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That’s the Spirit.

The spirit is to never give up.
The spirit is to never back down.
The spirit is to always breathe slow when there’s no way out.

The spirit is to fall and get back up again.
The spirit is to smile even though you feel like hell.

The spirit is to rise even though you feel like fading.
The spirit is to show yourself even though you feel like hiding.

The spirit is to never say never.
The spirit is to always remember.
The spirit is to tell yourself how beautiful you are…
…even thought they may tell you you’re not.

The spirit is to fail and lose.
The spirit is to live and bruise.

The spirit is to cry and let it go.
The spirit is to see what life has given to you.

The spirit is to fall and get back up again.
The spirit is to smile even though they give you hell.

That is the spirit.
That is who you are.
A dreamer.
A fighter.



[written by Mr.StrictlyIntimate]


the End. For Now.

Pretty Little Liars Title

Well, well, well. Yesterday was THE grand finale of the month. Pretty Little Liars season two (Episode 25 – unmAsked) ended and it was not with a fizzle but with a bang! A big bang. If you haven’t seen the last episode by now you should definitely not read on because I am playing A’s part now – I am the tell-it-all bitch that sets off spoiler alert!

It was epic and I was thrilled with every single second of it. Spencer looked as stunning as ever and was amazingly tough – even better than ever before. One was able to see flames in her eyes when she looked at her sister Melissa (whom everyone believed to be A) from the backdoor stating, ‘Hide and seek was my favorite game with Melissa. You want to know why? I always won.’ And I believed her while hell froze and her stunning face gave me the creeps. Mona (played by stunningly beautiful Janel Parrish) is A. A is Mona. Well, not just in the books but also in the ABC Family TV-Show. Though being declared mentally ill, one can see that Mona should win an Academy Award for acting all loony while the A-Team gets ready for a big bitch slap in season 3 in which her part will never be at stakes! I actually have to bow for the cast and crew to play the Mona part so witty and not letting her die in the end (like in the books) but getting a bashing reprise in the following seasons.

Pretty Little Liars - Message from 'A'

Message from A right after she hit Hanna with her car. At least she was polite enough to apologize.

Other shocking details: Melissa definitely will get her big part in season three while Jenna has a surprise up her sleeves for the four liars – pretending she can’t see but actually having her sight back could get the girls a lot of more trouble. Spencer and Toby back together but hey, did everybody forget about the most beautiful of all guys? Hello – what about Wren!? Will there be a male bitch fight over Spencer?
The saddest tale of all Emily had to tell. At the end of her day all there was left was a dead body waiting for her to be discovered. Her girlfriend Maya was found dead. No murderer, no murderer weapon, no reason – so far. I bet there is going to be more on that once the Pretty Little Liars are finally back on screen. What I really liked about the fact of the girls finding Maya dead was the reminiscing musical moment because those who have watched from episode one might remember that the same tune was playing when Ali’s body was being found. Orelia Has Orchestra – Suggestions.

At the end of every day life is a lesson but what did the Pretty Little Liars learn? And what did those threatening the girls learn? Not just, ‘Never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret’ but also “Never underestimate a pretty girl fighting for her right to have a normal life.’ Bitch A might be back but Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer can be bitches of their own.



P.S.: Dear Producers – I so hope (for your own good and safety) that season two will be on DVD soon. I can’t wait.

Introduction: the Diary of the Traveling Burberry [Pilot]

Spotted: Mr.StrictlyIntimate packing his bags to go on a trip – all that Burberry, all that Prada and all that Givenchy packed up to explore Germany for one week – various train stops, various car stops and a lot of adventures! What will happen? What will come up? What will be the most shocking scandal – will there be any at all? Will there be sex and drugs and rock’n’roll? Will there be dates and some more Burberry?

Whatever it is that I am about to see on my trip I will for sure keep you posted! So stay with me in a week full of adventures and interesting happenings… the next week will be called ‘the Diary of the Traveling Burberry’ – so stay tuned and follow me on an adventurous trip!



Pretty Little Liars: Season 2 – The Premiere

Guess what I am up for tonight?! After reading the books by Sara Shepard and watching the Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family in its first season it is absolutely clear to me that tonight I am watching the premiere of the second season on ABC Family!

This is what lovers of Gossip Girl watch when they need a little horror thrill but still with a fashionable and fresh view. Above all I am so looking forward to see Spencer more often with her gorgeous face and her unbelievably perfect sense for fashion – sharp girl… you won’t let ‘A’ ruin your preppy life, won’t you?!

Watch out for this my beautiful readers – maybe one day you will have an ‘A’ messing with your live calling you little bitches. Who knows?! In times like these everything is possible.

For now, all the best little bitches!

