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On the Hunt (for the Perfect Apartment) [Part I]

‘Are you fucking kidding me?’ was the first thought coming to my mind when I entered the bedroom of the apartment I was taking a look at today. Okay, let us be clear – the 12th district is definitely not my paradise district but I thought compromising might not just make me a better person but might pay its tribute to my sudden positive attitude. Which, by the way turned back negative the immediate second I saw the living room furniture.

Charlotte York's Apartment 1

Inspiration #1: Charlotte York’s Apartment

It wouldn’t have been any kind of problem if I would have been allowed to kill all the furniture kicking it out of the apartment and decorating it the way it should have been. I loved the stucco on the ceilings but the table and the sofa and those hideous glass plates in the shelves – how could someone possibly say ‘YES’ to living there without feeling the urgent necessity of throwing everything out. Which I made clear by saying so. The owner obviously didn’t like the idea of me hiring people to throw out all the hideous stuff or, the owner’s wife didn’t like it, is more like it. It was like a storage space for all her hideosities.

Charlotte York's Apartment 2

Inspiration #2: Charlotte York’s Apartment

The bedroom walls were completely covered in made to measure lockers and one wasn’t even able to see a single centimeter of the walls. I felt a bit claustrophobic to be honest though I usually never have problems with small rooms but this wasn’t just right – it was like living in a cupboard with all the storage possibilities all around and seriously, who, except for Chip the talking teacup from Beauty and the Beast would want that? The kitchen was a ‘made in 1960’ disaster – with the ugliest tapestry I have ever seen in my life. Let me make it clear – a gay guy living in a kitchen with full flower tapestry isn’t a gay guy anymore. It’s a gay guy imploded by his own gayness. Honestly, I would love to keep myself at least a little bit of masculinity.

Carrie Bradshaw Apartment Sex and the City Movie 2 Dressing Room

Inspiration #3: Carrie Bradshaw’s Dressing Room (Sex and the City: the Movie 2)

The moment of realizing that this apartment definitely wasn’t going to be mine was quite hard since I thought that there was a tiny bit of a chance to be moving out of my parents house in early June but well, one can’t always get what one wants the immediate second one wants it. So it is okay with me – another situation that made me grow as an adult a little bit. Now the searching and hunting for a decent apartment goes on and then, once I have found one I can envision myself living in, there will be an ‘On the Hunt’ sequel where everything circles around finding the perfect signature to underline my personality and personal style – classy, elegant, elitist and new age smugness.

If you know a place do not dare to hesitate hooking me up with more details.



Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment Sex and the City Movie 2

Inspiration #4: Carrie Bradshaw’s Dining Area (Sex and the City: the Movie 2)

Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment Sex and the City Movie 2 Living Area

Inspiration #5: Carrie Bradshaw’s Living Area (Sex and the City: the Movie 2)

Berlin, Berlin…you are so wonderful Berlin – can I come back to you again and will you embrace me then? [Season Finale]

Happening right now: I am sitting at Starbucks while it is raining in the streets of Vienna – drinking my usual triple shot latte macchiato with soy milk – extra hot and typing this lines in remembrance of a wonderful vacation and a hard’n’heavy road trip that made a lot of fun… so here is what everyone has been waiting for since I have started writing the journey… the End.

Sunday 17th – 4:35 pm

I sit here at the airport waiting for the boarding of my flight back to my home country Vienna… it was an adventurous trip in Berlin…three days… and above all I forgot my fucking ID…the one thing everyone actually needs when traveling out of the boarders of their home country. I really wonder how I could have been that silly because everyone who knows me perfectly well is aware of the fact that I never forget anything if it is important. But well as it seems even I have my little flaws. Or some big issues as well as it turned out when K and I were talking more intimate than ever before on Thursday – the night before ‘road trip’-ing to Berlin, but please, let me start at the beginning of these three days.

Thursday – night. 11.30 pm (actually right after coming home from cinema watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II). The house of K and her mother C. The night before traveling to Berlin.

