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Zagreb Needs Ties! [S02E02]

Burberry Check Silk Tie

The Burberry Check Tie I Already Have


Outfit of the Day: Black, waxed Guess Jeans; black and white cashmere Burberry sleeve; olive green and black H&M Military Jacket; black Burberry Scarf; silver Fossil watch; black vintage Longchamp bag and my shiny black Burberry shoes.

5.00 am
Good Morning my little Monster would be Lady Gaga say when she gets up in the morning; I on the other hand just scream and shout at my sister, ‘Where the hell is my coffee, is there a reason my coffee isn’t here? Have you died or something?’ In fact it took ten minutes to realize that I neither am Miranda Priestley nor the editor in chief of Runway; the fashion magazine from the book and the movie ‘The Devil wears Prada’.’

7.00 am
The rain started the minute we walked out of the house trying to get our huge suitcases and bags packed with clothes (mine of course with a load full of Burberry) into S’s car. Let me tell you one thing – the rain didn’t stop until this very hour with us sitting here playing a round of Trivial Pursuit and UNO. It is heavily pissing outside and we are sitting here with stacks of beer and bottles of wine as well as big bottles of water playing along with the weather as well as with the games my sister brought with her.

Croatia Klenovica Rainy Wednesday Arrival

Croatia Klenovica: the Rainy Wednesday Arrival

Who could have thought that she would come along with just a half empty suitcase and I would have to carry myself with a huge trunk, a bag and a second bag. You know, some boys just need all their stuff with them and where the hell was I supposed to store all that Burberry, all those new Vogues and my Clinique products? (I think I do not have to make it clear that I confiscated the whole wardrobe in our room to put my stuff in and let’s be honest, she can keep her stuff in the suitcase. It’s not that Burberry. I wish it were.) People with a certain style and image just have to have everything with them in order to keep this image so here I go with a heavy trunk trying to look as elegant as possible when heaving it into the car…

3.00pm Are we there yet? Well, yes we are.
…and later that day into the house we rented. We have three of them. They are called Shell boxes. And they have the size of one of my Burberry Shoeboxes. R and I are there with Speedfreak and Markus. Two rooms. Yes, I have a roomy. My sister. And it is quite OK since she doesn’t snore (THANK BURBERRY) and sharing a room equally makes me control the way she looks. So, I can pick a fight whenever her outfit isn’t picture perfect in my eyes. And I do complain a lot about that. I always did. But, when you see her you might realize that it helped since her style is relatively cool, chic and effortlessly pretty. 10 years of complaining and styling and giving tips (although she never wanted them) had to pay their tribute someday. And that day finally came.


Outfit of the Day: After several changes I have decided on wearing my white Massi Milano shirt; a classic house checked Burberry tie; a grey beige Tommy Hilfiger sweater without sleeves; a trench colored Burberry stead man jeans; a black Tommy Hilfiger belt; a dark blue Tommy Hilfiger suit Jacket; classic house checked hight-top Burberry sneakers and my vintage black Longchamp.

8.13 am
It is Thursday by now, I was already out for a run (btw: the sun is shining, shining, shining high above the clear sky); in the shower and had a little self-made breakfast buffet by Speedfreak. You know me: No cooking, no cleaning; no cleaning no dishpan hands; no dishpan hands no hundreds of thousands of Euros for La Mer Hand Balm. You see – my thinking always makes sense and as Christine (my work colleague) puts it; a little less money for La Mer a little more money saved for my very own Birkin Bag. So in the end I am winning.

Croatia Klenovica Sunny Second Day

Croatia Klenovica: the Sunny Second Day

1.30 pm Zagreb – Mission Burberry
After about two and a half hours of driving and laughing and fighting with a 20 feet woman (that’s an insider my dears) we arrived in Zagreb and started the hunt for the newly opened Burberry shop. The hunt unfortunately turned out to be a bit of a disappointment since I was looking for a great tie from the new collection but unfortunately, the only tie they had was the exact one I was already wearing. So there goes my message out to Burberry and Zagreb both at the same time: Zagreb Needs Ties. Desperately. Just like I do for fulfilling my plans of buying a Burberry tie in every country I travel to. So, as it seems I will have to come back to Zagreb/Croatia in order to fulfill this plan one day.

