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Mr.StrictlyIntimate Meets…

…Playmate November 2012 – Clivia Treidl

Clivia Treidl Playboy November 2012

Thomas Fiedler for Playboy 11/2012

I always try to re-invent myself in a lot of ways. For my blog that means a variety in content and of course, sometimes even with the layout. For a couple of weeks now I am studying Journalism for a Master’s degree and I have come to the task of doing an interview. This time it wasn’t like the 5 minutes 2 questions interview with Nelly Furtado I did about 2 months ago in Berlin and loved like hell. This time it was more elaborate. It had to be. I thought about whom to interview and so many interesting people came to my mind. I did a variety of interviews and have decided to show them all here – for you to read and for you to reach.

I’ve spent hours preparing questions and hours trying to figure out who Clivia Treidl (25 – studying Media Studies) might be as a person; as a woman; as a model and as a playmate.

Date: October 28th, 20012
Time: 10.00 am
Location: Starbucks, 1st district Vienna, Austria
Drink: Clivia is having a soy cappuccino; I am having an espresso doppio and earl grey tea.

Mr.StrictlyIntimate: What does the name ‘Clivia Treidl’ represent? Please, describe yourself in three words – professionally as well as in private.

Clivia Treidl: Professionally… Clivia Treidl. Mhm… I would say ambitious, determined and patient. In private: a little bit chaotic, sensitive and a good friend.

Mr_SI: Apart from modeling, do you work besides studying? Can one survive from modeling in Austria?

C_T: By now I am just doing model and hostess jobs. Back then I also did some waitressing and other jobs. Like internships in PR and things like that. But at the moment I am only taking on model jobs and hostess jobs. That works out all right currently.

Mr_SI: Did you always know that you wanted to be a model? Or, did this idea come to mind during your time studying in Vienna?

C_T: To be honest, it was never my plan to become a model. If you are 5’5″ you do not think about such a career path. It just happened and the moment I saw the first pictures of me I thought, ‘Well, maybe this could work out.’ But I do not feel a pressure about it – either it works or it doesn’t.

Mr_SI: One of the most important questions that came to my mind is, how does a model who has worked in exclusively in fashion before actually become a Playboy girl?

C_T: Personally, I have always preferred the revealing shoots. I have never been completely naked in a shoot before but I have always felt like drowning in clothes in a lot of shoots. In the fashion industry it is not very welcome to be nude in shoots – except if it is for VOGUE.

Every now and then, when being at castings you get to meet someone who has been in Playboy once and well, you get to talk and you just pop the question. Girls really do send pictures to Playboy and so did I. The next day I got a call. One thing led to another and I found myself at a casting and two years later I am Miss November 2012.

Clivia Treidl Playboy November 2012

Thomas Fiedler for Playboy 11/2012

Mr_SI: I can hear the ambition in your words…

C_T: Exactly. I was just curious. During the casting process I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to do it – to actually take of my clothes for Playboy. I just wanted to test my chances and check on how far I’d come. Then, when they chose me the actual deliberations started.

Mr_SI: I assume it was an ‘Ego-Thing’ – How far do come? How do others see me? Do others see me the way I see myself?

C_T: Yes, the whole model industry is basically about the Ego. Maybe it dissolves with time but in the beginning it definitely has a lot to do with Ego. Not with those rare girls who are discovered on the streets, that’s definitely something else. But with those deciding on becoming a model it most certainly has something to do with Ego: Am I good enough? Do I look good enough?

Mr_SI: Would you describe yourself as someone utterly satisfied and happy with their reflection in the mirror, knowing that the one person looking back at you is someone you can smile at saying, ‘Yes, that’s me and that’s great.?’

C_T: By now, yes, absolutely. But that hasn’t always been the case. I have always been rather the shy, precarious person between two extremes: One day, perfectly self-confident and happy. The next day, completely unsatisfied and unhappy and so not at peace with myself.

There were times when I thought that changing parts of my body to fit my own imagination of what’s ideal would be the solution. Just to look the part. Obviously, I have had something done. One can see that my breast are not real and I have often been criticized for that.

Mr_SI: Would you say your breasts have been a hindrance for Playboy?

C_T: They were more of a hinderance than they were of help.

Mr_SI: Why do you think that having fake breasts was a problem for Playboy? What kind of image does Playboy want to develop with the women they feature?