We sat in the garden with a glass of wine and some salad her mother made for our journey. I knew that this talk would be more deep from the moment on K said ‘Hey, I think we have to have a little talk – I need to tell you some things’. As it turns out this was more like some kind of therapy lesson for me as well as for her for I told her everything about me. Things no one ever made me tell. Things that were hidden as deeply as they hurt for they nevertheless were past and therefore and something I actually mostly try to forget or just forgive from time to time. It was something , I have never told anyone before for I did never believe that theses secrets would matter anyhow at any given point of time. But as it turned out they mattered more than I even dared to believe myself.
Non the less I will not talk about this stuff here and now because it is pre-self-respective-me-time and pre-self-conscious-mrstrictlyintimate. This blog is a future forward, new age thinking diary for me, a platform where I talk about everything that happens here and now or maybe even in some time ahead but right now, it doesn’t really feel like being right to me to talk about private past stuff. Maybe in a book one day. I do believe this would be the perfect material for a book about the hidden depths of a human psyche.

As I sat there with K talking my heart and my soul out I wondered if I should stick to my usual motto – if two can keep a secret then one of them is dead – but I decide that I couldn’t trust K any more than I already do so I just talk and talk and talk. And it somehow feels really good.

Friday 6:00 am – the early bird catches the worm – the early Mr.StrictlyIntimate catches everything AFTER he got his seven cups of coffee and wears a glittering and glamorous outfit.

C brings us to the train to Regensburg where we will meet up with someone who is a complete stranger to the both of us found by K on a website called but as it turns out this is the kind of stuff everyone does in our society. Several people told me about this site and I have to admit that it felt weird to wait for someone you do not know at all driving you to a destination without making you a slave or a prostitute. It is actually quite refreshing that there still are somewhat trustworthy people out there.

We arrived in Berlin with a few stops and well we were alive and our driver actually has been a pretty nice guy – so no complaint just pure joy we actually made it to Berlin. Once we got out of the car and said goodbye to Fritz (yeah right – some joking automatically aroused because of the name and a certain Austrian guy everyone around the world knows by know starting with Fritz and ending with -l…but I do not give any hints here who it actually is.)

Annemarie (thank God we met Annemarie – a wonderful, sparkling, bright and so fashionable young woman) picked us up to bring me save to her home (in Potsdam – so beautiful!) and to give me the opportunity to get rig of clothes and jumping into a new pair of Levi’s Jeans, a white Diesel T-Shirt, my gray Zara cardigan and my black satin Petar Petrov Jacket adding my Swarovski crystal necklace and my Boxfresh sneakers to complete the outfit. I looked good and I was ready to be taken to a fantastic, open minded and entertaining party – a student party! The best I have ever had but that could have been the shot of adrenaline being produced by the thought of me finally being in Berlin – whole, alive and all dressed up in hot couture.

Saturday: 4.15 am – on the way home. Well, hers not mine. Of course.

Though I have been up for almost 24 hours I have to say that I do not feel any kind of exhaustion yet but just the thrill of what is coming up to us on the next day of visiting Berlin.
Once we entered the Berlin scenario of living and eating and breathing and dressing I happened to meet a point where I inadequately realized that everything is more fashionable in Berlin – that everything rocks and everyone glams and everthing else just had a fucking awesome attitude. I felt great and I felt so at home (though realizing I forgot something actually very important for my way back home to Vienna – my fucking passport where I look like a fucking overdressed Nazi – though I actually do not quite know why, but with the bold head and the jacket that looks like a bomber jacket on the picture one could actually mistake me for someone that I am absolutely not – above all… why do they had to put the Austrian stamp right over my bright pink tie?! I believe this tie would have saved everything bringing me back to the all gay – all good – all harmless spotlight!).

As we sat in a restaurant for dinner K, AM and her friend tried to enlighten my mood which swung from overwhelmingly lucky being in Berlin to calling my self a fucking idiot for forgetting something as essential as my passport – it did not help, though I felt calmer and better after talking to the embassy and the police – who both ensured me that I will somehow make it to Vienna (even if they had to hid me in a Burberry Suitcase – well it is not what they said, but that is what I have heard and imagined from their words!).

Saturday: 9.00 pm – ready to party the gay way? Well, no. Not quite.

As we decided, when I arrived in Berlin, that we definitely had to pay a visit to the gay scene, we were all as keen as mustard to check out the hot guys. But then, in the end we did not because we decided that we should use the last night in Berlin to order Pizza, talk about stuff like fashion, makeup and weird friends that were just being made and born for our own amusement. And so we sat and laugh and ate the grossest Pizza I have ever heard of that turned out to be the best one I have ever had in my mouth… guys. Still talking about pizza here and it was a hot dog pizza – Pizza base with sausage, onions, cocktail gherkin and mustard. Damn that was delicious.

