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Here’s Comes the Summer Sun!

Thinking about things to write about, tell you about, share little secrets about I thought it would be wiser to advise you to get the hell outside – enjoying the summer sun with some friends and a glass of Bombay Sapphire Gin with some ice and a lot of secrets shared and stories told and gossip spilt. Don’t forget your Gucci Sunglasses, your summer fragrance (Vera Wang for Men) and you brown alligator tote bag.

Three Songs my Personal Summer Day:

Miley Cyrus – Party in the U.S.A.

Miley Cyrus Party In the U.S.A.

Texas – Summer Son

Texas Summer Son

Emma Bunton – What Took You So Long?

Emma Bunton What Took You So Long?

Enjoy the Summer Sun!



25 Days of 28 Days Sugar Cleanse

P.S. 26 Days of my 28 Days Sugar Cleanse are done at Midnight – so two more days to go and I have really made it through. I feel great about myself – my skin is better, I feel fitter and yes, I would recommend everyone to try it out once. You won’t believe where one finds sugar hidden.



This is an amazing day. A short day at the office. The sun shining as bright as never before this winter season and I finally feel like spring is softly knocking on my shoulder telling me to dress up in spring collections. TGIS – Thank God it’s Springtime! And I feel so damn good today!

Vera Wang Spring 2012 Ad

Vera Wang Spring 2012 Ad Campaign

I even am inspired to push myself getting back to working a bit on fashion again – and thanks to whom? The one and only Vera Wang. To me there is hardly anyone as inspiring as Vera is. Her bridal couture personifies the romantic dreams of giving love and being loved as well as looking forward to a day where a woman puts on the most beautiful gown of her life and a man wearing the most perfectly fitted suit he ever had in order to meet one another at a most special point of life. The aisle. Where a woman is supposed to marry the man she loves and where both man and woman should be allowed to marry whomever they want – in the eyes of a God they believe in, of a church that accepts them the way they are, with all the choices they are making.

Vera Wang Spring 2012 Ad

Vera Wang Spring 2012 Ad Campaign

Vera Wang Spring 2012 Ad

Vera Wang Spring 2012 Ad Campaign

Vera Wang Spring 2012 Ad

Vera Wang Spring 2012 Ad Campaign

(Design by Vera Wang. Photography by Carter Smith. Models: Shu Pei and Tian Yi.)

Every now and then, when I watch people interacting or talking to one another I see one thing. Even in today’s society – where computers develop faster than the human race possible could; where human beings overcome their own frontiers and borders in order to develop bigger things than ever before, we are stuck in pretending to accept one another while talking behind their backs, acting against the actual human right of being free and happy and allowed to love whoever you want as well as being allowed to be loved. Openly. Without feeling the necessity of hiding in a closet where all the loneliness comes together and might mess up ones heart and thoughts and soul until the point where there is no return. And then once this point comes everyone acts surprised and shocked and sad even though they are well aware of the fact that they could have prevented it by accepting, tolerating and above all accepting someone for being who they are/were.

A Couple Kissing Passionately

Men Kissing

Gay Kiss Women

Between you and me – I am not the one to point his finger on someone’s flaw since I for myself often judge by not being tolerant enough to accept every person that crosses my way the way they are. I wish I could. Like my sister. Or like my wonderful friend Brigitte. But unfortunately I still have to work a lot on that subject though my judgment is less on the sex, gender or race but more on the fact that some people just don’t give a damn how they look or present themselves to and in society and the people around them. It is a thing I just can’t understand. But as I said, I promise to work on it. On myself. Developing my character further. Embracing other people’s flaws as well as my own and accepting different opportunities not just on a fashion matter but on general terms too.

So – why not for once trying to think about a world where all the people have the same rights? Where all the people have a home and right to love. Whomever they choose. Whomever they want.



“Life’s too short to even care at all…”

the Wedding thing…

Well, well, well – the one thing a fashion show always shows is raw talent and sometimes you have to face the fact that some youngsters are better than infamous and known designers, but will never get a real chance to be pushed because some people believe/say the best thing to run a show is to stick to stuff people already know and well let me tell you this one thing…It definitely ain’t a true word to believe/say so!

Yesterday I attended a bridal fashion show at the Radisson blu Hotel and all of you who already know me quite well definitely know that I totally love weddings and so this eventful situation was quite a happening for me sitting in the front row right at the hem of every single dress. Right beside me, my beautiful colleague Michaela in an outfit that could have been picked by me or by the stylists of the Devil wears Prada because that was what she looked like – beautiful, sensual and so fashionable! On my other side, my blogger colleague M.Y in an outfit so divine (bought in Roma) that could have been picked right away from Italian fashion week, above all I loved his bag and his coat.