C_T: The concept I see, as a student of media studies is the image of the beautiful neighbor. The girl, or woman who is reachable to any kind of guy rather than the diva who is distanced and not approachable.

Mr_SI: Do you like the pictures that have been chosen for the magazine?

C_T: I have to say that I am very, very happy with the selections. For the magazine they most certainly have picked the best pictures available and I couldn’t be happier about the results. They illustrated me the way I wanted to show myself – sensual, natural, surrounded by bright colors, not too provocative. Just beautiful.

Clivia Treidl Playboy November 2012 I

Thomas Fiedler for Playboy 11/2012

Mr_SI: How was the shooting behind the scenes? Where did they shoot you? Did it take you a long time to prepare – not just physically but also mentally?

C_T: The shoot was at Mallorca. In a beautiful house. The team was amazing. We did the shoot by day – very relaxed and without pressure to get more and more pictures done. And in the evening we went out for dinner together. It really took of the edge.
The two months before the shooting I was very nervous. I told myself that I would be at my best possible physique and that I would be fit as never before. In fact I was so nervous that I ate more than usual and I haven’t been at the peek of a model’s physique but as you can see in the pictures it helped me to underline my own femininity. WITH those few extra pounds.

Mr_SI: How did you experience the moment of realizing, ‘Okay, I am taking of my clothes now and in a couple of months thousands of people can see me fully nude?’

C_T: I actually never had such a moment. In fact, during the whole shoot I was desperately waiting for that one moment when the whole situation would become ridiculously unpleasant and weird to me. But it never did. The team was awesome and I felt really great about myself. I think it would have been weird for me if the pictures wouldn’t have turned out to be that great. THAT would have been unpleasant, knowing that there would be thousands of issues of Playboy magazine with pictures of an uncomfortable and unhappy me in them.

Mr_SI: My final question – seeing you in the pictures one could describe you as a ‘Femme Fatale.’ Would you yourself say that you are a Femme Fatale in private? Or rather a shy, calm, not tantalizing woman?

C_T: Mhmm… I guess I have both of these sides in my personality. I like Femme Fatale – that’s a good description because it is exactly the opposite of who I was way back when I wasn’t a model. Rather a shy plain Jane.
But by now I have overcome this shyness and especially when going out like to be consciously sexy and a little bit provocative from time to time. Still, I have a lot of the shy girl in me. But from time to time I like to be a Femme Fatale.

Playboy Cover November 2012

Wolfgang Zajc for Playboy 11/2012

The latest issue of Playboy Magazine featuring Clivia Treidl will be available until the middle of November.
More pictures of Clivia Treidl, Playmate November 2012 can be found on

To me it was an amazing start into a wonderfully productive Sunday, sitting together with Clivia talking on and off topic about everything that has been going on in our lives since we last saw each other about two years ago. She is a very relaxed, wonderfully funny and beautiful woman. This interview couldn’t have been any easier and more fun than this.




Burberry Prorsum: The S/S13 Amazement

Burberry Prorsum Womenswear Invitation

With tears in my eyes and a heart that was skipping a heavy beat every time a new outfit appeared on the runway, I was watching the Burberry Prorsum fashion show from London Fashion Week today. Let me tell you one thing, apart from the beautifully touching and perfectly fitting music, Christopher Bailey has created a Spring / Summer 2013 collection for Burberry that just blew me away and left me shivering breathlessly and speechlessly.

I just sat there staring at the amazingly drafted clothes and thought to myself, ‘THIS must be what heaven feels like.’

I know, this all might sound a bit overly dramatic but believe me if you’ve been through what I’ve been through and if fashion turned out to be the only thing that can save you from failing you will find yourself in a world where everything all of a sudden seems brighter and more beautiful just because you can dress up and go out; or simply wake up in the morning and jump out of bed because a new outfit is waiting for you; or you can just sit there, staring at your wardrobe putting together outfits for a whole week, losing yourself in the most precious of fabrics, designs, labels.

To this date, nothing made me feel more beautiful, precious and happy than wearing Burberry. It is not about people seeing the label you wear because mostly, they can’t see. It is just about the feeling it gives you to know you’ve bought yourself something that is marvelous in design and quality; reflecting tradition that was found back in 1856 with Thomas Burberry and that still lives on. It gives me the feeling that I can live on forever if I just work hard for all the goals I want to achieve; for all the dreams I have in mind; for all the love for fashion I have inside me – to let it all out and create something uniquely amazing. For myself, and for others.