Sunday: 1.30 am – still wide awake. Just me. But anyhow being awake doesn’t change its status just because I was all by myself though one might have been able to call it a single night in bed – just like every night seems to be but who complains?

Sunday: 12.00 pm – Brunch with Phil Meinwelt, AM and Richard. So funny, so entertaining and so delicious. I believe the four of us had the nicest brunch one could have. I definitely have to point out that AM is the funniest girl I have ever met in my entire life. She is a born entertainer.
After eating and after a big fauxpas made by the waiter… when we paid he really looked at me and seriously asked ‘do you pay lonesome’ – I looked at him unsure of either to slap him or to say ‘honey, in the evenings my bed never is lonesome!’ … but I went for – I pay on my own because I am able to afford everything I want since I am a hard working single gay guy waiting for anyone to show up trying to show him that love isn’t just a fucking made up myth created by Walt Disney to keep us entertained while struggling with life so NO I do not pay lonesome I pay fucking happy SINGLEISH! Well, I did not say that either. But in my head I did. And my friends saw this in my eyes. I paid. We left. For good.

Sunday 3.10 pm – saying goodbye with a heavy hard. It is time for me to say goodbye to little K and her wonderful friend Lilly! AM and I go to the airport, me breathing hard not being sure if I make it through to the gate because of my missing passport but as it turns out the guy at the check in doesn’t give a fucking fuck about my missing passport and is perfectly satisfied with seeing my driving license letting me take my flight back to Vienna.

And there I am now. Vienna. Back again. But not for long I guess. I do believe.



P.S. Knowledge of the Day (no not that day but today): Never forget your umbrella at home…you might get wet surprise. XO

Road Trip! [S01E04]

Tuesday 6.30 am

Waking up in a car is not at all as I have expected – it is even worse. I felt like a ton of bricks hit my back…very relaxing. As I wake up I see, that I am the only one awake…but in the next hour everyone else sneaks out of their tents and wheel estates making their ways to freshen up a bit or to grab some bites to eat – I think they call it breakfast too. But what do I know about campers – I even dare to believe they have their own language and expressions for almost anything. But again… what do I know.

9.00 am – sharp

K, W and I are packing up their stuff (I actually do not happen to have so much stuff with me except for that one suitcase and that one big bag) so we can make our ways to the next stops… and there are a lot of stops to come up. Packing a tent looks funny… not that I would dare to touch one trying to bundle it, but it looks funny when K does it.

9.30 am

My place in the car is bigger now for W created himself a Tetris situation moving everything in the car so wisely and precisely that I think I am sitting in a loft now! Have I ever said, that I love space? Well, if I did not – here I go. I simply love space… above all space in a car where everything is already so minimized and small and little and you know… just like a car is.

10.15 am – McDonalds Breakfast

I haven’t been to McDonalds in ages – I forgot how good and satisfying it feels to cram all this fat food into your body… and I forgot that scrambled eggs never looked quite scrambled or well, enjoyable. But anyways, I eat it all up and add myself a brownie being forced to admit an conclusion while finalizing the last bit – no one beats a Starbucks Rockslide Brownie… it is full of everything one needs – too much sugar, too much sugar oh and before I forget, too much sugar! The best!

1.30 pm

Can’t believe I fucking fell asleep in a car…again. But well, I must have accustomed to the thought of sleeping inconveniently. I just can remember plugging in my iPhone listening to music while catching chunks of heavy discussions between K and W – love talk. Too much for my anti-love orientated nerves. They can’t handle snuggling and kissing and touching couples anymore. So, well…seeing one of those couples quarreling or discussing or whatever they call it to ease their souls from believing it is not a fight, seems a bit refreshing… but still. None of my business. And nothing my pure nerves could stand right now. So music is all I need and then I fall asleep. And then we are at a weight station. Gosh – never use one of these toilettes. I have seen gross stuff but this has been the worst. Trust me. It was like standing in a fucking river of pee. How can it be that guys can’t handle their dicks?! I think I have to sign a petition for cutting of dicks if not used properly and adequately and above all hygienically. So if anyone misses the toilette or if anyone is a bad fucker… shhh snip!

