get ones too). Those, that know they do not need to know how to dress because they have me for that – if that isn’t a great proof of trust?! And, since guys never do a thing like that because they are so happy with they way they look (yeah, right, as if someone could be happy wearing sandals and socks together) I happen to stay solo concentrating on improving and developing my own style a little further to sophistication.

if you let me do the work you could look as Burberry as these guys

3) a braided Bottega Veneta knot pochette may not be the most convenient purse but it is so pretty!
We all know, guys like things as convenient and useful as possible but boys and girls like me and you love things that are pretty and that make us happy. A bright and shiny thing like this Bottega Veneta pochette may not carry everything our daily bags do but when it comes to downsizing in order of adding something to your outfit that makes it brilliant and fierce we are the best and all of a sudden seem to get along with one phone, some money, our Yves Saint Laurent touche éclat concealer and some Yves Saint Laurent mascara. It somehow seems to be so damn easy, doesn’t it?!

Bottega Veneta Knot Pochette

4) Guys may give you sex but opening your closet can give you more orgasms than guy could
I have to agree: Sex is awesome – if a guy does it the right way or at least tries to do you the right way. With guys it is always about ‘doing or being done by’ but with fashion it is all about opening the closet, picking what you feel like and adding some details in order to feel confident, sexy, sassy, fierce and effortlessly cool. There is no playing pretend until he conquers your heart to conquer your everything else – there is just you and that fabulous pair of trench colored Burberry jeans or that classic vintage Louis Vuitton bag or that remarkably fitting Armani tie.

Beautiful navy Armani tie

You see – there are many reasons to prefer a piece of fashion over any guy you meet but still there are several things a T-Shirt can’t give you: butterflies in your stomach, a soft kiss on the neck when you wake up besides him and he surprisingly does not turn out to be the biggest ass hole of all leaving after coming, a little piece of fashion as a small gift of affection or just a nice rendezvous (except for me of course because I usually tend to meet the guys that want to fuck me right away without having the decency to ask me out before trying to fuck me – I usually say no to those guys, of course).

So, whatever you decide to love more – whether it is fashion or simply a man that appears to be honest – just never forget to be true to yourself. You may have style, you may be able to feel, you may even be able to give it all up for something or someone but in the end it always turns out that no piece of expensive fashion and no guy that doesn’t deserve to have you by his side can replace one thing: Dignity.

Dignity for yourself. For who you are. For what you wear. For what you do.



P.S. Song of the Day: Lady GaGa – Fashion!

What colorful time is it in Miami?

the new Triwa Collection - Miami Deco

the new Triwa Collection - Miami Deco

If there is one thing I do not leave the house without it is actually one of watches. You know, I am quite the watch wearing kind of guy. No matter if it is steel, silver, gold, platinum or if it is completely covered in diamonds I just love my watches – above all my vintage Cartier I stole from my mother’s closset when I was a little boy at the age of 11 knowing that this was THE right watch for me, well, besides my all time favourite Fossil stainless steel watch. I just love it. It is classic, sexy and actually quite handsomely masculine. In my point of view a watch adds the perfect touch of accessory to your outfit – well, okay, if it fits, but nowadays neither the colour nor the style is a problem anymore because we all know that in our fast moving society one thing is for sure – everything is available…if you can afford it.

After doing some research I found something that doesn’t only look beautiful but is affordable at the same time…and let me tell you one thing – it is not a bag, though you know I am quite a bag obsessed kind of boy/guy/man/fashionista/bloger [or whatsofuckingever]. For sure I do know that jewellery and especially good watches seem to be more expensive than a new Mercedes or a BMW or even an Escalade, which is actually my most favourite car and one day I will have my driver bring me to Starbucks in exactly such a big, black car while I am reading my new issue of Vogue with my Dior Shades on the head and a big Balenciaga bag right beside me.