Bright Metallic Trench Coat

Bright Metallic Trench Coat Detail

Metallic Python Vinyl Capelet

Metallic Python Vinyl Capelet Detail

Metallic Corset Jacket

Metallic Corset Jacket Detail

The collection couldn’t have been more inspiring, more soothing, and more diverse in fabric than it has been. We saw trench coats from metallic lurex mixed with a technical fabric to make it lightweight and comfortable yet perfectly structured. Also an amazingly bright, bold and beautiful capelet in metallic python leather and bright vinyl with a python leather laminated with reflective foil to act as a frame for the tailored transparent vinyl. Corset jackets made from metallic and silk fibres crafted in plissé fabric featuring a bustier bodice and corseted back to give a sculpted silhouette.

Peacock Feathered Trench Coat

Peacock Feathered Trench Coat Detail

Tailored Satin Capelet

Tailored Satin Capelet Detail

Sculptural Dégradé Bubble Coat

Sculptural Dégradé Bubble Coat Detail

What didn’t just make me gasp but let Anna Wintour surprisingly turn her sunglass protected head with amazement (there you see the connection to the headline) was the marvelously beautiful peacock feathered trench coat with iridescent peacock plumage rosettes, crafted using couture techniques. Each of these feathers was placed by hand and afterwards stitched into a geometric floral design. The trench is finished with a collar made of rich satin and heritage-influenced epaulettes, cuff straps and a satin belt.
Absolute highlights have been all those beautifully tailored capelets, especially the ones made from floating satin. The canopy shape shelters the shoulders from the cold and is detailed with a leather latch. The dégradé effect on the blue coat results from a design painted by hand. Printed on silk the hand painted color changes its character to a dramatic twist.

Laser-Cut Leather Caban

Laser-Cut Leather Caban Detail

Last but not least, I found this caban to be worth mentioning for its pure beauty! Crafted from rich leather in a unique lace design it is laminated with a thin layer of metallic foil while the leather is laser cut then washed to soften the metallic sheen.

If this collection doesn’t take away all the doubts of fashion haters that this world is uniquely rich of talent, depth and beauty I can just say screw you! What Christopher Bailey created for the Spring/Summer 2013 season is not just divine but one of the most beautiful Burberry Prorsum Womenswear collection I have ever seen! Kudos, Christopher Bailey!



P.S.: All pictures courtesy of You can see the whole show and shop the looks exclusively for one week: Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2013 Show.

Style: How to Find It – Part I

First of all: Carolin – Happy, happy Birthday again and for a final time, since your special day seems to be over so quickly but it was a sparkling party and I believe everyone showed you how much we appreciate and admire you. Cheers to you my beautiful C – I hope you have a wonderful Birthday night. Thank you so much for the invitation!

Since I have attended a perfectly spontaneous Birthday Dinner by one of my most beloved and nicest friends C I think it to be a great opportunity to write another piece about style. It is not just because C has such an easy going but graceful way of dressing but her friends seem to have so too… so today I got to meet not just some of the nicest people I have ever met but some of the most stylish ones Vienna actually accommodates. Not just her girlfriends showed a great amount of unique and personal style but also her boyfriends (including her loved one) have an instant way of applying style and of not just appearing easy going but especially stylish to my critical eye.

So I wondered on my way home – what do these young people have that a lot of others do not? What makes one be stylish in advance of not just being some lame old fashionista? And, since I am writing for the official blog of Wienerin, Miss, and Diva in order to pick Miss Style 2011 I find it rather helpful for those girls who want to participate in such a competition that actually marks everyday of my life I further ask myself – what helps you to develop your own style?

Developing your own style, and this is actually a very crucial part of such a process, means getting to know yourself better. Not just a little part of your soul and your inner motivations of life but a part where you are naked to yourself in every physical and psychological and mental kind of way. No person in this world can develop their own sense for fashion, dressing and style if they do not know a single bit about who they really are inside as well as on the obvious but fairly recognized outside.
Style has to be a piece of your soul in order to applied the right way and therefore you must know your soul before defining various and special pieces of it.