XO – Mr.StrictlyIntimate

P.S. Can you really keep all your secrets to yourself? Well, I doubt that and I will promise to prove you are so wrong. XO

a little Change – a little Piece of Mind

As I might have promised Saturday was one sinful and fashionable night! OMG Society didn’t just welcome guests like Alfons Haider, and Gery Keszler, but also both designers of DSquared Dean and Dan were visiting Team X and its beautiful, dressed up and animalistic guests! Though one of my enemy – an actual copycat of my Blog called ML – who is nothing but a zero and the number one on the worst dressed list, even though he believes himself to be oh so damn fine, I did enjoy the evening because of my friends and a wonderful, relaxing conversation with monsieur F.

I can’t believe it, but OMG really rocked my world and changed my point of view on fashion a little bit. I indeed did expand my horizon and went from Blair Waldorf’s Park Avenue chic to Jennifer Humphrey’s Stylish, elegant Punk look. In the beginning it was quite weird to leave my tie at home, but in the end it turned out to be an adventure, a fresh experience and above all a new way of finding a new facet of myself – one of those facets I am still trying to figure out, because I do believe that there are pieces inside of us, that will never meet the daylight if we do not dig deep down to discovering these and setting them free. And there was me in a whole new picture, and a whole new frame.

Nevertheless, the weekend is over and once the party tunes faded we have to find ourselves back in reality struggling with every complicated phase of life – trying to stay on track – trying to be ourselves – trying to find new adventures and hidden secrets and ways to become who we ever wanted to be. So there we are… on this way, mostly all by ourselves, because no one can take away your personal problems or your doubts or your evanescent self-believe. It is you in the mirror when you are dressed up getting ready for a new day. A new defiance. A new enemy or a new friend.

Whatever it is, that is waiting out there for everyone of us – it is far bigger than we might ever expect, but isn’t this exactly what keeps us alive? Not knowing what is out there – what kind of surprise the world is hiding from us to be discovered, experienced and above all – lived, breathed and felt?

I live you – I breathe you – I feel you. Thanks for reading my blog, being my support and above all thanks for forming an important part of my personal Meaning of Life.

I love you all – the lovers, the haters, the anxious, the brave – everyone of you, my dear, wonderful readers.



P.S. What do you say? Do you like the outfit and the development of my style that seems to be going on?

cruel Intentions, crossed lines and an irrevocable takedown

What a week!
Spotted: G’s son turning crazy and into a criminal (unless having the Austrian Vega uninvitedly standing in your living room is like having family dinner). N missing for the tenth time and still being searched by the police. S waking up in a stranger’s bed after having the night of his life with king-size-man (‘It really was like ordering a king size menue @ Burger King’. quotation stop.) And R preparing a major takedown for his own cousin and for his own good – family’s got to stick together…don’t they? Well not when it comes to honour – you’re so done N. Promise.

After an eventful week full of happenings and calamities and more than one reason to hire a killer some boys and girls of Austria’s elite won’t be the same when february has arrived.
I am just on my way home from having a beautiful suhsi dinner with my wonderful KK…talking about boys, boys who want to be man, sex and the one or another family crises is what actually makes me believe and see that no matter what – the two of us will always be so strangely similar that watching the other one talk is like looking into a mirror. Same problems…same character but yet a different style of fashion or attitude towards life – what is actually the speciality factor of this relationship/friendship.

On the way home I have decided to make a stop at my beloved K’s in order to be there for her when she actually needs me the most…which obviously is right now. So the night is hers and you will have to wait for the bigger news. Sorry guys but my friends are my family.

Just a few words for the end of this post: N if u go on like this trying to ruin your family you better watch your back because I never sleep and to me honesty and loyalty for the family are tradition and if you ruin your family I am going to make your life a living hell!



Shortcut No.1

Spotted: Someone being threatened by a frustrated old lady that is actually not quite ladylike at all – J, K, M and R dining and betting but unfortunately one has to lose…but that is how the game is played – someone back to dating? – someone realizing once love is gone it does not make any sense to struggle getting it back – R creating his life to be a one man show again…seems like now or never?!

I do not quite know what has happened to me in the last couple of months but I have seemed to be going through the world with eyes as closed as an auction deal at Christie’s.

Since I have earned back my self-respect, my self-esteem and my ability to be satisfied with myself again I have realized that Vienna seems to be full or preppy, pretty and potent eligible bachelors and one (or maybe even more) are just a step away from being all mine – for one night or for the time of a life, who knows. One of the many men will be the lucky winner of a grand price called Mr.StrictlyIntimate.

That’s all…for now.



P.S. Message to a bunch of losers – u wanted to see a Mr.StrictlyIntimate takedown? Well here’s the news – cross me again and you will experience one first hand. And no, that is not a threat…it’s a promise!

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