Luckily I found out one thing in the last past two weeks – watches do not always have to be expensive in order to look good and definitely not cheap.
The new collection of Triwa watches [a company found in Amsterdam] the Miami Deco Collection – is motivated by pastel colors and the statement of loving and living life every single minute to its fullest. The colors are quite inspiring and the names and models are quite perfectly fitting to different personalities such as the Laven Dandy, the Cerise Dandy, the Grey Dandy and the Lemon Dandy, which are actually quite perfect for my style – elegant, sassy and understatedly overdressed. For those who love vintage Triwa has some models of their Bullit series such as the Sapphire Bullit, the Black Bullit and the Racing Bullit.
My favourites are actually their Chrono watches, which are quite classic and timeless in my mind. Above all I fell in love with the Goldstone Chrono which is one of the most beautiful ones they have on their website

the Goldstone Chrono - a lifetime Love

the Goldstone Chrono - a lifetime Love

the vintage Black Bullit

the vintage Black Bullit

The new Collection is actually not only inspired by wonderul pastel colors but also by the view and emotions of Miami – living in Miami, visiting Miami, going shopping in Miami or just being a part of Miami – the city of sun, colors and a happy time lying on the beach sipping Cocktails and enjoying a wonderfully sunny time with your friends. It is all about the pink, the orange, the coral, the blue and the colorful that makes your life even more bright and beautiful.

Flamingo Coral Chrono

Flamingo Coral Chrono

the big Turquoise Flamingo

the big Turquoise Flamingo

the Pretty Pink Chrono

the Pretty Pink Chrono

You know sometimes it isn’t enough to look on your mobile phone to know what time it is – and of course looking at a watch is far more stylish and vintage. It is very classic and shows a bit of elegance which is quite a turn on for myself. So Ladies and Gentleman grab your watches, fit them to your outfits and show the world how stylish you are – that is what I would do and I know you do so too.



the Vangardist Premiere Party

Got to tell you I finally found an outfit for yesterday’s Event I had to attend. And yes I did look quite posh, but no wonder with a role model like Victoria you can never look dressed down. It’s some kind of inner motivation actually. So I got dressed in black Diesel denim, a white shirt, a black tie, a gray unbelievably chic waistcoat, my beloved black and shiny Petar Petrov sack jacket and black, slim, peaked shoes – just as posh as possible. Oh – and of course I did not forget to take a bag with me, actually my cute little Gucci clutch. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Well back to the Party. The Vangardist is a progressive gay online magazine and though I am actually not a fan of gay magazine’s I have to admit that the concept of this one is quite interesting and definitely new. It is still print media but completely online. So you are actually scrolling through a magazine, but without paper. Though I will definitely miss the feeling of paper that I truly admire and love, I happen to think it is quite innovative and very special.

the Vangardist
Let’s see how it will develop and stay tuned for more information and maybe even a collaboration avec moi. I think it would be definitely worth it, but let us wait because no one knows what comes up.
So – have a nice and wonderful Sunday even though the weather isn’t wonderful at all. I think you can find something to enjoy yourselves. Love you as you do love me.



P.S. I almost forgot to mention. Guess who I met there – V. and he tried to ignore me as good as possible. Good boy…after he did read my entries he knows that I know. Maybe one day he learns his lessons. That was entertaining. Shouldn’t have missed it.

looking Perfect is not a Miracle and why I do love Victoria Beckham – the Style Issue [Part I]

Sitting in bed suffering a little bit from a cold I must have accidentally catch up in the train home from university [you know what they say, well, what women say, ‚men suffer like children‘ – and I tell you, that is a shameless lie, well, at least for myself, I am half a woman in my heart, so I guess that statement is alright] I am currently listening to music [Celine Dion – the Power of Love…don’t ask me why, but I love that song and of course I do love her voice] and thinking about life, just as I usual do – but you know me, no thought is lost in this mind, it is too ingenious to lose anything. Well apart from my brilliancy there still is my ultimately sharp sense for fashion and of course my unbreakable will to become editor in chief of Vogue one day, but enough of me, myself and I before you start thinking I am a little bit conceited. And I just don’t want anything to come between you and me that could stop you from loving me – in fact I actually enjoy it.