Make yourself aware of what is going out there… everywhere around you. In your inner circle of family and friends. In your closer environment and of course in extended environment too. Make yourself aware of the many beautiful things life has to provide for you and of course also the many heartaches and mistakes you can make in life because nothing makes you grow stronger and your heart profounder that experience. Only with the right dose of experience your personal style can grow and develop itself further and make yourself more confident in who you are and above all in who you want to present to the world around you.
Style is the medium of transporting instant messages of who you really are and above all of how you see the world and everything that is going on currently – whether you are interested in certain happenings or not. Be aware of the fact that fashion is the only language that works global in a kind of way no other language can because it is the only language every country, every nation, every community of people speaks without the necessity of translating it directly into different branches of language.

Trends are not there to be worn to death but to inspire you. Fashionistas do not have their own sense of style (they usually just pretend to have it) – they just take whatever a John Galliano, a Marc Jacobs, a Christopher Bailey or a Frida Giannini provides them with, but those who have style take a trend and split them into its basic fragments to pick those important and necessary items that add up to showing who u are and to underlining what you represent when you wear a certain outfit. Just as before – the translation of a certain trend adds up to the whole message and gives it either a different unexpected twist; a new way of looking at a certain style or underlines the already existing giving it a deeper and more profound structure.

Fashion Fades. Style is eternal. Gabrielle Bonheur ‘Coco’ Chanel’s words still lie deep in our memories, thoughts and inspirations for she was absolutely right there. Fashion is something that changes… not just every seasons when designers throw pieces on the runway as if there was no tomorrow, but with moods, feelings, thoughts, happenings and certain occasions fashion fades and develops further, gets reinterpreted or misinterpreted. But style on the other hand is something that never changes, but develops; that never fades but defines and underlines who we are; that never goes out of season but evolves with changes… something that remains the same but does not at the same time because though we know who we are, when we have style, we also know that we never revolve around just one point of life but develop our personalities, our views, ankles and perspectives throughout every phase in our life that changes, remains or delocalizes.

That is it. For now. Since style is something so crucial in life in order to make your point of you and your personality as clear as a glass window should be there are more lectures than one to understand its complex way of working but if you apply these for your own goods there will be much more coming up. From me to you – a gift, but also a hope that one day everyone will care about the way they look and appear to others. Even though this may just be a big fantastic dream of mine.

Have a wonderful night.



the Burberry Prorsum Fairy Tale: the Autumn/ Winter 2011 Ad Campaign

By now, every one who is reading my blog on a regular basis ever since I started to write my life down on the internet – in all its beloved privacy and secrecy, knows that I am not just simply adoring or loving Burberry in a healthy kind of way but obsessing over every single piece of fashion created by ingenious mastermind Christopher Bailey.
When I dedicated my final collection at University exactly one year ago to the marvelous history of the trench coat developed for the British military by Thomas Burberry my love grew fonder because I became more acquainted with the actual material of creating such a uniquely classic and fabulously British piece of timeless fashion.

Every time I scroll through the pages of Vogue or Elle and I open a page with a Burberry ad – a shooting that includes a Burberry piece – or simply a stunning picture of Christopher Bailey my heart skips a heavy beat as if it wants to dance to Lady GaGa’s track The Queen (which actually fits incredibly well to the British Kingdom!) and that is always the irrevocable moment of knowing that this label of special, well-designed, beautifully crafted goods is not just basing on traditions but developing further every second because of Christopher Bailey’s sheer Zeitgeist.

As I saw this new ad campaign for the Autumn / Winter 2011 Collection is simply lost myself in its beauty for details and the mixture of a variety of fabrics such as leather in different styles and colors, wool, cotton and silk. The color scheme though still using the classic colors for several suits and pants as well as gabardine and wool coats, is richly enhanced with bright colors such as various red tones, green, yellow and brown (above all in the great variety of leather types used – croc, gator) and shows us that the new autumn season adapts the colors of a tree’s leaves right before they drop onto the floor to make way for a new cold and icy winter fashion wonderland.

Usually, I am completely a summer type of guy – except for the short pants and flip flops: Firstly, my legs are too thin to sport pants as short as a belt (and some guys shouldn’t do as well!) and secondly, flips flops are not just gross but the worst thing shoe manufacturer’s ever bred apart from ballerina flats. Therefore, being a summer guy always made me hate the winter time more than a fake Birkin bag but with these styles to come I can’t wait to run to the next Burberry store to prepare for a fashionable, colorful autumn and winter season.

For now, I am done but there is far more to come so watch your back because I might be spying on you analyzing your outfit from head to toe. Better not sport those flip flops next time you cross my way.