3:00 pm – sharp (again – what are we sharp today…not just our looks but even our schedule)

Stuttgart. Dinner. Searching for a restaurant with wireless internet for I need to send an article to an editor…in a hurry actually. ‘Rote Kapelle’ – the perfect choice right beside a beautiful park with a beautiful chapel at a beautiful water place – everything so fucking beautiful and I can’t enjoy the view because I have to write. So I write and eat and write and eat and drink a Martini Bianco with ice and half a slice of lemon (just for the inspiration here – I need a little Carrie-feeling in order to write something really good). I finish. I send. We are off to our next stop.

5.30 pm – Stuttgart airport

K says goodbye to little W – he is off to a meeting in Norway. Pretty little scene there. Some I-will-miss-you’s, some I-love-you’s, some kisses and then he is off and we are too. On our way to Munich. To W’s flat bringing his stuff there for he can wash and use it once he returns there on Thursday. Anyways, the motto is road trip again and enjoy my first time alone with K – we sing, we talk (boy talk, of course), we laugh, we eat ice cream, we drink coke and water, we laugh and sing again, some more even… right now we are hitting the 90’s – baby one more time, viva forever, genie in a bottle and even some Backstreet Boys.

7.30 pm – Munich

Gosh we were so perfectly going there without taking the wrong way only once…oh gosh what a lie. But at least it was fun and it felt like a road trip to me so who the fuck cares if we went the wrong way once. You will stick to the story that we never took a wrong direction. We unload W’s stuff and trunks and anything else that belongs to him…well K does while I wait at the car taking my chance to smoke a cigarette to calm my fragile soul. While I smoke and wait K has to deal with W’s presumably depressive flatmate. K tells me that every time she visits W this girl lies in her bed, completely freaked out and completely whacked. But, and here is the brilliant twist… she acts that way since she is in a relationship. So… what lesson do we learn here?! Relationships are not meant to make you happy – they are meant to make you look like a complete wreckage. And let me tell you before anyone else does – looking like a wreckage isn’t stylish since Kurt Cobain left this world and grunge went from being cool to being emo… emotionally unstable.

8.30 – almost there!

The last half an hour of our trip is full of musicals – Dance of the Vampires (Tanz der Vampire), Elisabeth, Romeo and Juliet and then we fucking hit every important Disney song from Can you feel the love tonight (I can’t since I am single – can you?) to Colors of the Wind (ah what an epic song – even in German perfectly beautiful and in French just immaculate to me). And then we are there. Road trip done. Mitterfecking somewhere in the deep deep anything of Bavaria. In a house as huge as the Playboy Mansion (ok well, the half of it) and as beautiful as Aaron Spellings Villa. A place to fall in love with. A beautiful garden, a beautiful pool and K’s Mom C greeting us wholeheartedly. I simply like her. She is awesome.

11.30 pm – garden drinking…bottle up!

As we sit there in the beautiful garden we drink some beers and some glasses of wine and talk and laugh and look at all the pictures of K and W (there are some really bad ones existing… maybe I can steal them away and publish them once they are famous!) but also very cute ones. K looks really good on every single picture (well on most of them, at least).



Song of the Day: Love You Like a Love Song- Selena Gomez [When the Sun Goes Down]

Selena Gomez When the Sun Goes Down

When Disney stars grow up they can become all sorts of human beings – lost, talent free cheerleader type of guys like Vanessa Hudgens, sweet but still inconspicuous singers/actors that play a cheerleader in a TV-show like Ashley Tisdale (the Show I am talking about is of course ‘Wildcats’) or prepotent actors who honestly can’t act (and/or sing though they became famous for that you know… stuff – remembering High School Musical? Better don’t!) like Zac Efron. And while other stars shine in either absence (Demi Lovato – I am so by your side… go get better and get back on track girl because you are damn talented) or with a scandalous change of life (poor poor Miley Cyrus) others grab the chance and steal the spotlight faster than any of named above can say ‘Burberry’ (yeah I know, I have a talent of bringing up this term/label in the most unexpected situations but hey I am addicted so please just let me get away with it!) just like beautiful and young mademoiselle Selena Gomez did.