Inspired by the fact that I am currently working on my Bachelor degree and therefore on my final project and the fact that my sister finally listened to me when it comes to cutting her hair to a pony, I thought it is about time to write about something that is unique and hereditary, something that you can’t learn, but just improve – a sense for fashion. It’s time for a style issue. This is not about telling you what to wear and what to definitely avoid, well actually it is, but not on a teacher – student kind of basis, but on a ‘let us create a more fashionable world together’ kind of basis.

So here we go. The ultimate number one – some mysterious rule I always wanted to delete out of every fashion lexicon in the world that says don’t mix brown and black – if you feel like doing it, then just do it. I made the experience that black and brown are the perfect combination if you just have a little sense for fashion and for the perfect look. I like to mix my agleam brown/golden shirt with a brown V-Pullover, perfect slim Levi’s or Diesel Jeans a black tie, black shoes and a black bag. That is my perfect outfit to walk through a fashionable ‘Sex and the City’ day.

Number two – as a very important styling rule – it is better to look overdressed than being the only one in a group out of hundreds that looks like going from riches to rags instead of contrariwise. Believe me, there is nothing more embarrassing than being the only one more dressed down than Christina Aguilera at a Grammy Awards Party. In real life no one excuses a bad dressed day – well, at least not in my universe/ my world. Unfortunately not feeling well is no excuse for a fashion faux pas – show your public face, smile and hide your fucking problems/private face – no one will ever be considerate of your emotions, believe me, not in real life, but that is what friends are for, isn’t it? [but more to that topic when the time is right].

Serious number three – make up is good, it is your friend on most of the 365 days a year is composed of, but not being able of applying it carefully and correctly is actually the eighth mortal sin. You have to be aware of the fact that the first impression is the most important one and apart from a good looking outfit it is absolutely necessary to look naturally and healthy – don’t forget, the first thing people notice is your physical appearance and above all your face. The most important thing is to look clean and fresh which gives you a healthy kind of look. I have to admit that when it comes to makeup I am an absolutely Dior addict, I never use anything else, but it is up to you, which makeup you want to use, not always the most expensive is the best one, believe me, I have tried a lot of different makeup. On a daily bases I use Diorskin Nude Makeup – it looks completely natural and above all it is good for me, because as a man it is very easy to look like a gender bender. Besides the foundation I use black Mascara – Diorshow Iconic Extreme to be absolutely precisely – because my lashes are so unbelievably lucid that it would seem as if I’d had none, so I kind of trick a little bit. Mostly it is just this bit of makeup to create the perfect look. Stick to the basics – that’s the secret!

That was of course not the complete styling guide, but I promise you that there will be a Part II and a Part III you can follow. But until that point of time I want to recommend you something to read very carefully – my actual styling bible when it comes to defining your personal style and improving your sense for fashion – Victoria Beckham; that Extra Half an Inch. It is the ultimate mock up of basic tricks and tips for creating the perfect look at any budget and for finding your true, personal style.

Victoria Beckham - that Extra Half an Inch
You just have to take a look at the cover and notice these wonderful pair of Christian Louboutin and you know you can’t deny – Victoria has got style. She is an Icon, above all, she is one of my most beloved role models when it comes to fashion and setting trends. Just as ELLE Magazine wrote in this year’s October issue, ‘Fashionwise, she is authentic. What you see is how she is all the time. If you have style, you always have it, whether there are cameras or not.’, and that is what Victoria symbolizes for me and that is what I love her for, because she gives me strength to pull my style and way of dressing through every situation in life, no matter what other people think. I know I have style, because I am absolutely comfortable in my skin and that is what fashion is all about!

Have a wonderful Friday party night or just enjoy a DVD in bed. Everything is up to you, because you are the only owner of your life. As long as you have fun and enjoy it, I support you to the fullest. I love you and you love me. I know that. And I appreciate it.



the Vienna Fashion Week 2009

This Week it is all about Fashion, Fashion and Fashion. And that is not just a promise, that is a matter of my heart. I will give you the most insightful reviews on Austria’s Fashion Scene and the newest Gossip. Watch out and stay tuned for the hottest Vienna Styles.


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