P.S. Dear Mister Bailey – my proposal is still up-to-date. Marry me and I will make you the luckiest man on earth – and vice versa of course!

For all those who can’t get enough of this collection and the ad campaign I have a nice collection of videos to watch and get inspired by. So, get up, dress up and simply look stunning in every way you can!

Obsession: Desire, Lust and Fashion by Sandro Suppnig

By general definition the term ‘obsession’ defines ‘the domination of one’s thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, feeling, person, etc.’ and is often connected with a sexual, erotic content. We all, as we are human beings with certain feelings and desires, obsess over something sometimes somewhere – may it be a special bag we desire (a Birking Bag from Hermès for instance, and yes that definitely is a desirable object if not to say the most desirable bags of all!), the image of a song we can’t get out of our head (like Hair from Lady GaGa – this song is highly addictive and highly driving me insane because I can’t stop listening to it and instantly puts an image of myself of being totally ‘Rock Chic’ at a party and dancing the soul out of my body, into my head) or may it be a particular person you love (maybe even more that just simply ‘love’ even though we all know love is neither simple nor easy, but still there is this desire of owning this person, of being able to spend every single second of your life with him or her – of being all over this one special person 24/7).

A couple of months ago I was writing about a short film called ‘Fall in Love – Story of the Poor Little Rich Girl’, which was directed by Sandro Suppnig for Flair Magazine – a film that turned out to be purely and wholly made of romanticism creating a fragile environment of instant sadness and love but above all creating a pure emotional landscape of lonesomeness and the secret desire to be fashionable. This time I am back with writing about genius director Sandro Suppnig who recently published a new highly fashionable short movie called ‘Obsession’.

Obsession is a sensual cocktail ob beauty, fashion, love, sensuality, desire, seduction, lust and eroticism that captivates you in its sexual core of fashion images brought to life by German Supermodel Katrin Thormann and French actor David Kammenos, who played roles in the Transporter 3 and Empire of the Wolves. What would a movie like that be without high end fashion labels like Dior Homme, Maison des Talons, Lanvin, Veronique Leroy, Zac Posen and Iceberg, all blended to create a unique but classic French style – ‘the BoBo chic’?
The minute I pressed the play button the obvious sensuality and naturalness of both actors intertwining and interacting made me think about sexual desirability and the image of eroticism and certain people we have in our minds.

When do people appear sexy to us and how do they do it? When do you start to realize that someone makes you desire him more than anybody else? What makes you want to instantly sleep with someone? Is it a special body feature we set sight on? Muscles? Body Hair? A certain fetish that attracts us out of a natural habit? What is it that really makes us desire a person so much, we want to be around him or her at every given point of time, having sex, touching, feeling, surrounding ourselves with this one special person?

What is desire in connection to obsession? Pure lust? The need of letting go of animal instincts and urges? The kissing and touching and getting closer to someone physically? The contact of two bodies synchronizing, intertwining… mixing? Is desire a gentle kiss that develops to be animalistic and rough ending up in having sex… moments of lust until one comes to explode in a full orgasm?
What is desire really? What is it to you?

Well, I hope you all enjoy this fantastic movie and let your spirits free when it comes to live your desires freely. Obsession.



P.S. Credits:

Directed by Sandro Suppnig

Photography by Nicolas Wagner [including Picture above]
Talents: Katrin Thormann and David Kammenos

Production by Check-In Films Paris, Philip Drouin and Thibault Dufour
Editor: Alexander Christenson

Styling by Charlotte Renard
Makeup by Emy Whitehead
Hair by Jerome Caron
Set Design by Madsac Art Concept

Director of Photography: Nils Ruinet
Camera Operator: Philip Drouin

Production Assistants: Geoffroy Sciard and Josephine Morin
Post Producer: Jeff Gilfillan

Original Music by Martin Capella
Words by Michael Sheldon
Coloris: David Sullivan

the Icon: Kate Moss – French Vogue Mai 2011 (No 917)

There are a lot of things about fashion I truly love:

– when pure silk meets your skin and makes you feel heavenly touched.
– when you put on a shirt, a dress or a jacket and just feel like you can conquer the world in it.
– when watching a fashion show gives me chills because of the beauty of a collection (I actually cried once at a Salvatore Ferragamo show two years ago!).
– when I open up a fashion magazine and see a shooting that is put together with so much love that you can almost feel it.
– when someone walks by and you just have to stop and stare because the outfit stuns you in every possible way.
– when you wake up in the morning and you get up happily because you know you get the chance to dress up.
– when applying accessories and suddenly realizing that an outfit happens to be complete in every way.
– when watching other people look at fashion like it is the most exciting, most special and most beautiful thing the human being has ever learned to create.