Croatia Zagreb Burberry Store Picture 1

Croatia Zagreb Burberry Store Picture 2

5:45 pm – Tea Time
Running around all the time not buying something because there isn’t anything I haven’t already seen or what I desperately need I finally decided to calm down a bit. So we went to ‘The Regent’ hotel close to the botanic garden and drank a cup of tea and coffee and had a little strawberry cheese cake. My sister, Speedfreak and his boyfriend Markus went to see the botanic garden but since the wind is quite heavy and I am not a big fan of plants I have decided to stay at ‘The Regent’ updating my blog and getting a bit of work done. That is the one thing I hate about a holiday – sometimes work and certain important tasks fall behind so one’s gotta do what one’s gotta do in order to keep himself financially fluent in order to being able to invest in all the Burberry one needs.

Now I sit here by myself relishing the fact that I am along for a little bit not having to talk and later on maybe flipping through the pages of my Vogue España with Lily Donaldson on the cover.

That’s all for now. Do you miss having me around already?



P.S.: All pictures by Speedfreak.


Day 5 + I Apologize…

…to all the ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Fans around the world. I always said that the movies were tremendously boring and bad because I always fell asleep when I attempted to watch the first part. I tried three times and three times I slept away. Well, until I decided to give it another shot after I read a lot about the background stories and the history of the Lord of the Rings (and yes, I did read the books by J.R.R. Tolkien). On the weekend I had some time for the movies and I couldn’t stop until I finished all three in a row – The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring; The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. They were amazing, stunning, utterly beautiful in the way they were being created and deserved every single Academy Award they’ve earned!

Day 5 of my 28 Days of Sugar Cleansing. I am not quite sure now what to actually do – some sources say 14 days, some say 21, some say 28. I am not quite sure about the exact amount of days so I will stick to what I have promised to you and myself – 28 days. Today I got back to work after a long Easter Weekend full of free time (that I definitely deserved!) and it was quite hard not to eat a cookie here or a bonbon there because that is just what we do. We – my two colleagues in Marketing and I. So it is me eating nuts and fruit and drinking about 6 Liters of water every single days. But it is good for me, I really can feel it already. Even though I just slept four hours I have never felt fitter and better and healthier ever before!

I even had a change of Starbucks today. I didn’t drink my (usually daily) triple grande soy latte macchiato extra hot but an espresso doppio and a bottle of water. I met C and A there. Both looked incredibly fantastic – Alexandra (who’s going to be one of the top therapists in a couple of years) with her new Yves Saint Laurent bag and Carolin (a fabulous shoe designer and great friend) with her amazing new pair of Shoes by Kurt Geiger and me without new clothes (that’s a new one, right?!) but with a brand new attitude towards life. But I don’t try to force them into seeing everything in my reason. I simply hate when people do that because everyone ought to do what he or she thinks is right to do. Well, with themselves only, of course. Killing someone doesn’t fall into that category – that’s a different story. A whole different story.

After my run (Today just 2.2 Kilometers / 1.35 Miley because there was a lot of work waiting for me at home but I didn’t want to start before not at least running one mile. It seems that all of a sudden I need it to clear my head from weird thoughts I have been having lately and several problems I can’t seem to find a soothing resolution for. Well, not in the last couple of days at least.) it is now time to work and have a little bit of environmental acoustic irradiation while working by watching the Devil wears Prada.

Have a terrific evening.



PowerSong of the Day:

Ellie Goulding – Human
[Album: Bright Lights (Deluxe Edition)] – even thought her song ‘The Writer’ has been my PowerSong yesterday I can’t find myself being able to stop listening to her album. It is just divine and beautiful and inspiring.

the Wedding thing…

Well, well, well – the one thing a fashion show always shows is raw talent and sometimes you have to face the fact that some youngsters are better than infamous and known designers, but will never get a real chance to be pushed because some people believe/say the best thing to run a show is to stick to stuff people already know and well let me tell you this one thing…It definitely ain’t a true word to believe/say so!