Back to topic…the show itself has been a mix of various labels and shops such as Rettl 1868, Flossmann, Pronuptia, Cinderella and Vera Dittrich. Some dresses have been a big tremendous surprise others have been more than just a big disappointment above all when you face the fact of copying Oscar de la Renta, Valentino or Christian Dior…that is not fashionable and that should not be representing Vienna’s style elite…it is lame.

Here are a few pictures:


Vera Dittrich

I totally fell in love with the dress and its beautiful, immaculate fur – though I believe no bride would wear such a thing because what fits to your every day lifestyle is hardly enough to be your perfect Vera Wang…and between the two of us (from writer to reader) I only believe in Vera Wang!

Rettl 1868 - Women

Rettl 1868 - Men

Rettl might have been the traditional Austrian Wedding fashion but honestly what I really loved was finding a jacket by Rettl afterwards that I totally fell in love with and that I am totally buying!

And here a short video of the final run by M.Y – more about this Event on his blog!

After the fashion show with its highlights and not so high lights we attented walking around looking at wedding chocolate, wedding pictures, wedding flowers and wedding clothes and all I wanted to do was to create a bridal collection and to marry– in a Vera Wang suit and once I’ll marry there will be a suit just made for me by beautiful, wonderful, perfect miss Vera Wang.

So this is it, for now and I’ll say goodbye with a perfect statement for the perfect wedding:
First there comes the perfect dress and then the perfect groom!



P.S. All pictures taken by Peter Berger for Peter Berger Fotografie- and let me tell you one thing. I took a close look at his wedding picture books and totally fell in love!

Oh and watch out for this guy – there is more to come once a special email containing very special pictures will see the light of day on this blog.

my perfect Day – one Day – maybe… happy ever after?!

Yesterday – or actually tonight at about 2.30 a.m. – I was lying awake in my bed and decided to watch Bride Wars with Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway. I was kind of in the mood for laughing and for bridal couture – and afterwards dreaming about my own wedding which is the topic of this blog post.

My one and only wedding day. THE happening of my life. I don’t know when it will take place or if it even will take place one day [maybe if I would finally meet someone who wants to kneel down on one knee with a perfect Tiffany&Co engagement ring – colorless D, flawless, 2.99, platinum – the Tiffany setting] but I am planning it – well, you know, never say never and always be prepared.

Since I can think about marrying I imagine myself in Vera Wang – of course I would never wear a dress, that would be weird [Mr.StrictlyIntimate’s little drag show…] but Vera will have to make an exception to create the perfect white Wedding suit pour moi. I want to say ‘yes’ in Vera Wang couture and I will definitely say ‘yes’ in a white 3 piece suit with silver jacket [same coloured ornaments], white Dior shoes – varnish, of course, a white tie, my amazing Cartier watch and a Calla lily instead of drapery in my breast pocket. I know I will look amazing. I just have to close my eyes and I can imagine the whole scene…

My best friends and I are in a big room with mirrors and a beautiful chaise longue where my jacket is placed. I put on everything, slowly and carefully, to make sure every little piece is perfectly placed on my body. My friends and I laugh and they tell me how beautiful I am and I tell them how beautiful they are in their soft lilac strapless Vera Wang dresses that I picked for them. We smile, I look into the mirror and M. helps me to get into my jacket. My sister R places the Calla Lily and J. hands me the flower bouquet – Calla lilies too – white with a mix of lilac, soft and warm. I take one last look into the mirror and I have to smile because I know that this is going to be the most beautiful day of my entire life. We get in the white carriage drawn by four white horses with soft lilac Hermès saddles [custom made of course – they usually do not produce in such a colour but they will do it for my wedding] and we drive off to a castle [I won’t tell which one it is because I have not quite settled on the right one yet, but I will let you know, when it is time for that].

When we arrive everything is silent and I know I am ready when my maid of honour walks down the aisle in front of me. My mother takes my hand to walk me down the aisle, but before we get in I can see her eyes are sparkling because she knows that I have never been more happy before – she kisses my forehead and we go…slowly. Step by step while the traditional wedding sounds and bells sound. I look into my groom’s eyes and smile…this is going to be THE perfect day! I just know it.

Have a beautiful evening and a wonderful and easy start into the new week.
Love you.



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