These and many other reasons are crucial to explaining why I love what I surround myself with every single day, 24/7.
When it comes to buying a magazine and just concentrating on flipping through the pages, looking at every single page and every beautifully and precisely attached detail I always have to stop and breathe hard when I see certain models that aren’t just a simple inspiration sometimes but that happen to be beautiful, confident business women that do not just rely on their beauty but on what they radiate – strength, sex and confidence. Just the way Kate Moss does.

Haute Couture is something that fits Kate perfectly – not just because she is one of the last remaining super models in this business who happen to have a natural sense for style and an obvious interest in fashion, but because she has a look that stuns, that hypnotizes and that leaves you with wanting more. The following shooting was featured in the latest issue of French Vogue – May 2011 Number 917.

Haute Couture, été 2011


Photography by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott
Realisation by Emmanuelle Alt
Assistance: Célia Azoulay

Model: Kate Moss

Hair: Paul Hanlon
Make Up: Charlotte Tilbury
Manicure: Lorraine Griffin

Production: Lalaland

So – do you like this shooting avec beautiful Kate Moss?
Well, I definitely do!

Love fashion and have fun with it my dear readers.



American Vogue May 2011: Alexander the Great

(Reese Witherspoon wears a Roland Mouret black-and-cream-silk top. Photographer: Peter Lindbergh. Fashion Editor: Tonne Goodman.)

Every Year wonderful Anna Wintour, Editor in Chief of US Vogue, organizes the Met Gala or Met Ball in honor of one particular Designer. This year it took place on May 2nd and was a beautiful homage to a man so special and unique, so inspirational and talented that every show simply took your breath away. Dear Alexander McQueen – we miss you and your ideas and influences and powerful fashion voice so much!

Anna Wintour at the Met Gala 2011 wearing Chanel Couture.

Creative Director of Alexander McQueen: Sarah Burton at the Met Gala 2011.

Since the Austrian magazine market is always way too late when it comes to delivering the American/ US Vogue as soon as it is printed and published, I got it today (finally!) specially delivered from my trusted magazine dealer. As I held this shiny piece of dedication and love for fashion in my hands I just couldn’t wait to turn the pages to see the shooting dedicated to Alexander McQueen, which is a printed piece of ‘Savage Beauty’ a retrospective on the astonishing, provocative but influential work and talent of the grand master of fashion.

Widows of Culloden, Fall 2006
(on Model Karen Elson)

Voss, Spring 2001
(on model Stella Tennant)

Number 13, Spring 1999
(on model Karlie Kloss)

Sarabande, Spring 2007
(on model Caroline Trentini)

It’s Only a Game, Spring 2005
(on model Raquel Zimmermann)

Voss, Spring 2001
(on model Coco Rocha)

Photographed by Steven Meisel
Fashion Editor: Grace Coddington

Production Design by Mary Howard

Make up: Pat McGrath for CoverGirl
Hair: Guido for Redken

As I had the whole day for myself and my Vogue I came back to thinking about fashion and what it means to me – yet again. But all I can say is all that I feel… it is simple… yet maybe not quite impressing for some of you but it is what it is and as I sit here I smile and gaze at the beautiful shootings and clothes and dresses and my entire Vogue collection in front of me and all the Look Books that I collected so far and the Fashion Movies and Books in front of my eyes, the bags in one corner, the collectible shopping bags in another corner and a marvelous Jessica Stam for Dior 2007 Shooting pinned onto my door… and all I can say is… I love every piece of fashion that was made with heart, soul and the insatiable desire of developing even further and writing fashion history as well as being able to give the one that wears fashion with his heart and soul as well, the distinct feeling of being someone special, invincible and visible – someone with a strong voice and an unbreakable love for fashion.

Someone like me. No matter where I go. No matter what I do. No matter how much others judge me or call me stupid or shallow or whatever they call me. Everything I can do is smile and say only one thing: ‘EVERYTHING I AM AND EVERYTHING I DO, I AM AND I DO WITH STYLE!’.



P.S. Here is a little insight on other pieces shown at the Met.

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