Yesterday I attended a bridal fashion show at the Radisson blu Hotel and all of you who already know me quite well definitely know that I totally love weddings and so this eventful situation was quite a happening for me sitting in the front row right at the hem of every single dress. Right beside me, my beautiful colleague Michaela in an outfit that could have been picked by me or by the stylists of the Devil wears Prada because that was what she looked like – beautiful, sensual and so fashionable! On my other side, my blogger colleague M.Y in an outfit so divine (bought in Roma) that could have been picked right away from Italian fashion week, above all I loved his bag and his coat.

Back to topic…the show itself has been a mix of various labels and shops such as Rettl 1868, Flossmann, Pronuptia, Cinderella and Vera Dittrich. Some dresses have been a big tremendous surprise others have been more than just a big disappointment above all when you face the fact of copying Oscar de la Renta, Valentino or Christian Dior…that is not fashionable and that should not be representing Vienna’s style elite…it is lame.

Here are a few pictures:


Vera Dittrich

I totally fell in love with the dress and its beautiful, immaculate fur – though I believe no bride would wear such a thing because what fits to your every day lifestyle is hardly enough to be your perfect Vera Wang…and between the two of us (from writer to reader) I only believe in Vera Wang!

Rettl 1868 - Women

Rettl 1868 - Men

Rettl might have been the traditional Austrian Wedding fashion but honestly what I really loved was finding a jacket by Rettl afterwards that I totally fell in love with and that I am totally buying!

And here a short video of the final run by M.Y – more about this Event on his blog!

After the fashion show with its highlights and not so high lights we attented walking around looking at wedding chocolate, wedding pictures, wedding flowers and wedding clothes and all I wanted to do was to create a bridal collection and to marry– in a Vera Wang suit and once I’ll marry there will be a suit just made for me by beautiful, wonderful, perfect miss Vera Wang.

So this is it, for now and I’ll say goodbye with a perfect statement for the perfect wedding:
First there comes the perfect dress and then the perfect groom!



P.S. All pictures taken by Peter Berger for Peter Berger Fotografie- and let me tell you one thing. I took a close look at his wedding picture books and totally fell in love!

Oh and watch out for this guy – there is more to come once a special email containing very special pictures will see the light of day on this blog.

Emily Blunt – a British acting sensation

Being immaculately beautiful often isn’t the only feature that makes you survive the Hollywood glittering world of hard work, jealousy and avidity – but being immaculately beautiful, indisputably talented and fabulously british might help sometimes to make you one of the biggest sensations of all times in a world where money is the best friend and an actress en Vogue as long as she is in the gossip rag. Well, not every is like Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz or Lindsay Lohan – some are still down to earth, pure and natural even though they are famous and a huge star all around the globe.

Emily Olivia Leah Blunt, born 23 February 1983 is one of those immaculate beauties that conquered the world by not being a shallow good looking Hollywood plastic girl, but by being capable of switching into dissimilar roles without losing authenticity, instinctiveness and pureness. She is one of those actresses that are able to play a fashion slave as well as a young queen growing up without losing the slightest bit of elegance, talent and sophistication.
When Emily was a A-Level student she had her professional debut in a musical called Bliss, which was written by Paul Sellar and performed in 2000 at the Edinburgh Fringe. From this moment on she showed capability of growing into various roles such as an ancient British warrior-queen in Boudica or a troubled child in Gideon’s Daughter for which she won a Golden Globe.

After landing the role as fashion enslaved victim to a fashion editor in the box-office success The Devil wears Prada, which is an adaption on the book by Lauren Weisberger and also an interpretation of her days working for US Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour, Blunt also took part in the independent drama Irresistible alongside Susan Sarandon and in 2009 taking the leading part in The Young Victoria playing Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, which has been a huge success all around the world and also achieved critical acclaim.

Since Emily had her breakthrough she is without a doubt one of those few big British actresses besides Keira Knightley and Kate Winslet that arrived in Hollywood to stay there as a big shiny star among all the typical All-American girls we are often tired of seeing and hearing. In my mind she is actually one of the best ‘newcomers’ we have seen in a while. When I look back at watching The Devil wear Prada for the first few times I remember myself as always looking at her and being fascinated by her raw talent and her absolute softness in playing incredibly and natural.

In my opinion she is one of the best actresse we have in these times of mass media and horribly bad produced movies, where everyone believes he/she is an incredible actor/actress and where money still can’t buy you any talent – she proves that what is out there is great, fabulous and above all British.



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