A couple of days ago (June 21st) her third Album ‘When the Sun Goes Down’ hit the market like a bullet hits the brain – and so it did with my brain. It hit me and I can’t get it out of my head. This album is somewhat addictive and contagious that my iPod plays it off the hook – perpetually. While the first two albums (Kiss&Tell and A Year Without Rain) of Selena Gomez and the Scene where kind of nice but not hugely conspicuous to really arouse my attention I definitely have to say that this one is a different gauge. I’d dare say one Disney star plans on taking over the world with disco tunes that make you want to rock and dance the whole night through leaving the old and odd image of a young aspiring Disney teen star behind setting herself free to become an adult and grown up woman slowly but steadily.

Selena Gomez When the Sun Goes Down Album Cover

I have to admit that there were one or two singles on each of the first two albums that I really liked or still can’t get out of my head because they went into a direction that perfectly fits to where Selena Gomez and the Scene are right now – catchy, lighthearted and funky pop music with a very danceable, rockable and above all enjoyable beat. For instance ‘Naturally’ who was actually the most recognizable single from the Kiss&Tell album, which I still enjoy every once in a while when the sun shines beautifully and I just want to listen to easy going and lighthearted tunes. Or ‘Spotlight’ from their sophomore album A Year Without Rain, which actually is a funny single to just close your eyes to imagining you become a rock star one single day. But while these songs have been very young and well a bit childish actually it seems that someone grew up and glamorous. Selena became a beautiful woman (more beautiful than she has always been anyway) with a strong appeal and a great attitude towards fashion – which is absolutely obvious flipping through the booklet of the new album where she totally appears glamorous, divalicious and above all incredibly stylish and colorful!

When the Sun Goes Down – Selena Gomez and the Scene

1. Love You Like a Love Song
2. Bang Bang Bang
3. Who Says
4. We Own the Night (featuring Pixie Lott)
5. Hit the Lights
6. Whiplash
7. When the Sun Goes Down
8. My Dilemma
9. That’s More Like It
10. Outlaw
11. Middle of Nowhere
12. Dices (‘Who Says’ Spanish Version)

While I like to listen to the platinum hit single ‘Who Says’, which is a simple ode to self-love, self-belief and self-trust I totally have to say that nothing beats the new single ‘Love You Like a Love Song’ (video to be seen above! Simply a song you can’t get out of your head and to be honest – it may be a love song but finally it is not one of those cheesy kiss me now before I lose you forever kind of songs – it is lighter, fresher and perfect to let all the worries go dancing around your room) and the songs My Dilemma (totally addictive and reminding us all of a simple situation of knowing someone is not good to be in love with but still you can’t get away from that special person), Hit the Lights (an incredible and even better homage to oneself and above all to our fears of failing without even trying – go fulfill your dreams goddammit!) and We Own the Night featuring Pixie Lott (totally addictive and totally cute – really good duet choice… thank God she did not sing with another Disney freak again!).

All I can say is – get the album. Purchase it, listen to it and simply love it for its beautifully simplicity. It is a rare peace of enjoyment. I have never heard a thing like that – above all not from a former Disney star and I have to say I truly respect Selena Gomez for giving us such a great musical experience. Though I have to admit that she definitely could use some improvement on her live singing skills I have nothing to say against this album – it is cool, it is fresh, it is new… but above all it is a great fun and absolutely danceable. And while you read this article and think about whether to purchase these twelve songs I am about to dance around my room lightheartedly and completely free of any bad thoughts.

Love it. Enjoy it. Dance the Whole Night through!



P.S. Knowledge of the Day: Never judge a book by its covers – some people may surprise you others may fail to do so. Nothing ever turns out as expected beforehand. Believe me – been there, recognized that. XO

Smile and say Goodbye to Lullabies

Avril Lavigne - Goodbye Lullaby

Well, well, well… I definitely do think (after a bottle of red wine and a big pile of Vogue) that it is time to write about something that catches me right now. I have just purchase the new Avril Lavigne Album – Goodbye Lullaby (Deluxe Edition) on iTunes and well yeah I am so happy. It just makes me feel happy and makes me smile and let me tell you one thing… it is great. It rocks. It makes one sentimental. It makes one see love. It makes one want to shake and dance and get up to get dressed up and go out. It is simply the perfect album I have been waiting for so long. It is her best and if that is what she came up with after three records and 30 millions sold LP’s there is definitely more than good to come up in future.

Avril Lavigne – Goodbye Lullaby (Deluxe Edition)

1 Black Star
2 What The Hell
3 Push
4 Wish You Were Here
5 Smile
6 Stop Standing Here
7 I Love You
8 Everybody Hurts
9 Not Enough
10 4 Real
11 Darlin’
12 Remember When
13 Goodbye
14 Alice (Extended Version)
15 What The Hell (Acoustic Version)
16 Push (Acoustic Version)
17 Wish You Were Here (Acoustic Version)
18 Bad Reputation
19 What The Hell (Remix)

Buy it and love it. Above all I love this particular song, that makes me just smile and I do believe that it is supposed to! It is great. It is lovely. It is motivating. It is inspiring. It is Avril! Check out the single Smile!

Love you all


P.S.: You know that I’m a crazy bitch – I do what I want when I feel like it – I just want to lose control!

Walt Disney versus True Love

One of the biggest, most important and hopefully most beautiful events in a woman’s life is definitely the same matter in my own life. A very good friend of mine, the twin sister of my best friend Kristen, we call her Katharina at this point, has reached this goal to get to her event of a lifetime…she got engaged.

We, Kristen, Serena (one of our best friends, an actual model, not very famous, but absolutely beautiful) and I, regard the amazing ring with envy and wish that the three of us could take her position now, because, let us all be honest from the beginning, she has a prince charming on a white horse. For her, and of course for us too, a dream has come true, just like in a traditional Walt Disney classic, like my all-time favorite ‘the Sleeping Beauty’. A perfect man, a house (they just moved in…and honestly isn’t that just unfair?), an engagement ring, and next year a big, wonderful, white wedding. She has it all, and they even look attractive, both.

Yes, point taken, if someone would really go green with envy, I could hide in the grass and would be seen. But what is it that makes me that jealous, and besides, I really do feel happy for her, I really, really do, but I just ask myself, why I can’t have it all?

As long as I remember, I always believed in a reality of true love brought into being by Walt Disney… the Sleeping Beauty, my first Disney…just a simple kiss and she was his, and he was hers and they both were together…happily ever after. A reality that for the most of us has not just yet happened, and for some of us maybe never will come true.

Sleeping Beauty...A kiss and then the happily ever after

Sleeping Beauty...A kiss and then the HAPPILY EVER AFTER

How imaginable real is this kind of fairy tale/ true love in today’s society really? Is there always someone existing who is meant to be for another one? Someone who is THE ONE, as we know it from our childhood fairy tales?

Every single day of our lives we get confronted with the fact of people finding each other, falling in love, getting engaged, marrying, pledging loyalty, maybe having kids and quicker as any of those happy couples can say ‘Birkin Bag’ they get divorced. Can someone please tell me where there is the romantic part? Am I just blind? Or is romantic really on a dry spell, just like my sex life? I am desperately looking for the traditional three words ‘I love you’, including the seemingly cut out phrase ‘for eternity’, just like we know it from our Jane Austen books, which actually did their part on me being hopelessly romantic and lost in my romantic imaginations on a man being a gentleman and a woman being a lady, with manners and everything, you must have heard of it from your grand grand grand grand parents. I miss belonging to someone until the bitter, lachrymose end, with body and soul, heart and soul, body and love, apart from being disturbed by all his flaws and tics. Where are those times where a man was an obliging, accomplished and complimentary gentleman and a woman a mannerly, always well-dressed and accomplished lady? These times are, unfortunately, so over…and that is what actually hurts my heart. Yesteryears are elapsed and the future, when it comes to matters of love, is definitely not the way it should be.

I want to be in love too, happily in love. I want a man to ask me to marry him and I want a ring as big as a terrestrial globe, or at least a big closet as an engagement gift, just like Carrie Bradshaw. I want this one true everlasting feeling of loving someone, unconditionally and uncontrollably. How many frogs must I kiss until one possible prince appears in my life? It hits a single like me like a bus or a ton of bricks seeing happy couples in love every I go and every I look. It is like an invasion, they are everywhere.

I know, I may sound a little cynical but I really do still believe in real love just like Walt Disney burnt it into my brain when I was a little boy. I never gave that thought up and I would never dare to do it now. And somehow, do not ask me how, I know that somewhere out there he is. THE ONE waiting for me. To capture me in his core-shaking love until the rest of our lives. One day the glass shoe will fit and my prince charming will be right in front of me on his white horse. And then, there is my… HAPPILY EVER AFTER.



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